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Just like I stated over at NE, I thought the park was great.


I had a feeling when I saw the map picture you released a few pages back that I would like that mine coaster and I was right. It is my favorite ride in the park.


Congratulations again, very well done!

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I don't mean to sound negative, but was I the only one who felt that the park was a little "empty." I mean the park was great, lots of little things to look at, but I felt that there was a lot of extra space that could've been filled up. Especially around the coasters, as TLM said, the hyper coaster was a little bare. Maybe some buildings would've been better instead of a large patch of dirt?!


That being said, congratulations on the accolade, I know that you strive for perfection and I'm definitely not the only one who thinks that you're well on your way there.

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I just downloaded it, so I'll take a look at it later but, judging by the screens, it looks really good.


As for the land being bare under the hyper coaster complaints; how often do you see buildings or other things under a hyper? Looking at pictures of Nitro, Behemoth and a few others, there's not much under them but land, a few trees, and possibly a road.

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