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Theme Park Review Premium Membership Questionnaire

Based on the information below, would you sign up for TPR's Premium Membership? Please also respond to this thread and give us your reasoning as to your vote.  

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  1. 1. Based on the information below, would you sign up for TPR's Premium Membership? Please also respond to this thread and give us your reasoning as to your vote.

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UPDATE - January 5th, 2010

While we are still working through a lot of things, I will say we have had very positive feedback from Holiday World, Beech Bend, and Cedar Point, and it looks as though Club TPR members would be approved to attend their annual events like HoliWood Nights, Rumblefest, and CoasterMania.


I'll have more details soon as we start putting things together.


--Robb "A big thank you to those parks for working with us on this project!" Alvey



UPDATE! December 31st, 2009:

Still if you see the premium/spongebath/membership as a "discount"card instead of a way to fund TPR the overseas members get less bang for their buck. More events and discounts will be available to stateside members than overseas members, and the price is higher. While this is perfectly understandable, I would think it is also understandable if the overseas members are less enthusiastic than the people who would get more for less money.

All very valid concerns and all ones that we WILL address!


As far as park discounts go, I already have an equal amount of international parks as I do US parks that said they are interested. Mind you, I've only heard back from a handful but that's mostly due to getting automated "I'm on hoilday until Jan 4th" emails!


But I am expecting discounts for our club members to a fairly large amount of parks both domestic and international.


We absoultely WILL be doing events internationally! Starting this year we are hoping to announce our first "bash" event in the UK. We'll see how the planning goes on that. We may also be able to do another one during our mainland Europe trip, we'll see!


We absoultely WILL open some 'tour dates' to Club TPR members both domestic and internationsl as not every tour date we do can be turned into a bash event, but we would be able to open up some dates or ERT sessions to a smaller group. Again, another fine perk of being a club member because it will allow to be to able to offer something that we were unable to previously offer.


I have already started to look into some kind of a "quarterly publication" that we would distrbute. It would not be a printed publication, but probably something we send to everyone on a CD or a DVD and the extra international shipping costs for that would be covered by the additional cost for overseas members.


And we would probably also fill that CD with high res photos, videos, and other information exclusive to Club TPR members.


That alone would eat up the extra $10 per year to international members. And to be quite honest, I figured that $10 would eventually go to shipping costs, which is exactly why it was put in there.


The line about "additional TPR goodies" will pretty much evolve into what I'm talking about now.


As for the concern of the "clique" mentality, I cannot stress enough how much we will NOT allow this to happen! The "club forum" would be mainly to discuss the club, the events for club members, discounts for club members, etc, it would not be a "mirror" forum of TPR's main forum but only for club members. It would have a very specific purpose, just like our trip forums currently have, and you don't see those forums or groups creating a clique within TPR members.


And for people worried about getting a spot on a trip if you're not a Club TPR member. If this ends up being a serious problem, we'll open up more trips or more spots! Just like we did on the Europe 2010 trip! (And there are spots still available, BTW, JOIN NOW!) We *WILL* give priority to Club members, but that doesn't mean that non-club members won't be able to participate in a trip. Remember, it also doesn't guarentee a Club member a spot on a trip either, but if you're on a waiting list, I think you'll have a better chance of getting that one spot that opens if you ARE a club member.


So moving forward, based on the feedback in this thread, you would see:


- More park discounts - domestic USA and International

- Club TPR members invited to park sponored events

- Some sort of quartly publication

- International park events

- Invites to ERT or tour dates for Club TPR members

- Everything else you saw on the front page


What we CANNOT do is lower the price. Taking away the $15 store credit doesn't actually decrease the price of the club membership, it would be taking away a perk that I think all club members would be able to use. Remember that you could apply that $15 to a DVD, T-Shirt, Hoodie, Downloadable DVD, Trip Payment, Event payment, etc.


Anyway, I can't say thank you enough to everyone who has responded to this thread so far.


Your input will help make Club TPR a much better option for all of you because it will be created with your feedback in mind.


I'm not sure too many other organizations can promote that!


--Robb "If this changes anyone's mind you can always change your vote!" Alvey




Original Post


Hey Theme Park Review members!


We have a VERY IMPORTANT questionnaire for all of you and all of your input is very much appreciated!


