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The WCB 2010 Appreciation Thread

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After driving down, then spending a full day at USH on Friday (Thanks Joey!), I was so tired that I went back to the hotel for a few hours on Saturday, so I'm sure we missed out on some great stuff during the tours/scavenger hunt/presentation. That said, we still had a GREAT time at SFMM. It was nice to see some faces that are now becoming more familiar, and also meeting some great new people that I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting before. The customized night ERT was definitely the highlight of Saturday for me. Racing Colossus was a real treat. It adds a dimension of fun to that ride that I'd never been able to experience before. We rode it 3 times, "winning" 2 out of those 3. I couldn't quite hear all the custom audio on Terminator, but what I did hear was pretty darn funny and brought a smile to my face. All the employees at the park were super friendly and helped to make the day even better. I was secretly hoping the add-on dinner would be at Mooseburger lodge, and I was very pleasantly surprised when I found it was! The food was delicious too. I think I ate at least a dozen meatballs.


Despite only about 4 hours of sleep, we showed up at Knott's ready for another fun day and they didn't disappoint. While I can be counted among those that found the Calico Mine Ride tour a bit on the short side, I still appreciate being among the first enthusiasts ever allowed inside. I hope that these types of excursions can be expanded in the future. Although the ERT was great, and the tours were fun, the presentation at Knott's was definitely the highlight of Sunday for me. The open and honest answers, not to mention the comedic ones, were great. I honestly went into the presentation mostly anticipating a nice rest in the air conditioned theatre, but found myself genuinely engaged in what was being said from start to finish. Hat's off to KBF's management team and to the Vice President of S&S for making it time well spent, and entertaining to boot.


Finally, I can never say it enough, but THANK YOU Robb, Elissa, Chris, all those who help you before, and at the events, and to the parks and all the great people there that make this a reality. I look forward to WCB each year, and despite it seeming impossible, every year gets better than the last. I sincerely appreciate the passion for making these events great that I clearly see from all those involved in making them happen. WCB doesn't only appeal to the hard core enthusiast. It's a great time for even the more casual enthusiast like myself, and the families and friends as well. I will continue to look forward to this event as long as it goes on, which I hope is forever. I can't wait to see what you do next year, because even though I don't think it could possibly get better, I know you will find a way to surprise me.


To everyone involved in WCB, YOU ROCK!

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A huge thank you to all that were involved with WCB at SFMM!


Unfortunately, I couldn't stay for nighttime ERT and yet it was still an awesome experience for me.


I was running a bit late but Robb and Elissa were so quick to register me that I didn't miss much of morning ERT.


Mark was an excellent guide for the back stage tour.


At Q&A, I really got the sense that Jay and Neil and Tim were just as excited about this event as we were. Free bottled water was great too!


I'm not sure if the park profited financially from us and if they didn't, it's all the more impressive that they rolled out the red carpet for us, so to speak.


Thank you once again and see you all at WCB 2011!

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I only went to the SFMM part. All I can say that was probably my BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST day at SFMM I've ever had. It was crowded during the day, but who cares the whole event was just so awesome. I must say that Colossus racing was so much fun!!! The Terminator soundtrack was awesome, it was really cool that they did the custom soundtrack just for us the whole day was just AWESOME BEYOND WORDS.


Thank you everyone who made WCB at SFMM so awesome!!!!! I wonder how they can "top" the one next year

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I don't even know where to begin. This weekend was a blast!


I really dug the backstage tours at Magic Mountain. Just getting to go places you would normally get in trouble for was great. I loved seeing the maintenance room for X2. Just seeing the wheels and all the other parts they use to keep the ride working was pretty sweet. I got on more rides at SFMM during WCB than I think my last 3 trips combined! Also, the presentation was hilarious and really informative. Racing the trains on Colossus was great fun and I really think that it should happen more often. I'm looking forward to what SFMM will do in the next few years.


My hands down favorite moment at Knott's was at the presentation when Jeff Tucker started talking about magical hoodies. I was amazed just at the fact that he had seen it! I really liked the Calico Mine Tour, but wished we could have walked more of the track and seen more of the showrooms. Lunch was so good!!! And ending out the night with ERT on Ghostrider was super fun.


