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Goodbye to Speed: The Ride at the Sahara (Vegas)?

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I just heard from my sister in Las Vegas that Circus Circus bought speed: The Ride. however the water ride will be no more, but they want to build another coaster in its place. so speed isn't dead yet

Quick, someone find the local Dippin' Dots vendor and confirm this!

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I just heard from my sister in Las Vegas that Circus Circus bought speed: The Ride. however the water ride will be no more, but they want to build another coaster in its place. so speed isn't dead yet


That's funny because they are rehabbing and painting the water ride right now.

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Okay, I have cleaned this thread up some.


I just heard from my sister in Las Vegas that Circus Circus bought speed: The Ride. however the water ride will be no more, but they want to build another coaster in its place. so speed isn't dead yet


Until there is a credible news source claiming this to be fact, it is at this time an unfounded rumor.


Also, coasterkid98, you might want to review the TOS you agreed to upon signing up. Especially, the ones about proper grammar and capitalization and especially posting for posting sake.


3. SPELL CHECK YOUR POSTS & USE PROPER GRAMMAR!!!! There is a completely FREE spell checker available with the Google toolbar. A typo here and there is completely acceptable. We all are guilty of this. But when someone can't READ your post due to bad spelling, grammar, lack of capitalization, etc, that's a problem. If you aren't a good speller (and I totally admit I would be lost without my spellchecker) download it now: http://toolbar.google.com/


5. Do not post for posting sake. What does this mean? If all you do is respond back to posts saying "Yeah, me too" or "I agree" or "Thanks!" you are not adding anything to the conversation. If you do this every once in a while, that's ok, but we have users here that seem like all they are doing is trying to post as much as possible to increase their post count. Well, there is no prize for having high post count, so please, only respond if you have something to add to the conversation.


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OK all i heard was that speed is going to circus circus.

2012 speed will be back. i just got a text yesterday and

this is what i heard. can someone please confirm this for me


ADMIN EDIT: There was a reason your previous posts were removed--there's no way to "confirm" what you are claiming. Please quit posting about this. You've also been warned about your posting style.

Edited by cfc
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FYI: I am still working with the liquidation company/owner of Speed: The Ride for a photo op. I am holding off posting photos of the hotel/ride in it's current state until I hear something one way or the other. On an unrelated note, I will be posting a PTR in my Diary thread within the next few days that shows the rehab taking place on Rim Runner.

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Bad news, the owner of the ride has declined to allow me in the ride area. I suspect it has something to do with liabilty as no one is onsite who has any dealings with it. So, late tonight I will post what I have on the hotel and the ride.

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As promised, here are pictures of the Sahara including some of Speed: The Ride. It should be noted that the areas on the outside have had plywood walls errected making it difficult to shoot the ride track from the outside. Will post in multiple segments.


They had you enter the garages off of Paradise Road, then walk to the main entrance.


You could buy these fountain heads and lights for $325. No takers.


Cedar Fair should have come to this sale.


You could buy any of the signage you wanted to.


even the phone booths


Up on the Elevator lobby of the Penthouse, you could buy the carpet for $50, but not so fast, you can't take it until they are ready to shut the floor down for good.


Off to the Penthouse we go


where we go to the left and enter the living area.


you could smell the history, the sofa, if you wanted it, was $275


On the other side of the living area, they had a wet bar complete with old school equipment


Part of the washroom, this had to have been the sh!t back in the day


In the bedroom we find the famous marble tub. It was still up for grabs for $475, then you had to figure out how to get it the hell outta there.


Opposite of the tub was the bed


This was the second bedroom


And this is Speed from 25 stories in teh air


The views were quite spectacular from this level, the building, however, was not.


Speed was sporting a tear drop


104 out, and no pool to play in. The pool furniture was for sale, but sheesh, was it mildewed and dirt stained. It was also not selling very well.


Finally for this segment we take a look at the bathoom


Where you can take a shower...


much like the bathtub, you have a nice view of the city


no expense was spared


Just outside the Penthouse was the service elevator and housekeeping area. The stairs to the right led to the roof.

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Part II Presidential


Staying on the Penthouse floor we find the Presidential Suite. The day before I took this picture, the Presidential sign was still on the door, today, it was missing.


living area


Bathtub, again in the bedroom area with mirror. hmmmmm wonder what that was for...


Like the penthouse, it has a girly area


And an upgraded shower


This is the sleeping area in the same room as the tub


this place was huge, around the corner and down the hall we found a mini bar


where you could buy this for like $600


multi sink girly area. Again, same suite.


Another shower, the Prez has two showers! I wonder what else it has two of?


It has two toilets! A his and hers! but that's not all....


