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Chadster's Vacation Adventures: Final Edition!

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So I was going to head north to the east side but beatle11 talked me into going north to the west side for a visit to Six Flags Great America on May 28th.


Ha! My persuasiveness knows no bounds!



I guess all those garbage cans make Cedar Fair parks look to dirty.

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I'm happy you were able to enjoy the park on a such a busy day (with many school kids, nevertheless). X-Flight did fill our void of a roller coaster in need of inversions, and it seemed to be a guest favorite. Raging Bull night-rides are my favorite ways to end off the day! Hope to see you return someday.

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^This is now Taco Adventures, not Geno's East buy one get one free because the waitress screwed up and put in for a deep dish instead of thin crust but still totally amazing and awesome especially the mozzarella spinach sticks and worth every penny Adventures


Here is a really crappy picture of the mozzarella spinach sticks, as you probably have already figured that out. Sorry, no pizza pictures, too busy eating it all ;)

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^This is now Taco Adventures, not Geno's East buy one get one free because the waitress screwed up and put in for a deep dish instead of thin crust but still totally amazing and awesome especially the mozzarella spinach sticks and worth every penny Adventures


Holy run-on sentence, Batman.


I'm lost on the whole taco thing. What kind of tacos are we talking about?















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Is it just me or does the new title change sound like Chad is hitting up strip clubs instead of theme parks?


Love the pictures of Great America. I'm really hoping to make it back up there later this year.

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^This is now Taco Adventures, not Geno's East buy one get one free because the waitress screwed up and put in for a deep dish instead of thin crust but still totally amazing and awesome especially the mozzarella spinach sticks and worth every penny Adventures


Did you take a breath while writing that,

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On this adventures I made my way to Michigan on May 30th where I was hoping for light crowds and an easy going day. Thankfully, Michigan's Adventure could provide me with such a day.


With school still in session and a high of 60 forecast the park was empty, and I mean, empty save for the school buses. Including my car, maybe 40 others in the lot which meant I might be able to get in and get out. Unfortunately for the cleanest amusement park that I think I've ever been too, that would not be the case as Shivering Timbers was not feeling well.


With a state still deep in economic ruins it is refreshing to see the park open, but there isn't much of a draw in the ride department save for Shivering Timbers. Pretty much stock carnival flats and standard coasters, the park has great potential and plenty of room to expand. Although the water park was closed due to the temperatures, it appears as if it is their best asset.


To sum it up, if you've been to Worlds of Fun and not really thought it was anything special, you haven't been to Michigan's Adventure.


As usual, if you love photos clicky to see them all.


Well Shiver me Timbers it's cold out and I'm in shorts! And hey, where IS everyone?!?!


I really was amazed at how clean and fresh the park looked. Not to mention it's full of nice cool dependable concrete. Winning!


Full of 60's awesome.


I mean for a park that has to go through hell during the winter, it's just clean and warming. Even the restrooms were sparkling and the employees, many older, were friendly and glad to see a non-local.


I realize that many of you love a good woodie, even if it's....small.


I guess you could call it cute, but what ever you call it, it's perfect for that first time.




We pause for a must have staple in any park report.


Whole lot of hurtin in this view.


I could feel tears as the train whizzed by.


I don't think I've mentioned that another positive of this park is it's clean and photogenic, probably more so without the clouds.


It's like magic, the clouds departed. A rarity of CF parks is the mini-golf course, but not here, it was alive and being used.


But the zoo, the zoo was the best part.


See, I told you they had golf.


I really still can't get over how clean it is, and trash cans weren't even placed every 5 feet!


I also still haven't gotten over my headache.




Hey, you guys are supposed to be in pain...what gives?


At least it make for some good photos.


There is just something not right about you guys, this is painful, not fun!!!


But from fun, we go to stupid. Time and Temperature says it's 51 outside...and these high schooler's are about to test their knowledge of science.


Perhaps about now they are starting to put two and two together.


Cold weather + cold water = pneumonia eh, not my problem.


How about we sail on over and catch a mouse.


A mda one at that


ahhh, it has a tail!


WTF? Did prison colors change?


Cashed in and time to move on...


Timbers was not feeling well today and I have to admit I was saddened as I had heard good things about it. Talking with park employees throughout the day they were surprised I had driven from Okiehoma to Michigan just to whore out their park. After chatting it up I learned they had several people trying to get the ride open just for me!


So while I waited I went and hoped on a scrambler...alone.


Having some time to kill I went over and sat on their #2 coaster, and yes, I spun.


And I spun


And spun some more


And then I looked over my shoulder and saw quite the line of people Shivering, so, I made my way over.


Yes, the ride is testing! No the ride is not testing. Yes the ride is testing! No the ride is not testing. Yes the ride is testing! Yes the ride is OPEN! So at 3:30 the mad dash began!


Yes! The park fulfilled their promise to me and opened the ride!


Time to get loaded!


And off we go! I must say this ride surprised me, and in a good way. The trick track on the return, winning. I could only imagine what the ride was like back when it was new!


Oh no, now we are stuck on the brake run. Although they opened the ride it still needed some medicine. However, park maintenance decided to stick around and clear the ride when the error codes popped up for the last 30 minutes of park operation. What other corporate owned park would do that! How awesome!


Bite in and wait for the surprise!


There you have it, the without a doubt, cleanest CF park if not cleanest in the U.S. that I've been too and they didn't have trashcans lined up like street lights!


Despite not having an overabundance of OMFG rides, I still had a good time. Thanks to the park for a good time and getting Timbers up for me!

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Looks way better than things I had heard... nice to hear. I used to give CF a lot of crap, but now they are kinda growing on me... in fact(not in terms of coaster per se) I prefer Knott's to SFMM and it's for very similar reasons that you liked Michigan's Adventures!

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Great pictures!

Sounds like a fun little park.


How does Shivering Timbers run?

I've heard people say it's not as good now (even it sucks) but Im not quick to believe the internet lol

I hope it's wrong because it looks like an airtime machine and really fun!

Also ST just looks so amazing. The hills, that structure, what a beautiful coaster!

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