Overall I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and so did my non-enthusiast friends. But I think after WCB and everything they are more obsessed than me!


Great job to everyone who was involved in putting the event together! To all the staff at both parks and the TPR and Rideworld people too, YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Thanks for putting on such an awesome event and I hope to do it all over again next year.

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^I couldn't afford to go this year, but I have been, and I am totally envious of all of you guys. It's nice to feel like a VIP and have a truly wonderful experience in a park you thought you already knew. R & E & C do a great job organizing all of this for us.



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My apologies for being late chiming in to this thread, but I ended up sleeping most of the day away (thank God I took today as a vacation day from work!) as I was recovering from one of the most exhausting, yet one of the most awesome weekends I have had in a very long time!


I have been doing West Coast Bash now since 2005; for the first couple of years, it was Solace one day and then the early morning West Coast Bash event the following morning. I watched WCB grow very quickly, and although it has always been a fantastic event every time I have attended, over the past couple of years it has gotten better and better. After the 2008 and 2009 West Coast Bash, each time I would say to myself "How are they going to top this one?" only to later realize that somehow, they would.


Robb and Elissa(TPR), Chris and Natalee (RideWorld), and all of the staff at SFMM and Knott's from the executives to everyone else in the parks truly deserve a standing ovation and all of the thanks we can offer, because this year was truly the best yet and so far the most fun and the best time I have ever experienced at a coaster/park event.


I had been looking forward to this weekend for a long time, especially after a rough first part of the year filled with back to back oral surgeries, work issues and health issues. As I always do, I registered as soon as it was open, and booked my hotels (even though I am a So Cal resident, I still do hotels for these events and make a weekend out of it). I was all set to go, and then, the week before I caught a nasty cold and my heart sank. Fortunately, I had Friday off and was able to shake the worst of it by Friday night (thank you Vicks, Tylenol Cold and Ricola for not allowing lingering symptoms to sabotage the weekend.....) and got into Valencia around midnight.


I will post a full trip report in the next day or two as I still need to download and sort through all of the pics and gather my thoughts, but for now I want to post my thank yous, highlights, and feedback:




Robb and Elissa (TPR) and Chris and Natalee (RideWorld)-I think that all of you deserve a standing ovation from all of us for putting this whole thing together, giving of yourselves and going above and beyond to make it great for everyone involved. I have watched the event get better and better over the years, and this year topped them all so far. I have no idea how you guys could top this year next year, but I am sure you'll find a way. Again, thanks so much for all you did. And I hope everyone was finally able to get some rest last night!


Everyone at SFMM-it really seemed to me this year that everyone at the park-be they staff working in rides or food service at the park or the upper management really was glad to have us there and enjoying the event as well. When I went up to thank Neal as I was leaving at 12:40am on Saturday he said that they have fun too, and I believe it. Everyone went above and beyond to make it a great time and it was much appreciated. Special thanks to:


Jay Thomas, Neal Thurman, and Tim Burkhart and the entire SFMM Management Team for being such gracious hosts and a having a great sense of humor

Jay - for all of your efforts at make SFMM a top park once again, it was good to get a chance to talk to you at lunch

Neal-for a great sense of humor (I loved the welcome address, both the apology for the weather and the April Fools')

Tim-for making X into X2 and making it ride smoother than ever, I had some of the best rides ever on it this weekend.


William-for your dedication to the event, and kudos to you for creating some maddeningly impossible questions on the Scavenger Hunt. One of these days I imagine we will see you standing up there with Jay, Neal and Tim during the Q&A.


ALL of the ride crews but especially the X2 Crew, for keeping the ride running great all day (I don't recall even one temporary delay the entire time) and for giving us ERT until 12:30-truly awesome


Whoever made the chicken alfredo, breadsticks and especially the chocolate cake at dinner, that was one of the best pieces of chocolate cake I have had in a long time.