For the past couple of years we have been throwing around the idea of having a "Premium Membership" for Theme Park Review.


The most important thing to know about this is that all of the "free offerings" that you've been getting from TPR over the years WILL NOT CHANGE AT ALL! Those features would still remain exactly as they are now.


This "Premium Membership" would be a further extension of what we already offer and would allow us to do even MORE for our paid members.


Theme Park Review would offer a Premium Membership for an annual fee of $40 US & Canada, $50 International (to help cover additional shipping costs and exchange rate fees) and that could include all or some of the following:


- An automatic $15 credit in the TPR Store

- A personalized membership card with your name, member number, etc

- An initial membership packet that will include some nice TPR goodies

- Priority Placement on TPR Trips

- Early access to upcoming TPR Trip Information

- Exclusive trips ONLY offered to Premium Members

- Access to participating Park Sponsored Events (both US and International)

- Discounts and early entrance access at participating parks (both US and International)

- Exclusive forum ONLY for Premium Members

- A forum signature banner with your ride/coaster count

- Special discounts for Premium Members on TPR events and trips

- Special access or additional perks on a TPR Trip or at a TPR Event

- Additional surprises or goodies we may send out to our Premium Members throughout the year!


To explain things a bit further -


Priority Placement on TPR Trips - This means that if we have a trip that has sold out and you are on a wait list, someone who is a premium member will have priority over someone that is not a premium member. Same thing also goes for during sign ups, if we have 50 spots on a trip, and 55 people signed up, if there is room available, the Premium Members will get a spot on a TPR trip over someone who is not a Premium Member. Please note that this is not a GUARENTEED placement on a trip, but you would be given "priority." If it ends up being that we have more premium members signed up for a trip than we have spots on a trip, well, that's a GREAT problem for us to have! I would **LOVE** to be in the position where we'd have to find a solution for this, and please trust us, we would find a solution that would be fair and make both premium members and non-premium members very happy!


Exclusive Trips offered ONLY to Premium Members - Starting in 2009 we began to offer one 'exclusive' trip to only to members who have traveled with TPR in the past. Moving forward you will need to be a Premium Member to get on that invite list.


Access to park sponsored events - Every year there are several events put on by several parks all over the world. You need to be a member of a roller coaster enthusiast or theme park enthusiast club to attend these events. TPR's Premium Membership would allow you access to these events for participating parks.


Park Discounts and other perks - Many parks will extend offers to theme park and roller coaster organizations and TPR will absolutely have access to some of these perks as well. They could be anything from admission discounts, food & merchandise discounts, parking discounts, early access to certain rides, etc. TPR will also be featuring discounts to parks all over the world.


Additional Surprises or goodies - Since our Premium Membership is still in the planning phase, we are still uncertain as to how many times per year we will mail something to our Premium Members. Everyone will get an initial mailing with your membership card and some TPR goodies, and it's very probable that we will do at least one other mailing throughout the year with a surprise goodie to all our Premium Members.


Exclusive forum ONLY for Premium Members - To address some concerns, this forum would be more for Premium Member announcements and news and be an area to discuss them. It would NOT be a new forum to create a 'clique' of TPR Premium Members.


Ok so now the feedback we need -


1. What are your initial thoughts?


2. Can you think of anything else we could be offering?


3. Is this something that interests you?


4. Why would you NOT be interested in this?


5. Any additional feedback you can give us based on the information you see here.


Remember that with each $40/$50 membership you would instantly be getting $15 of that back in TPR Store credit!


Thank you for your feedback, it is all very, VERY appreciated!



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1) I really like the idea of priority placement on trips.


2) I'd like it if somehow this membership would get me into coaster events, like HolliWood Nights, etc.


3) Yes, I am interested.


4) I would be less interested if premium membership became so widespread as to render priority trip placement irrelevant.


5) I think this is a great idea if it can help keep the site free of ads.

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1.) Finally! I've never wanted to join ACE (for obvious reasons) but to call TPR my official coaster club/membership place thingie gets me very interested.


2.) What you've listed is even more perks than what most coaster clubs offer nowadays anyways, so no, I really can't think of anything to add.


3.) I am without a doubt interested!


4.) Same reason as above


5.) Very, very rad! I'm stoked to see if this sees the light of day!



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1. I like the idea but I'm not sure I could pay $40 a year even though it is a good price.

