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  1. Crappy park. The woodie was nothing special and the Boomerang hurt. Glad they made it into waterpark only.
  2. Fuji-Q was fun, but I agree they have terrible operations. The strangest thing that happened to me? I walked into the mens room anthere was 3 naked guys just sitting on the sinks chilling. I didn't know what to think.
  3. Some that come to mind: -Great Bear -Storm Runner -Ninja (SFOG) -Anaconda at KD -Skull Mtn.
  4. I was at Magic Mountain two weeks ago and I really liked it. Viper- my favorite ride, probably because it reminds me of the Great American Scream Machine. X2- also an awesome ride, but a little rough. Riddlers Revenge- much better then chang. Revolution- they need to take off the over the shoulder harnesses Goliath- eh kinda boring. Batman- as always awesome! Colossus- colossus is such a massive, awesome coaster. Scream- bizarro is better. Green lantern- Fun, but too short.
  5. Lagoon doesn't have the room or money for a huge hypercoaster. There are houses on all sides of the park, and the park is only a couple miles away from the SLC airport. Also, Lagoon is more of a family park, not a thrill park.
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