Everyone At Knott's - I have been doing Solace now since 2005, and this was the first non-Solace event I have been to, and all of you guys rolled out the red carpet! The whole staff made me feel welcome but there were a lot of little things: I could tell in the Calico Mine walkthrough that someone had gone through and placed boards so we could stand safely on the track, I don't know of many parks where they would add a bacon funnel cake to the menu, and all of the ops at ERT seemed happy to have us there. And the presentation in the Theater was absolutely fantastic-with the management openly answering questions and having an awesome sense of humor. Knott's has always been a place I have loved, and I went away from the event with an even greater appreciation for the park and the people who run it. Special thanks to:


Marty Keithly-very much enjoyed the history of Knott's and the honesty in answering questions about the park


Jeff Tucker-absolutely HILARIOUS going through the Q&A and sort of MC'ing the afternoon presentation-great job!


Daniel Miller-for the very interesting Haunt presentation and some insight into the event as well as a well done sneak preview of one of the mazes we might see for Haunt 2010


Whoever organized the tours of Calico and the Roundhouse, both were extremely interesting and well put together in my opinion


The girl who did the games at lunch, thought she did a great job and kept it entertaining. I have never seen that kind of interaction with the games when I have been at Solace


Kevin from S&S-for an excellent presentation, very honest and informative and answering my question in re whether or not S&S would ever enter the water ride market using old Arrow concepts. Based on the philosophies shared and the presentation, I think S&S will continue to grow in popularity.


All of the staff and ride crews, everyone did a great job.


Other thanks to:


Team 33-to Steve and the others on Team 33, thanks for asking me to join your team! I had a great time playing the game and hanging out with you guys-and sorry I was not able to defeat the "Evil Paragraph" in time-it was truly evil!


EBL-thanks for hanging out with me during ERT and most of the time on Saturday and Sunday, was good to hang out and catch up. PM me your e-mail again and I will send you copies of the pics I took on the Calico/Roundhouse tours.


Everyone else I met or saw from previous events, was good to see familiar faces and meet new people.




It's difficult for me to pinpoint specifics as I enjoyed everything, I'm still recovering for going on minimal sleep for two days and am still regrouping, but here were some of my highlights:



-The welcome address, and how easy and efficient check in was set up

-Morning ERT-first ride on X2 was one of the best I have ever had on it, and the others that followed were nearly all as good and Tatsu and Terminator rides were great as well-ride ops on all rides were fun, pleasant and efficient

-Breakfast-thank you for having muffins as well as donuts, the cream cheese muffin was delicious

-Backstage photo tour-although my camera was having issues, it was great to be able to go backstage and see things from that perspective

-Lunch was great, was good to have baked instead of fried chicken as well as BBQ sauce on the side and the staff was cordial and welcoming

-Scavenger Hunt-WOW, very challenging, but a lot of fun.

-Magic Moments presentation-as entertaining, honest and enjoyable as ever. Yes, many of the anticipated obligatory "asked every time" questions I was expecting were asked, but I thought management did a tremendous job of fielding them as well as the others.

-The evening dinner-food and service were all outstanding!! The chicken alfredo and breadsticks were great, and the chocolate cake was fantastic.

-Night ERT-got to ride just about everything at least once, all of the rides were running great, and the ops were all enthusiastic even though I am sure were at the end of a long day.

-Getting 8 great front row rides in X2-with fire effects and all-when ERT was extended was the perfect ending to a great day.



-The fact that I was able to get up and get going in time on very little sleep and still made it down to the park before 7:30!

-Both tours, Calico Mine and the Roundhouse, as well as being able to get on both of the Calico tours and being able to get some pics.

-Morning ERT-was able to get on everything at least once

-Silver Bullet letting us get in line just before the park opened so we could get out on the first couple of trains

-Half price ride on Screaming Swing

-Lunch was a nice chance to relax, socialize, and catch a breather and I thought the games were entertaining to watch

-The whole presentation in the theater: the S&S presentation (including a sneak preview of a new coaster concept), the Knott's management Q&A, and the Haunt presentation-very entertaining and informative and we got a first look at something for Haunt not yet seen by anyone else

-Trying the new Pink's hot dogs location out front-very good food at a reasonable price

-Some great rides on Silver Bullet and a very good front row ride on Ghostrider during night ERT and being on the last train out on Silver Bullet for the night.


