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Gröna Lund Discussion Thread

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There was some speculation that it would go to Skara Sommarland, but they have announced that they will expand their water park again, after the success of the Proslide mat racer that went in last year.

It will be announced in early March what type of ride it will be (but I know that it will be Proslide again, and a source says it will be first of it's kind).


However, Furuvik, another of Parks & Resorts parks posted this image on their Facebook saying "Woow! A Helicopter platform in the tivoli, or what could it be??"


It could be another attraction, but it is most likely the Top Scan coming for 2013.


Ah, that seems logical. Tried to log on to furuviks website but apparently it's down for some reason, maybe they're doing some work to it, or maybe it's just a badly timed coincidence. I guess we'll know in time! YAY!

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Here's a new face to familiarize with, the new CEO of Gröna Lund.


Magnus Widell

He has previously worked as a CEO at Sailor's Hotell in Sandhamn.

The former CEO Jan Roy will now fully focus on the job over the park chain 'Parks And Resorts'.

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Part four, posted on Youtube just now.


Includes a bit of Q&A where some of the questions were:

Size of the globe on top?

a. 8 meters in diameter and weighs a total of 9 tonnes.


Investment cost?

a. 50 million SEK = 7.8 million USD


Height limit?

a. atleast 120 cm tall

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Gröna Lund may be forced to demolish their new ride before it's even open.


Gröna Lund has built it's new 121-meter-high Chair Swings without planning permission. "We have been building attractions since 2007 without a permit because it have not been required" says Annika Troselius, spokeswoman for the amusement park.


The accusation that the Gröna Lund would have engaged in building without planning permission when the park built its new attraction came as a complete surprise to Gröna Lund.


- We were told that by SVT ABC today, says Annika Troselius.


In the news broadcast stated that the City Planning Office requires a building permit and is now requesting an application no later than March 11.


- We will of course comply with the Planning and Building Act, but it appears that the sites do not require planning permission and we've never tried something like this before. Since 2007, we have built eight attractions without one such application, says Annika Troselius.


Annika Troselius points out, however, that they always seeks planning permission for buildings and other constructions adjacent to the attractions. The question now is whether individual attractions in amusement park needs planning permits.


Gröna Lund count on that the remark from the City Planning Office will come to them on Monday. Only then can the amusement park decide how to proceed.


Permits may be granted retrospectively, but if it would be rejected forced Green Lund tear down Eclipse.


Green Lund opens for the season on April 27.



EDIT: did some editing in the translated article so that the googelish turned into something more English like and easier to understand.


It's a shame really that this had to happen, it may be fine for them by the general planning permission that is available on the site to build whatever attractions they want within reasons, which is why I don't think that any other of the attractions may be affected, but a 122+ meter tall tower may be a bit much for that planning permission and requires them to get a special one for that ride. Liseberg for instance have a general planning permission on their southern parking lot, which allows them to build rides up to 30 or so meter tall buildings/attractions without filing for a specific planning permission, it may be something similar to what Gröna Lund have for the park.

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This is the other side of having a park in a city. Linnanmäki has to deal with this kind of issues every time before building a new ride. Some local residents (we call them "flower-hat wearing ladies" ) even have complained about noise and Linnanmäki had to install mufflers in their Space Shot. Also there is a requirement from the city of Helsinki, that the city silhouette must remain unchanged when viewed from a certain location. I have also heard a rumor, that the Space Shot in Linnanmäki is disguised as a radio tower in the citys official records!

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The ride won't be demolished, but they will have to get a permit for it, witch they will get, after applying for one.


What has happened is most likely that the park have a "detail plan" for the park area that they have to follow when adding new attractions, and they have made the decision that Eclipse is within these rights, but the city have decided that it is not.

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I wonder what would happen if Eclipse does not open up at all. Acquisition by Grona Lund a new device, or knows, maybe Eclipse lower than the current 121m, I think that if Grona Lund may not Eclipse, the current height of permission as its height to be taken away, and it should be about Fritt Fall high, but if Eclipse unloaded so I hope that in its place should be, for example Technical Park Pegasus or Loop Fighter, I have to think positive and hope that the worst does not happen.

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