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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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Williamsburg Alewerks Tavern Ale



This is an old-fashioned American brown ale, that tastes a bit on the syrupy sweet side. It's like a milder version of Alerwerks' Old Stitch Brown Ale.

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Ulriken Double IPA from 7 Fjell Brewery. 8,5% ABV, 100 IBU. A very nice beer! (as most of the beers from this brewery)


Fun fact: "7 Fjell" means "7 Mountains", and is named after the 7 mountains surrounding the city of Bergen. Ulriken is the highest of these mountains, with a height of 643 meters above sea level.



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And following up "Fløien", their regular IPA. This one is coming in at 6,9% ABV and 75 IBU.


Fun fact #2: Fløien is another of the seven mountains surrounding the city. This one is 399 meters tall and is by far the most visited mountain due to the funicular running from the city center to the top of the mountain.


Fløibanen, the funicular running up the mountain.


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Ben & Jerrys Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale from Blue Belgium. Hey, I really Blue Belgium Beer and Ben & Jerry's. So putting the two together is a winning combination. It's really good.



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Nøgne Ø #100. Not the first time I tried it, but this is an absolute wonderful beer! Not something you drink at a party, but when you want to sit down and really enjoy and spend some time on a good beer, this one is definitely one for those occasions!



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No, it's not normal. As far as know, my office is the only one in the area that does it. About once a month or so, we have a mixer for about an hour for people to get to know each other. Everyone gets one drink of their choice: craft beer, wine, cider, or soda. The company pays for it, and all hourly employees are in the clock. It's a good time, and it really helps to fight the isolation that often accompanies cubicle farms.

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