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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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After an enjoyable day at Great Adventure with nay, we decided to check out one of New Jersey's brewpubs that I heard good things about that was on the way home for her. This one was pretty unusual too, because it had a cool twist.


Renee went with the Bootlegger Blonde which was light and a little buttery from the hops used. Still easy to drink though.


and the summer seasonal, a hefeweizen which was my favorite of the night, but all of the beers were decent or better and represented their represented style well.


With 6 beers on tap and no clue how any of them tasted, I opted for the sampler that included a blonde, red, pilsner, ipa, and porter


This Pizzeria Uno in Metuchan happens to brew their own beers on premises, which AFAIK is the only one that does

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Interesting. Pizzeria Uno was started here in Chicago as one of the original deep dish pizza places. They've obviously franchised, and I have to say lost their appeal to me. Never seen one with their own brew though.


I picked up a case of Capital's Autumnal Fire on Saturday. Still the best Doppelbock in my book.


And I have been taking pictures, just haven't had any computer time.

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Last weekend I found myself in Delaware participating in my first 5K race, the Dogfish Dash. Dogfish Head Brewing holds a 5K and 10K race every year to benefit the Delaware Chapter of the Nature Conservancy. I was made aware of it last year but there was no way I would be able to do it, but this year I decided no better time than the present, even if I had to miss out on sweet coaster ERT elsewhere.


In all, over $25,000 was raised for the Nature Conservancy and it was a lot of fun and very rewarding. I'll definitely do the Dogfish Dash again next year


and among the drinks, some 60 Minute IPA (though I will say I wasn't really in the mood for a beer at 9am after just running for 3.2 miles, and pretty much stuck with water)


With the race over, it was time for some celebrating, complete with live music, Keg races, awards, food, and drinks


Here I come down the home stretch with an official final time of 32:57 and #264. Certainly not the best time, but I'm happy with myself. Next year I'll try to shave a few minutes off my time


Some people ran in costume


Off we go


The rain stopped just before the race started and about 800 people of the 1000 registered still managed to come out


With the iPhone playlist all set, it's time to stretch and get ready to run


On a very wet Sunday morning we arrived at the Dogfish Head brewery in Milton. In previous years the Dogfish Dash was held in Rehoboth, but this year would be different




After some Punkin Ale, I finally tried Dogfish's Bloody Mary, made with Dogfish Head's own Blue Hen Vodka


While at the brewpub, may as well have dinner, as well as the brewpub exclusive Altoberfest


Registration and package pickup was held at the brewpub in Rehoboth on Saturday. In all, 1000 people signed up to run

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Been a LONG time since I last visited these shores but I'm slowly putting my life back in order and it's time to get back to the good times.


So after such a long hiatus it's back with a Bang and my very own ChocOrange Stout.


It's dark, it's delicious and it's my best variation yet so I'm happy.

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Ok, I need a little help from fellow beer drinkers. I am going to be in New Castle DE next week until Thursday, then Hummelstown PA until Sunday. I am wanting to try some new stuff that you can't get in Nebraska.


I already know that I am going to try some Troeg's and Dogfish Head, but where are some good places that I can try some microbrews and get some good grub too? Any info would be appreciated.

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