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Steve Wozniak, Apple cofounder, first in line for new iPhone 4s.

Los Gatos, California (CNN) -- A line began to form at the Apple Store here on the eve of the iPhone 4S release, as is often the case around the world during the company's product launches.

At the front of this particular line Thursday, Steve Wozniak sits in a Pico armchair, sipping Diet Dr Pepper and scanning e-mails from his white iPad.

CNN article


A cute story. Wiz seemed like a cool guy when he was on my life on the dlist. Not sure what he saw in Kathy.

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Well, I braved the "Latebloomer" lines at the AT&T store and got my hands on the new iPhone 4S. I went ahead with the 32gb model since 16gb was sold out an hour before I got there. Was cool, they were handing out snacks and drinks for us in the 30-minute wait. Now to get all of my stuff on there, and to get a case for it, so afraid to drop it!


Anyone have luck with Siri yet? It doesn't seem to recognize my voice.

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For those of you, like myself, who don't want to upgrade from your iPhone 4 just to have Siri... I have news. If you are familiar with jailbreaking you should be able to port Siri to the iPhone 4, as shown in these videos.




I take care of my things and my iPhone 4 is still like new, and Siri is the only new feature I want. I will defiantly be porting this when it is released.

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I went from a 3G to a 4 and felt it was a HUGE upgrade. I assume to go from a 3G to 4s would feel similar. I'd go to a apple store and play around with it so you can see for yourself.


I'm still not planning on upgrading yet.

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I have an iPhone 4 and just upgraded to iOS 5:


Very happy with it, and love the notifications list as well as the easy camera access from the lock screen. I'm happy that they separated music and videos from each other, instead of just having an "iPod app" in the phone. I've already tried syncing via WiFi without the connectors, which is really convienient. Set up iCloud, haven't really experimented with it yet. I didn't realize Siri didn't come with the upgrade, but the simple voice commands aren't too bad either (I never end up using them anyway).


All in all, a wonderful free upgrade.

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I've played with Siri over the weekend and it seems pretty cool, but there's not enough of a jump to change from my 4.


I tried to set up iCloud yesterday but I needed to have a computer to change my me.com account over and I wasn't near one. I guess i'll sort it out over this week at some point. Are people getting onboard with iTunes match?



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^More than what will fit on a phone!


Seriously, music is my main form of entertainment, and I constantly buy new music and have a massive CD collection. I have about 14,000 songs on my iPod. They don't currently make a phone that will hold my music library, so I will continue to use the iPod.


I was thinking that perhaps the 64 would be better as I'm going to stop carrying a digital camera with the improvements to the camera on the new phone, and would need the extra space for photo storage. But I have no idea how well thought out of an idea this is...



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^I would say a 32 GB would suffice for photos especially now that iCloud will be constantly backing up your photos. If you have an iMac or Macbook then it would automatically stream to it and you wouldn't have to keep a ton of photos on your phone at a time. I could see maybe if you are going on the China Trip next year or at some point going to be away for a few weeks, you might need the 64 GB if you plan on taking a shit ton of photos. And by shit ton I mean a few thousand photos. (I took 400 photos at Dollywood and it was roughly about 2 GB)

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I've been able to play around with Siri a little and it is amazing from what I can tell! Can't wait for Candace to get hers in November so I can "borrow" it.


BTW, finally updated my iPad to iOS 5 so I now have all three of my iDevices (iPhone, iPad, iMac) loaded with iCloud. Not really sure if it find it THAT amazing yet.

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