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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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I was just there two days ago, and I agree that the finale of the Voyage needs some good TLC. The first half was still kicking just as good as it did at the beginning of the season, but after the block brake there was some areas that had big shuffling problems. I didn't think the jackhammering was all that bad. The trend after my ten or so rides was that I had some good thigh bruises and almost no headaches. I still absolutely love the ride, though. I grew up riding rough woodies like the Georgia Cyclone at SFOG, so I know how to minimize pain. That last ingredient in making the ride perfect is to get those timberliners up and running. Here's hoping we can FINALLY get them on the track!

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Just visited the park last weekend for the first time in 11 years. Was finally able to hit up the waterpark as well (though it was a madhouse).


Leave it to HW to have the most insane wooden coasters & water slides. Heck, even their little Dive show next to the Raven has the lady set herself on fire. Heaven forbid HW doesn't make something as simple and mundane that THRILLING.


I don't want to forget the best nail clipper I've ever used (for a mere $2.19 in the giftshop).


The local yokels who call this their homepark and don't visit other parks probably just take all these insane rides for granted. Little do they know the rest of the story (sure, Paul Harvey pun if that makes you feel better)


With so many other parks I have on the agenda for next year, I've said I'll only visit in 2013 if the Timberliners are on (or I win the lottery and money is not an issue). Voyage is insane, but by the end of the 2nd night my head felt like it had been through the meat grinder (in a good way). Body had no ill effects thankfully

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I finally made it back down to HW yesterday after a 5 year long hiatus.


Wow, they certainly have a massive hit on their hands with Mammoth! Despite the park being quite packed (it was a Saturday after all) I managed to get four rides in thanks to the single rider line. This is easily the best waterpark ride I've ever been on. Every time everyone was laughing their butts off throughout the entire ride.


I really wanted to like Wildebeest but there was a spine/neck jarring/snapping moment at the bottom of one of the drops sitting in the back row. It was bad enough that I decided not to ride again as Mammoth was so much better.


The Raven is in the best form it's been in memory. The airtime in the second to back seat is insane yet smooth and most importantly highly re-rideable and fun!


My next favorite thing to do is grab a lounge chair next to the Bahari Wave Pool, catch some rays and listen to the fantastic music pumped out over their outdoor speaker system. Is this someone's personal playlist or can it be streamed/satellite radio? If not HW should start their own radio station, WHWR! It's just one great song after another.


Now to the not so good. I've never been a big Legend fan but it's running way worse than I ever remember. One ride was way more than enough! And the poor, poor Voyage, what has happened to thee? Everything up to and a little past the triple down was sheer bliss, arguably better than opening year in 2006. The balance of the ride has always been "agressive" but now it's just plain awful, horribly rough, I got off with absolutely no desire to get back on (this was front row at 8 in the evening). The original plan to simulate the Star Wars chase scene through the woods was an admirable one but it must be a maintenance nightmare. Hopefully the park will find a fix soon.


And finally big thumbs up to the Lake Rudolph Campground! It easily makes the whole experience one of the top vacation destinations in the country. Safe, clean, beautiful - you really couldn't ask for more. The residents even stage their own electrical parade on Saturday night with what has to be at least 50 golf carts lit up with Christmas lights and decoration. What a great family friendly and fun place!

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and listen to the fantastic music pumped out over their outdoor speaker system. Is this someone's personal playlist or can it be streamed/satellite radio? If not HW should start their own radio station, WHWR! It's just one great song after another.


It started out as Will Koch's personal playlist (the three B's ... Beatles, Beach Boys and Buffett) and now Dan Koch has added some of his favorites as well.


Okay, have to ask - would you reveal your age? Just wondering if we're all in the same range together.


Thanks! Paula

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^ The worst part is that playing food music in Thanksgiving was my idea!


Once we settled on Thanksgiving (I fought a brave battle for Valentine's Day, but lost to the less romantic souls on our staff), I suggested "food music" to keep us from just playing "We Gather Together" in a loop.


... but I never dreamed we would subject our Guests to the likes of "Peanut Butter & Jelly" and "If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops, oh what a world this would be."

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Hey Paula - you guessed right, I'm 50! Wow, God bless Will for even one more reason. Kid you not pulling up a lounge chair under a speaker on a hot summer day is my equivalent of laying on a beach in Hawaii. Love all the sounds and laughter of the wave pool. Occasionally get up ride something to cool off and then back to great tunes and sun.


The only thing missing are the chocolate covered strawberries - what happened to those? I believe they used to be sold at Bahari Snacks.


And as far as old fogey music, don't listen or change a thing for a minute! I was talking to another dad in line and we both lamented how sad it is a lot of kids don't know or appreciate where rock and roll came from. Keep Will's playlist going, I'm sure it will rub off on some!

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Seriously, some of y'all just don't need to be riding wood coasters any more, I guess. There is a threshold of discomfort that shouldn't be breached, but a really out-of-control feeling on an old school woodies needs a bit of rough-n-tumble.


I don't think that I have a higher tolerance for roughness, by the way... I choose my seats very carefully on rides like the Coney Cyclone, I avoid entire sections of the train on Rattler, and I generally did one trip in the Old Texas Giant in the front seat and no more, even with ERT.


That said, you folks complaining about Legend (I rode it two days ago) miiiiiiiiiight have a point, depending on where you sat. I was in the next-to-last or last seat on four of my five rides and in the front for the fifth ride. The front was completely re-ridable, and it took four trips in the back car before I was "done" with it. Yes, it was rough, but the OMFGWTFBBQ intensity of it not only made the roughness worth it, but I felt it actually added to the experience. Judging from the brake run reactions of other riders, they didn't mind, either. It actually caused Legend to move into my top 10 for the first time, ever.


Raven was running really well, as noted by many.


Voyage: Agreed that the first half was fantastic and the new turnaround is even better than the old version. Not having handrails on the outside of that turn is a great visual treat! YES, the return trip (actually starting with the first 90 banked turn) is rough. In a few seats it was really uncomfortable, especially on the turn with the souvenir camera right before the lift hill fly-over. But not riding over the wheels solved much of that discomfort and I found the front seat to be smoother than a LOT of woodies, especially ones with that kind of intensity. A few lateral shuffles on the "bad turn" but nothing major. Seriously, if you rode in the front seat and found it " just plain awful, horribly rough, I got off with absolutely no desire to get back on" then maybe you should stick to B&Ms or plug-n-play woodies. Just sayin'

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^My comparison was to The Voyage of 2006, no question for me it is in awful condition today by comparison. That's what is great about this hobby, so many diverse opinions!


Keep in mind that Indiana has been suffering a drought this summer. It might not be the condition of the ride (in terms of upkeep) that's making things rough this year as it is the condition of the wood itself. Raven sits mostly in the shade for the entire layout, so the sun doesn't beat on it as badly as the others and it might not be as dry as a result.


There's not much a park can do to smooth out a coaster if the weather doesn't cooperate!

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