Other Feedback:


Although I cannot come up with any "complaints" about anything, there were a few very minor things I thought of which could improve next year's experience:


-At SFMM, I was surprised that we had to watch the preshow on Terminator during the morning ERT, and I thought it would be better if the option existed for those who had not seen it and wanted to stay and watch it could but allow those who had seen it and wanted to just ride proceed through it (although this seemed to be corrected during the night ERT)


-At Knott's, it would have been great if there had been a place inside the park-maybe the bakery or one of the stands-open for us to purchase something to eat, coffee, donuts etc before 10am. I suppose we could have gone out to the Chicken Dinner Restaurant, but not sure how that would have worked with getting back into the park pre hand stamp opening. Another very minor thing, more likely an oversight than anything else-the hamburgers and the chicken at lunch were great, but I was surprised there was no cheese for the burgers and none of the mashed potatoes we usually have. Again-both of these were trivial and posed no interference with my full enjoyment of the event.


-In re some of the questions that came up on the index card submitted questions on the Q&A on both days: I was shocked at the fashion in which a couple of them were worded, particularly a few on the second day, which seemed to be worded in way which to me came across as a shade ungrateful and a bit rude. As years of internet forum posting has taught me, sometimes the cloak of total anonymity can bring out the worst in people, so why not have the pre submitted questions be posted by users in a thread prior to the Q&A so that those asking can be identified via their screen name?


There were a few more possible thoughts I had along similar lines I will post in another thread but those three things were the only things close to any kind of critical feedback I could think of. I really thought everything was well executed and absolutely note perfect throughout the entire weekend.


In fact, all in all, the entire event-both days-were an EPIC WIN in my opinion, and thanks to all who made it happen. I cannot wait for next year!


Full TR and the few pics my camera allowed me to take on both days are coming soon.

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2. There was no milk or water at breakfast at SFMM. Maybe they could have cups or bottles of water next year.


Once again, Robb, Elissa, Chris, and both parks did a great job with the events. If Bay Area Bash is half as good, it will be an awesome event. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend that one. Can't wait for WCB 2011.


There was milk at SFMM's breakfast (I had some with my coffee and donut). Maybe they were out when you came through the line.


This was my first West Coast Bash, and it was excellent at both parks (I especially appreciated the sense of humor the folks at Knott's showed during the Q&A session).


PS--It's difficult for me to thank Robb and Elissa enough for setting up this awesome event. I hope to have a TR posted this week.

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All I have to say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! This was the first TPR event I've ever attended, and it definitely won't be the last. Also the SFMM day was on my birthday this year, so thank you for making this a great and memorable birthday!


Looking forward to WCB 2011!

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I'm finally getting around to this, if I miss thanking anyone I apologize I know it took a lot of amazing efforts to pull this together.


So unfortunately much like last year we weren't able to get to Magic Mountain until just after 9:00 on Saturday. It all worked out though, we had some astounding Morning ERT. We hit X2 first and Jhcbiinoc is absolutely right, the X2 crews did a brilliant job at keeping things running smoothly. (By the way, Jhcbiinoc it was an absolute pleasure sir and your expertise was invaluable during the scavenger hunt.)


A prodigious special thanks, to the employees over at Katy's Kettle for breakfast. We got to the breakfast area just before they were about to close, and they were so stupefyingly welcoming it was the perfect way to start the day.


After breakfast we made our way over to Terminator for the remainder of ERT, the crew here was absolutely superb. I could not have anticipated how enjoyable this ride would be. Big thanks to the morning Terminator crew for making sure we were able to take the tunnel many, many times.


The Scavenger Hunt was absolutely epic this year, a huge thank you to everyone that had a hand in that.


Team 33 - What can I say the Scavenger Hunt was easily the best time we have ever had at a park not riding rides.

Steve thanks for putting together the team, I hope each and every one of you will add us as friends, we enjoyed it so much.


To Neal Thurman, Jay Thomas and Tim Burkhart, I said it to you guys last year and I'll say it again. "You guys get it." There isn't a higher compliment I could pay to a management team. It's your active involvement that makes this such an unbelievable event. Thank you gentlemen, one and all.


To anyone and everyone that had a hand in the nighttime ERT, all I can say is bravo. Simply put, two of the best hours ever constructed.


William, you sir are a scholar and a gentleman. ERT on Terminator was just absolutely ludicrous in how good it was. Colossus racing, I don't even know where to begin. Lets just put it this way if I could, I would still be there riding it right now.