It has a second tub in the the northwest corner with views all around


Including that of the Stratosphere where you could watch people shoot up and drop off


Or shoot out on Speed!


On my way back out of the Presidential and on to floor 23. Notice how beat down the curtains were with light shining thru the holes in the liner.


Welcome to floor 23, off the elevator you find this


Down the hall. Only one of the three elevators worked, the service elevators were also shut down.


Typical accomidations.


you could purchase this quality piece for $50





ok so here is the thing. In the south end of the building you found three rooms, all could be joined by opening pass thru doors, all had different sinks.


pass thru door


third room southeast side




but, if you were to pass back thru the pass thru door and walk outside, you found this for 10 million. That's it for this Part, next and final part, the casino, kitchen, and theatre areas.

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Last and final part, some of this may have yourself asking, I ate there?


We will start off by getting off the elevator and walking towards the House of Lords


and here we are


I didn't stick around long in here, it smelt of 40 year old grease and smoke. If you wanted to take the odor with you, it'll set you back $1,100


this is the house of lords kitchen area


the prices were outrageous




for sale, no takers


also no takers


I'll take some fries please...NOT


maybe some french onion soup under the broiler...yuck!


or perhaps a hamburger


so let's head over to another kitchen for the cafe and bars and whatever else they used it for




big pot cook large amount of food


all of the food containers were up for grabs from anywhere from $5-$20


ok, so behind the kitchen was the employee hallways, this side taking you towards the bufffet. It also had a cut thru over to the acracde and coaster, but that was locked.


this side of the hallway took you the casino floor, dumping out next to the NASCAR gift shop


but before we make it the buffet, how about a stop to the Theatre


dressing room


back of house stairs to the balcony


I'm guessing these were used as dessing rooms or offices on the second floor


stage from the balcony


ever wonder what show control looks like?


well now you know. The lighting prices were over the top, many production companies looking it over, all saying it was waaaaay over priced. I tend to agree, at 1200+ I'd rather buy new.




These stairs were at the end of the hallway taking you to the second floor where the buffet was.


the chef's office


one of the cooking areas


fridges for sale, most broken




cooking area



ever wanted to know what a dish sees before it enters the washer?


employee dining room


from where you could access the smaller theatre




The smaller theatre entrance


ok, so here we are at the buffet


sorry ACEr's


looking down the line



you could buy a picture for $5, no kidding! some people bought their own!


This area was a no no


This is the other side of the no no area


crap for sale, most of it I'm sure didn't work, plus, it was about 100% higher than it should've been


ever wonder what a count room looks like? I called and got permission to enter!


so in we go


count it up!


coin sorter still for sale


as were the mules


and the currency counter


main cage area


behind the magic wall in the cage area


ever wonder what a cashier sees?


the main casino floor where they still had well used tables for sale




no more dice to be thrown


but there was a light fixture to be bought


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Chadster - fantastic photos. So sad to see a hotel I stayed in reduced to a jumble sale. Did anyone else think The Shining looking round that hotel?


PS - did they say anything about Speed going to Circus Circus?

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Interesting photos! I have been tempted to go to the sale but I heard what you posted...the good stuff had been swiped when it closed and the stuff left was overpriced for the condition it was in.


The most interesting part about it all is that it just closed last month, but it looks like they had really let the place go. I had been in the hotel earlier this year, but obviously not to all the areas you were in. We used to go eat at Pacos (mexican place) for their cheap happy hour specials.

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^ It was one of the older places on the strip, full of history and nostalgia, but time was passing it by. What you saw in those pics certainly isn't standard these days....


The Penthouse and Presidential Suites looked like they had the original furniture.


That was actually the selling point of those suites. One of them was the Beatles suite (where the Beatles stayed when they played a concert in Vegas) and the other was the Elvis suite (where he would go "hide" w/ Priscilla while shooting "Viva Las Vegas").


They actually did renovate some of the rooms a few years ago, including really nice 2BR penthouse suite. But I'm sure the fixtures in those rooms were sold right away.



EDIT: And speaking of that Beatles stay.....Click here.

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I can't BELIEVE how much they're charging for all that garbage.


You think if it were half of that people might actually spend some of their money...but think about it, even if you pay all this money to put one of those marble tubs or stinky restaurant booths in your house just to tell whoever comes over to your place that it was from the Sahara, who the hell would believe you and who the hell would care? I don't see the novelty.


I got a lazy boy in my room, and I could just as easily tell everyone I got it from the Sahara and nobody would know the difference.


Thanks for the Sahara update though, it is amazing to see how old a dilapidated it got. As for Speed the ride, it will be missed, that is unless someone buys it and puts it at another casino...although I can't see that happening, as according to the rest of the prices around the hotel, they're probably charging a ridiculous amount nobody in their right mind would pay.

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