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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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Lets see... I think ElToroExtreme, HerBlackWings, and myself had a brand new low in the Wyndham Lobby last night... Colt 45 and Icehouse...


Is this even more pathetic than riding Miner Mike at Zuma Fun Center?


We should be ashamed of ourselves for both! But with the amount of fun we had, I wouldn't have changed a second of it.

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^^I don't think I had ever actually seen someone drink Colt 45 before that night. Amazing.


At least on the other nights we had tasty beers, including Blue Moon. But we could have been drinking the worst beer in the world, and it still would have been a good time because of the people drinking...



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At least on the other nights we had tasty beers, including Blue Moon. But we could have been drinking the worst beer in the world, and it still would have been a good time because of the people drinking...


True, and at least they still served beer in the "damp" town of Pigeon Forge!


At a BBQ today, I had to settle for Michelob Ultra, because I failed to read on the invite that it was BYOB. Blah.

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A couple days ago I´ve been in Anchorage. It was just a night stop and we din´t have a lot of time. But we went to a T.G.I. Fridays and had a couple beers. I had the Alaskan Amber and I have to say it was a nice one. The food was just okay, cause my steak was way too small...




And some good food, but as I´ve said - the steak was too small.


The Alaskan Amber.


T.G.I. Fridays in Anchorage.

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^At least the Friday's you went to had something local on tap, I don't think mine around here does, though if it did it would probably be Yuengling.


Last week I returned to Texas with the TPR group. I knew of 1 place we'd be going and really wasn't expecting to do lots of beer stuff because it was a roller coaster group trip and all, but I was pleasantly surprised by all the bonus stuff we got to do thanks to a little iPhone app called Beer Hero.


So hot that I even took shelter for several hours at SFFT and kicked back an $8 Shiner Bock


and so concludes our adventure in Texas, a place that is really freaking hot in the summer!


A look down into the TPR room at a few of the people


We had one of the rooms just for us, Obama had the other


A look at the bar area


I tried some of the Live Oak Big Bark Amber Lager as well, pretty good stuff, easy to drink


Dave and I started out with the Live Oak Liberation, another great beer for the style from the folks at Live Oak


I was put in charge of the beer selection for the evening, so I went with some local stuff like Live Oak Liberation IPA, and Live Oak Big Bark Amber, along with some familiar stuff like Pilsner Urquell, Bass Ale, and Franziskaner Hefeweisse. Hopefully everyone of age found something they liked


It's old, there's an outside beer garden area, but Elissa was smart enough to request indoors for us


Our final day in Texas took us through Austin for our farewell dinner at Scholz Garten, the oldest business in Texas, built in 1866 and even recognized by the historic society


Chris then braved some beer and got Pilsner Urquell while I was running out of options with most stuff I wanted to try kicked and went with Stone IPA


Jewy also went with more Live Oak while everyone else was enjoying some sort of Woodchuck


Monday was pretty much everything for $2.75, so more Live Oak Hefe for me. Stefanie got some Abita Purple Haze, and more ciders for the rest


The next night we returned again with a few more friends. Nice to see Victory being represented!


our final beers of the night before they closed at midnight was some more Live Oak, this time the Pilz which was very tasty and pretty hoppy


Cool beer deco all over the place


Gotta love getting served by waitresses dressed like that


Not being into beer, Wes went with some pear cider


which means Live Oak Hefe for Jew and I, simply fantastic and so sessionable


Lots and lots of taps, and it happened to be local beer night, where all beers brewed in Texas were $2.75 per pint


The next night we found ourselves in San Antonio where Beer Hero came to the rescue yet again and told us the closest beer bar was a Flying Saucer. Sold!


Next Jewy and I enjoy a Piranha Pale Ale and Nitwit Witbier, respectively


A few of us decided to head over for some food and drinks. I went with the Totonka Imperial Stout which was chocolately and roasty but still mild enough to enjoy in these hot times


Later that night after some time at the Kemah Boardwalk we got to the hotel, which was conveniently across the street from a BJs. Thanks for booking that location, Elissa!


This time I went with the Hefeweizen. Good clove and banana notes and very drinkable


On Saturday we got done at SFOT again a little bit before our bus departed, so we went back for a quick lunch at the bar


Even the pandas were coming in from the heat for a round


Next up I went with a small Raspberry Blonde, just for something to help keep me cool. Nice raspberry flavor, easy to drink, and sessionable.


A good amount of the people on the Texas trip decided to come with. Beer, good food, and Air Conditioning can sell anyone in a Texas summer


I started out with the Big Red IPA, which had nice spice and pine notes to it. This 0.5L was the "medium", crazy Texas


Humperdinks is home to Big Horn Brewing, with a pretty good selection on tap.


I'm thinking this is what my little piece of the afterlife will look like


On day 1 we managed to devour SFOT thanks to Robb's awesome skills at acquiring Gold Flashpasses for everyone, so we had time for dinner. Beer Hero located a brewpub 0.8 miles from SFOT called Humperdinks.

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I have a friend visiting here this week and we stopped by a New Orleans themed bar tonight that I've been wanting to check out for a while. Had a few Abita Purple Hazes, which I've had before, but it's been a while. Good stuff!

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Over the last week, i've had a few good IPA's.

DogFishHead 90 min. and 60 min

ThunderHead IPA

Fat Heads HeadHunter IPA

Rogue Captain Sigs Ale (this was way better than i thought it would be)

Rogue Dead Guy Ale.

Buckeye Brewing's Hippie IPA

Magic Hat Wacky Kat IPA



Does anyone know if Full Sail went out of business? I can't find their stuff anywhere in Ohio anymore.

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Sorry no pics, but last week we were in Geneva IL visting a friend. I had a Bell's Oberon Ale at Country House. I thought it was an excellent summer beer, midly fruity ( not like Leiney's Sunset Wheat which I think tastes like Fruity Pebbles,) and had some good spices with it. I just wish Beertopia carried Bell's here which they don't.


Also had dinner the next night at Nick's Pizza and Pub in Elgin. I had the Nick's Golden Ale which was basically a standard pub ale. Refreshing but nothing too exciting.

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