Robb and Elissa, Chris and Natalee you guys are absolute rockstars for all the work you do to put this on. The tours were just outstanding, the atmosphere and excitement all the added on extras, you guys just simply hit it out of the park.


To Wes the really cool couple from Milwaukee and all the other amazing folks we met, we look forward to seeing you at a TPR event real soon.

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Well, I'm out of words. I can't formulate a better sentance then, "holy @%#&$*^ #$&% this kicked donkeys ass!" I apologize for the profanity but its the only way I can word it. It was my 3rd WCB this year and of course it exceeded all expectations, My girlfriend is now just as much of a coaster nerd as I am, thanks to you guys! I would add more . but everyone else has covered it. From Robb and Elissa to the folks at Rideworld, all the staff at Magic Mountain, William, Jay, Tim, Neil, you guys are all under appreciated! Ride-ops, food vendors, everyone...THANK YOU!!!! see ya' next year!


Dan "thank you ,thank you, thank you!" Strickland


P.S. Screw that kid that felt it was necessary to complain about the Knotts day, People like that don't deserve your royalty treatment! BANISHED!

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One of the best times I've ever had at SFMM! Thanks Rob, Elissa, & everyone involved with making the event what it was. It just gets better every year, as does the banter between Jay,Tim, & Neal .



-Morning muffins (very minor, yet very appreciated.)

-Event Excursions, got up close & personal with Tatsu's pretzel loop (so sad to see so many broken cell phones.)

-Photo vouchers (very thoughtful, especially since they kept many photo stations open late.)

-Night time ERT (since it's a bit of a walk from coaster 2 coaster, I take it as a personal challenge to see how many I can ride in the time alloted.)

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PS--It's difficult for me to thank Robb and Elissa enough for setting up this awesome event. I hope to have a TR posted this week.


As Piers would say, "Same."


Really an excellent weekend (and week) altogether. I'm so glad I came out for this, even if that infernal Ninja credit continues to escape me! At least I have a reason to come back!


I'd like to thank the T-shirt crew. Those guys were awesome. Especially the hunk in the Guiness shirt.




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I don't even know where to start - this event was SO above and beyond great. I was with my kids, 9 and 11, and sharing this day with them was one of the highlights of my life. All we talked about on the way home was how to get my wife to agree to let us go on a TPR trip someday. We didn't do KBF, but we rode hard and ran between coasters during both ERT sessions.


My kids hung with me for 16-hours in the park (8:30 to 12:30)


So many highlights of the day (in chronological order):


- Discovering the true nature of TPR ERT (walk-on, re-ride).

- Finding the Bebe's systematically trying every seat on X2 without having to leave the station, and taking their advice on the best ones. I wonder if they did both trains.

- Getting MY favorite seat on X2 (front row, inside, both sides) and going for multiple re-rides without getting up.

- Post ERT front row walk-ons and instant back-row re-rides on Riddler's and Batman before the GP could make it to the back of the park.

- Riding the scariest ride in the park - the tower elevator.

- Getting stuck in line for Superman on deck for the front row for 30 minutes. Talking to the ride ops, maintenance guys and other guests was a blast.

- Marvelling at the primitive lap bar sensor technology on Superman (a single light indicating a loose lapbar - it doesn't say which one it is, just that one of them is loose).

- Watching the park empty out while walking the other direction toward Goliath at the outset of nighttime ERT.

- Meeting a great trio of people (a man and two women - wish I'd gotten names) in line at Goliath who we kept meeting up with as we made our way around the park.


Many, many thanks to all involved.

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TPR does it again!! This was my 2nd WCB and my 3rd TPR Event and again you managed to blow me away.


First, I want to thank Robb, Elissa, the rest of the TPR family, as well as the management of SFMM and KBF for a great event.


I agree with everything posted by Sir Clinksalot at the start of this thread, we were even on the Scream block brake test excursion too.


Also, I want to thank the crew of ride ops for being the most enthusiastic and fun that I have seen in 30+ years of visiting the park. Especially the ride op on night ERT of Goliath, she was at the end of a busy and trying day, yet still managed to continue having fun with us until the final train of the night.

Thanks to William again for the incredible nighttime soundtrack on Terminator, I have never laughed so hard on a rollercoaster before.


