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The "Rant" Thread


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Well, today, I went with some friends to go see Transporter 2 but stopped at In n Out for dinner. We decided to eat outside as this huge group of 6th and 7th graders grab the table behind us acting like they're all hardcore when they really weren't. I really felt like slamming them into the wall as they gave my friend some weird looks. One was stupid enough to walk behind the car as we were backing out after and then gave us a look like "you wanna start something?" He'd be picking the wrong group if he did...not that us 20 year olds would bring ourselves down to a 6th grader's level.

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When I was in Ohio 2 weeks ago(CP and Cuyahoga Valley NP) I became annoyed with the Pennsylvania Turnpike. First of all, every 10 miles is a construction zone all thorough Pennsylvania! Plus you get the privelledge of paying $20 for toll and getting a crappy road in return.


In GAdv last week, waiting for Nitro(3 HOURS!!!) What the hell happened to multitrain operation? I swear that the wait for Nitro in it's inaguaral season was at most an hour! (20 minutes usually) And why in the hell did they open up Kingda Ka at 8pm?! And what's with the fact that you need to get a ticket to ride? Well, it's nice that you're taking steps against line cutting but it's easier just to hire secruity! (or reassign secruity!)

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Why why why do people staying in hotels dial for their wake up call THEN talk to the others in the room to decide what time to get up. Should this not logically be decided upon beforehand?!?!

Here is a typical conversation that happens at least 10 times a night...

Me: "Front desk, this is Julie"

GP: "Hi, can I get a wake up call?"

Me: "Sure, what time?"

GP: "(to someone else) Jessie! What time? Six? Is that early enough? What do you have to do in the morning? Should we set it for 5:30? Well, I can shower tonight...so six? You wanna wake up at six? Jessie, pay attention...six?"

Me: "So six o'clock sir?"

GP: "Uh, yeah, six I guess."

Five minutes later...

Me: "Front desk, this is Julie"

GP: "Uh, I need to change my wake up call"

And the process starts over again! I have more important things to do that listen to you decide if you should shower now or in the morning! Gah!



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^ Only the stupid ones ... who also do things like:


Ride their motorcycles in sandals

Wear a T-shirt while riding

Wear shorts while riding


Uhm ... STUPID ASS!!! (not your Mind Eraser, the riders who do the stupid stuff )


Gregg "It's the stupid riders that prevent Kristi from letting me get another motorcycle" C.

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I had to switch from "Say Something Random" Forum to this one immediately...


Damned stupid-butt RACCOONS!!! We thought the little ***holes were tired of being near us for so many years - and then last night - SURPRISE. Apaprently not. They tore up one of the old deadwood log pieces I had propped up at edge of cement patio - for grubs and bugs I know. But GEEZ I wish they'd learn to clean up after themself. Hah.


I want to shoot them, I want to catch them and release them far far away from us. But I cannot do either, by city by-laws. Fact is, I am not allowed to move them. Has to be done by an (yeah,right) 'expert' and only if there are a good number of complaints - which probably means some stupid # like over 100 homes etc. etc. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRg


Anyway, I scooped up the dirt that was thrown around from their 'dig,' re-propped the logpieces back together, it's rained a bit here today and now it doesn't look as bad as this morning. ..


Rant offiiallly over.

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Rant on.

Ok, I split my time around 50/50 between my home with my parents and my boyfriend's house, which he inherited when his grandmother passed away almost a year ago. Over at his house, we get around 10-15 calls a day from people asking for his grandmother. EVERY SINGLE TIME we get one of these calls, we tell them that she passed away and ask them to stop calling. We used to refuse to give them our details, figuring that then they'd start calling asking for us instead. In the end, we starting giving my boyfriend's name, figuring we'd rather have them ask for him than for his nana. But still, AFTER A YEAR, every single day they ask for her. GET THE POINT IDIOTS!!!!

Rant off.

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I went back to Robb's original Forum opener w/rant attached. And giggled about his offering that, with the apologies to the people in question, the rant was with the english language and it's non-use, sometimes...


There is a marvelous broadway musical called AVENUE Q that has this great little ditty in it, entitled, "Everyone's A Little Bit Racist." The whole show won the (theatre) Tony Award for Best Musical. An adult version of Sesame Street.


With full puppet nudity.


:shock: :shock: :shock:


Anyway, I always put that song on first when I feel like the rant is motivated by something else - when really, it isn't y'know?


Worth a listen to from time to time.

----------------------------------------Rant on everybody!

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  • People who ask where things are "at," as in "Where did you get that at?" "Where is the library at?" You don't need the "at," you see. It makes you sound, well, not very smart...
  • Along the same lines, why do some people (particularly from the East) "ax" you questions? "Can I ax you something..." What, is he carrying a hatchet?
  • Double standards. For instance, it's OK for my wife to buy any CD, DVD, pair of shoes, etc. that she wants. But when Diana wants something, "it's too expensive, not practical, you can wait," etc.
  • People who wear too much perfume/cologne. They walk by and you can smell them for miles. Do they bathe in the stuff? Are they hiding the fact that they don't bathe?

That ends another round of peeves.



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3 rants...first rant of the day:

I'm in a 35 mph zone as I have a sunday driver poking at 25 mph with a whole country mile ahead of him...the lane next to me was loaded with cars so I couldn't realy get around him.


Second rant...didn't happen to me but only convinced me even more that the human race is not so intellegent. A car ahead of me honked at a pedestrian crossing with the walk signal. It was funny when I saw him yelling at the idiotic driver.


Third rant...first off, why target new people?? I just started my new job (training) today ripping DVDs and printing thumbnail images for the DVD cases and after 3/4 of a decent smooth moving shift, the computers start busting out with errors. This happened right after my co-worker's shift ended, who was training me.

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Friend of mine (and many many others here in town) died last Tuesday of AIDS. Only 37 years old. The memorial's next Sunday (18th), day after our end-of-summer hot tub party, at one of the bars he used to DJ at.


Life sucks, when you think the *&$%#$*& disease has gotten almost everybody you've known in your life... and then, this still happens.


rant end.

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1) I've gotten 6 hours of sleep every school night since school started 4 weeks ago, because I take 7 periods and have band. The one day i got 7 hours of sleep I felt like a godess.


2) I can't concentrate very well in school because of this and I spend the whole day falling asleep and wanting to get home when I should be learning.


3) Teachers don't understand this and continue to be picky and give homework every night and mark you down on the tinyest mistakes that you know you're going to make because you're tired



4) Falling asleep at night before you can finish your math homework and your math teacher deciding to make that assignment worth double the next day


5) Not having time to check TPR very often


6) For some reason I feel like kicking a tree

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I never understood why highschool teachers give out assloads of homework. You already devote like 7+ hours a day to school. It seems pretty narcissistic of the teachers, like "Haha! My class is more important than everything else in your life!" I worked after school sometimes, and I played sports other times. My English teacher assigned so much reading for homework, I literally didn't have enough time to finish it. That's why Cliff's Notes were my best friend! And I still managed to graduate with a 4.0 GPA! Highschool sucks. Life is so much better after you graduate. People will actually start to treat you like a person.


Asking permission to take a piss?? F**K YOU!

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