2. It seems like there is enough for the $40 fee.

3. I'm very interested

4. As said earlier it would be pointless if it wasn't so exclusive.

5. It seems like a great idea that would be great for the site and the people in the membership.

Andrew "I'll start saving" Iorio

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1. This seems like a great idea. It offers most of the things that my ACE membership currently does and is cheaper. Plus, I would probably get more use out of it.


2. Maybe you should have a monthly drawing for a TPR bag-o-crap. No, I actually think you've got pretty much everything covered.


3. This would interest me as long as I have a source of income and can actually make use of the added bonuses.


4. I would not be interested in this if the cost ever outweighs the value of the benefits (aka the price increases significantly without any additional benefits) or if certain benefits (such as priority trip placement) become negligible due to the number of people making use of them.


5. I think this would give TPR everything that they lack and ACE has. It may convince more people to switch over here. If TPR adds this option, I will most likely decide to sign up instead of renewing my ACE membership (I only kept it this long because of the magazines anyway).

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1. I'm totally in. Where do I sign up?


2. A printed newsletter (monthly or bi-monthly) that mails out to all members. Can feature highlights from the boards that people may miss. If it at all seems like a good idea to you, I'd be interested in making it happen.


3. Even with the current offering, I'd be more than willing to sign up.


4. As long as the costs remain reasonable and I feel like I'm getting enough use out of it, I don't see myself missing out on it.


5. I'm very glad you're thinking about doing this! I've always thought of joining ACE for some of the listed benefits, but am so not an ACEr.

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1. What are your initial thoughts?


-Great idea, I mean, I don't plan on going to a trip anytime soon, so it's something that doesn't quite grab my attention in the whole layout of the plan, but all in all it sounds like a great offer.


2. Can you think of anything else we could be offering?


-The plan pretty much covers the gist of what I think is available to be offered. Maybe you can add a Premium Member Hoodie/Shirts to the TPR Store?


3. Is this something that interests you?


-It does.


4. Why would you NOT be interested in this?


-Originally the price was a little bit of a drawback but when I read that a TPR Store credit would be included then it was a bit less of an problem if any at all.


5. Any additional feedback you can give us based on the information you see here.


-All in all, it's a great plan and a great offering for a premium membership.



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$40 a year membership and we get $15 in store credit each year. Since I usually spend at least $15 a year in the store the membership is effectively only $25 to me.


I would definitely try to make at least one event a year to make the membership even more worthwhile.


It sure looks like a very reasonable value if events/parks recognize our membership.

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Sounds like a good idea, although I personally have a hard time justifying the cost since none of the perks listed really interest me.

I do understand that not all of the perks will be of interest to everyone. This is why I feel it's best these perks should be covered under a premium membership.


Those people who are interested in us putting something like this together would be willing to pay a little extra for the additional services.


And for everyone else, you'd just keep using TPR like you always have!


--Robb "It's a win/win for everyone!" Alvey

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1. For everything you get its a great price.


2. It would be cool if premium members could get DVDs before non-paying members. Maybe give them a few days to order and then ship them all out before they are available for everyone.


3. Yes, very much so.


4. Can't think of a reson why I wouldnt be interested.


5. I think it is a great idea and is just one more thing that makes the site great. Maybe one thing you could offer mainly for the younger members or people that are low on money, is taking off the store credit and having it coast $25 instead of $40.

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I voted yes & would love to upgrade!


1. What are your initial thoughts?

A membership card would be awesome & the $15 to the TPR store is a nice bonus!


2. Can you think of anything else we could be offering?

Maybe a small TPR store discount for premium members on certain items like DVDs?


3. Is this something that interests you?

Yes definitely.


4. Why would you NOT be interested in this?

I'm interested so this question does not apply.


5. Any additional feedback you can give us based on the information you see here.

Say this goes into effect & you purchase the upgrade. Will the membership expire in a year or would it be for lifetime? Also if the membership does expire then how much would it cost to re-new?

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I think the Premium Tier option is a really good idea. You do not seem to be taking anything away from the current membership, so no big deal.


Personally, I don't see myself being able to use it for this coming year. BUT, it is a nice option to have for when my circumstances improve in the coming year. (Come on economy!! YOU CAN DOOO IT!)