Another way to show how well Bash was planned out is that we only rode coasters during the ERT's and had a blast during the day taking part in all the planned events during the day, missing the long lines and masses of people who came to the park on Saturday. The scavenger hunt had more difficult puzzles than last year and was still great fun, and we were surprised to finish in 4th place, go Team 31.


Dinner at the Mooselodge was fun, especially watching the balloon guy, the chocolate cake, and the ERT tickets for Dive Devil.


As for Dive Devil, a suggestion for Jay -- The dive devil videos that are available for purchase for $20 are still in Video CD format which will not play on many new DVD players, I bought one because it was the first time for myself, my daughter, and my nephew and it would not play on any of my 4 dvd players. I could watch it only on my computer. The bottom line is If you are selling a video, please update your recorders to DVD format. This is not meant to be negative, but only an item which may have been missed or overlooked by management.


Anyway, back to the praises of the weekend. As everyone else has noted, the discussion time with Jay, Neil, and Tim was entertaining and informative.


Nighttime ERT Rocked, we did Dive Devil, Terminator, Deja Vu, Racing Colossus, and ended a perfect day with 7 consecutive rides on Goliath and in every case the Ride Ops were outstanding, especially the crazy ride op on Terminator, oh wait that was William.


Now for Knotts,

First, I want to thank Knotts Mgmt for working so hard to give us a great first WCB there. There were opportunities for improvement, but overall they gave us a much better event than when I attended the 2004 Solstice. The mine ride tour was a highlight for me, going in to the lift hill area and being able to take closeup pics of the scenes and animatronics. The only way they could have improved it would have been if the tour guide had talked a little more about the history of the mine train ride and maybe given a few fun facts. The tour guide was very good and ,along with the maintenance represinative, were willing to answer questions.

It was fun to walk around Knotts before hours in the fog taking pictures and to see the park in all its dormant glory.


Other highlights of Knotts were:

- Morning ERT in the fog of Montezuma and Jaguar

- the boysenberry pie and drink at lunch

- the quiz, which I did not finish but enjoyed the questions

- the honesty of the S&S rep

- the panel discussion with KBF Mgmt.


Overall, it was an incredible Bash, thanks to all involved and I am looking forward to next year's Bash as well as any other TPR Events we are able to attend. Thanks again Robb and Elissa for all the hard work you put in to make these events special.

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I'd like to thank everyone at TPR, Ride World, SFMM, and Knott's for an amazing event. We had a challenging time with our flights in both directions, but WCB made it all worthwhile.


Some highlights:


--Getting to meet some new friends and put faces with the names on TPR


--The Q&A sessions with management from both parks was entertaining and informative. Both parks have great management teams that really care about their parks and the guests. I especially liked the fact that we could write down our questions instead of asking them over the mic since I don't usually like doing that. It was also a great way to relax mid-day and take a break of being in the parks during the peak periods of the day.


--The optional dinner at the Mooseburger Lodge had great food. I tend to be a picky eater and always say that I would like to see italian food. The meatballs, ziti, and breadsticks made me very happy. The meatballs were especially tasty!


--Colossus racing made the entire trip for me. One of the questions I put in for the Q&A was asking if Colossus ever raced and I got my answer. It was so cool seeing and experiencing Colossus racing. I'd love to see that become a yearly tradition.


--They only tours we got experience were both tours at Knott's and they were excellent. The Calico Mine tour was very short, but hopefully it can be expanded upon in the future. Unfortunately, we didn't get to do any tours at SFMM and it really looks like we missed out after seeing the pictures. It was just a case of bad timing with the SFMM tour and excursion. Our tour was at park opening and we wanted to get on some rides before crowds hit and we wanted to check into our hotel mid-day which would've been impossible with our excursion time. It's great that these parks offer such tours though. Most parks that used to offer then have since stopped (i.e. Coaster Celebration at SFGAd) and even if they do, they're usually limited to maybe 10 raffle winners.


I do agree with what others mentioned that it would be nice to see the Terminator pre-show be optional at all times during ERT. That way people who want to see it can see it and those that don't can skip it.


Once again, thanks to all that were involved in putting together an awesome WCB event! Don't know if we can make it a yearly tradition, but I'm certainly going to try!

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