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Finally came up with a name for my new big park,

I'll have time for this since BGSA is nearing completion, This park will focus on experiments in rct2, mostly things I've always wanted to do but never had the experience or the scenery to pull of. That being said here goes!!!


Thrill Point LA is the second park under management of Thrill Amusement Co. As its name declares its located in LA where it has the behemoth SFMM to compete with, but the park management is pretty confident that people will visit this park aswell because They intend to make it bigger and more thrilling than SFMM.


Here are some screens, you may recognise some from the preview thread







The Parks logo

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- Building design is top notch

- Support work is incredible

- Scenery is awesome



- I can't see anything that bothers me at the moment.



- I just hope you can finish this, Sea World, and BGSA on time.

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Didn't have a clue of what park it was I just liked the picture and thought it would be cool for a logo


And the kind of experiments is mostly coaster-wise like I'm planning on making a glider coaster, this hasen't ever been done in RCT2 that I know of so it'll be a challenge for sure to even finish this park with the ideas I have for it if they can be done, but this project is just all for fun and experimenting so expect more weird stuff coming from me

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Have some more pictures for you guys,

This park won't be with peeps I fear because I heven't got a clue how to redirect entry point


But other than that its going great, I recoloured the drop tower a bit since you had you a point that it was too bland, also more from Monster Energy: The Ride (accelerator) and Big thanks to DBru for lending me the Iron Butterfly concept for this park,


Also I can't find an original name for the eurofighter, I don't want to give ita standard mine name since I think I did a great job themeing it and I want the name to resemble that, the person who gives me the best name can have the current save-game to keep it intresting






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Everything in this park looks great! I love what you've done with the Eurofighter and Iron Butterfly concepts...


How about something like Disaster Falls for the name of the coaster?

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Your park is already improving leaps and bounds.


The addition of a second colour to your Roto-Drop makes it look much better. I also very much like the concept of DBru's Iron Butterfly. How will you theme that ride?


I'm loving your Euro-Fighter and as a name I was thinking *Benwood Disaster* with some form of memorial to the victims of the Benwood Mine Disaster in West Virginia in 1924.


I've added the link below so you could read up on it from official records to possibly gain some inspiration


Keep up the good progress.


Eric "remind me later" Lucas



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Maybe that coaster is on the way , I'm thinking of making another logo that suits the park more,


Anyway! I've got 2 more screens for you guys

Screen1: SunFlare, is just another extended disco

Screen2: here we have 3things, the new simulator ride(white building), a new space rings flat and a new restaurant


Enjoy and feel free to comment



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I know its been a long while since I've updated but I hope you guys like what I've been working on, this coaster is finished because only the layout is complete and this is the only part that recieved some love for the moment


Plz tell me how I could improve on what I already have in this screen since its very unifinished


this is what took me so long!!!

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