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As for the rapids I'll first make the basic themeing before I'll add anything with use of hacks and such I've worked like this and it works for me. Also if I post a pic and saty its unfinished I mean it


3New screens I've been working on are these, the first 2 are finished the third is a work in progress




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To tell you the truth, I'm not a big fan of the small disk on the HUGE structure for the Giant Frisbee. It seems kind of disproportionate.


Though I'm not sure if there's a way to make the disk bigger though so I won't let that bother me too much...



- Another amazing park from what I've seen so far. The dragon on the rapids ride is probably one of if not THE best rock formation-structure thing I've ever seen on RCT.

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As of currently I'm themeing the rapids ride very intensely with nearby lava river, ruins, etc


Also I'm planning for another big coaster, Its a concept I've being thinking of next update will have a teaser for this


Also I've pretty much finished the layout of the park so right now Its just thnking of good rides for the spot and themeing the lot wich will ofcourse take some effort to complete,

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Haven't got the new coaster concept working as of lately, mostly due to my 8cars malfunctioning when I need it the most BUT I can tell I'm trying to make an Inverted B&M Dive Machine,


Other things to the update is some progress on dragon river







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^^ Whoops. I'll definately fix that right away.


As for the rapids, incredible work so far. I love the attention to detail. The fire on the buildings provides a nice touch. However, I'm not sure about the lava river though. Although it looks great, I feel that a lava river would suit a more tropical-style ride or perhaps a large volcanic mountain (unless of course the dragon lives inside the volcano).


Other than that, I would love to see a larger overview of the rapids and the rest of the park to see your progress.

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I really love your rapids ride, I very like the theming.


But I just wanna know something. I'd like to add a realist rapids ride in my new park, and I wanna know how did you make the ride "invisible" in the water? Thank you!

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^He colors the sides of the rapids the same color as the water. If you color the sides aqua, it looks just like the water, and can help you hide the sides of the ride.


One suggestion for the ride, color the lift and the parts not in water a different color. The drops for waterfalls are fine, but I think it'd be better if the lift sections and the drop from the lift were colored.

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Archy is Beautiful but I'm not too sure about the 1x4 work on the cliff with the lava. It's ok but the repeated texture being so small just seems like an eye sore to me. Perhaps mix it up with dirt texture and foliage in some places?

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You asked for IT!!!!


More of the IDM

I've tried to use the queu line in a very playfull way, in a sense that it kind of explores what will happen to you IF you dare to take on the "KISHIN GARI".


Yes I know its an asian themed Invert but I thought it suited because "Kishin Gari" means Demon Hunter, And this coaster hunts your inner demon called fear


The screen I've finished today is the queu-line entrance building , and the second your through the building the coaster is all around you wich is a very cool thing IMO


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