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Your favorite artist and work of art

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i dont really get art. that stary night piece just doesnt look like it took that much talent. i see unknowen artists paint things that look life-like. to me those are the good artist.


here are some examples. they are just some pictures i pulled off of yahoo...


here are the ones i dont get how people like.


here are the ones i think should be famous.

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Dennis.. that's amazing.. do you have anything else?


Thanks (blush)


I have many, I'm hoping to release a full line of works for display here locally. We have a couple art organizations I'm talking with now...


Here's a couple more...




Heaven Calling





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That separation pic is almost scarey, Thats something I would put on my wall !!


The only thing touched up on that picture is the color. It was the 1st time I experienced Florida's "coast effect", and it was quite spooky. (Right now, I would welcome and rain, it's been so friggin hot down here. LOL)

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I'm a huge, huge fan of An Experiment on a Bird in an Air-Pump by Joseph Wright of Derby.


So much so, made a trip out to the National Gallery (London) to see it. Its just awesome -- so relevant for today and my hands down favorite (by a landslide) painting.



better lighting:


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My favorite contemporary artist is Heidi Hesse:





I effing love her earlier work!!! I want to buy this piece: Its amazing. There is a tiny little fountain installed above a plate of glass (filled withabout an inch of water) and it makes the greatest space (inside). Her whole show was friggen amazing. Check out her website for this earlier archived work.



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Surrealism has always been fascinating to me. Salvador Dali is easily my all-time favorite artist. BTW...this thread is way too sweet to let die with out more posts...cheers to USRoadTripper! 8)


Christ (one of his most beautiful works, IMO)


Elephants Reflecting Swans

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My favourite work of art is "The guitar lesson" by Balthus. I love it because it's shocking. Too shocking to post here, most likely.


My favourite artist is Odilon Redon. All of the attached images are his, and in the collection of MOMA.


The window.


The windmill.


The trees.


The teeth.


The masque of red death.


The fight of the centaurs.


The fairy.


The eye, like a strange balloon, mounts towards infinity.


The eye flower.


The accused.





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I honestly admit, I have no real fave amongst all the artists and illustrationists in the world, past and present/future....


But, this TPR Art Gallery is most enjoyable to 'stroll thru.'


And I fully agree with Teddymonster - keep this 'gallery' alive and pulsing with art and art projects. Old and new. Favorites, and...debatables.


Nuthin'likes a bit'o cultcha, eh?


And to RoadTripper for the thread's start. Yay.

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