While I do like the ad free nature of TPR, I am not so militant about it to say simple banner or sidebar ads would "Ruin" my experience. It is just the pop-up, pop-under and rollover ads that kill sites for me. (Lance, are you reading this?)


A particularly easy way to generate residule income is a partnetship program with say Amazon. I spent $100 on Amazon for Xmas this year and I would have happily done it through a TPR partner link if it was available to me.

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1. What are your initial thoughts? I'm in.


2. Can you think of anything else we could be offering? A free premium member exclusive T-shirt, patch, pin or something.


3. Is this something that interests you? I won't be allowed to go on a TPR trip for quite abit but still all the other benefits seem worth it to me.


4. Why would you NOT be interested in this? I am interested.


5. Any additional feedback you can give us based on the information you see here. Perhaps discounts on premium membership at various times of the year?

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1. I expected this to happen, the plan seems very good, and I'll most likely sign up. I do have some second thoughts about TPR having a premium membership, but I guess it's the next step and so far this seems a great way to take that step.


2. Not really. As others have said, a weekly newsletter would be nice, although I'd definitely prefer a monthly or bimonthly premium-members live chat. I've always really enjoyed using them to fully interact with TPR, and if nothing else hearing your opinions on news in the amusement industry would be interesting. And I think this was brought up in another thread, a "Robb and Elissa Awards" sort of thing about your favorite rides, parks, and the like would also be great.


3. Yes, I'm definitely interested. If I had to decide at this moment, I'd say I'm 75% going to do it.


4. For me personally, I just feel like I'm spending a lot of money this year between a new phone and trips I hope to take this summer, and even a good deal like this is not something I want to spend on at the moment. Also, I think the perks sound great, but right now I don't think I'd be able to fully take advantage of all of them, I rarely ever get to enthusiast events or things like them.


5. I am glad that TPR is evolving, and this sounds great. I might personally wait to see it implemented before signing up, but in all likelihood will.

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1. What are your initial thoughts?

- I think this is a fantastic idea and would sign up right away.


2. Can you think of anything else we could be offering?

Could there perhaps be Premium Member Merchandise?


3. Is this something that interests you?

-Definately! I have been a member for quite some time, and I will remain loyal!


4. Why would you NOT be interested in this?

N/A I'm already very interested in this!


5. Any additional feedback you can give us based on the information you see here.

Anything else to help keep you guys AD free is worth pitching in!

I think it's a great idea!

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1. What are your initial thoughts?


NEAT. This hit me as totally unexpected. Sounds fun!


2. Can you think of anything else we could be offering?


Not really, nope! In fact most of what you listed hit me sort of as "really?!"


3. Is this something that interests you?




4. Why would you NOT be interested in this?


I would never not be interested in this.


5. Any additional feedback you can give us based on the information you see here.


This sounds totally cool. And really, with the amount of fun and experiences TPR has given me, the $40 a year is cheap! Totally worth it, if it was required I'd pay it for the way things are now. Count me in 100%.


And thank you!




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1. It's a great idea, but I've never personally wanted to see TPR turn into a paysite. Yes, I realize that the regular TPR would stay the same, but I just don't know.


2. Not really, most of my ideas have already been covered.


3. That's where I'm sort of borderline, I can't say that I'm all for it, but I can't say I'm totally against it either.


4. I see this sort of as a gateway to making TPR into a full paysite, or even like ACE (again, just my opinion, and I know that TPR would never actually turn into a gravy-loving coaster b*tch-off)


5. It might just take me a while to get used to the idea, and maybe change my mind once it's up and running, but anything to make TPR more enjoyable is worth a shot in my book

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I like the idea, and depending on what parks offer what discounts, that might make it worth my money alone for joining.

I've always considered joining a coaster club, but like others have stated, haven't really had the desire to fall in with certain stereotypes.


The $15 store credit is a nice perk as well, but really there's nothing there I would personally buy. Nothing against your DVDs or merch, but I prefer riding coasters than watching them on my TV, and I'm not a fan of coaster related or club related shirts. This is probably the thing that would make me second guess the purchase.


The priority trip placement is nice if I ever decide (read: have the money) to go on one.


As for what else you could be offering, I like the idea of a printed newsletter mailed monthly (or bi-monthly or quarterly, or etc...) to update members on site, park, or industry news.

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