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Sorry but I won't post a download of anything I don't think worthy of posting. I'll only post this if it gets fixed and is 100% finshed, I've never started a project just to drop it before its finished nd this won't be any different,


DBru I'd like to be able to black out some space of adventure bay cuz the map is way too large to ever complete with only seaworld type rides

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A friend over at NE fixed the park and its up and running again,


So I'll give you guys the last update till the final release

its an overview of the par that just shows all the rides and some areas need some filler forest, and some retouching but the park will be finished very soon...


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What is that coaster on the lower right side of the big map picture? Any chance of seeing some pictures of it. Look very interesting from a distance.


Hope you plan on sending this in to NE, btw what is the status of the coaster(s) you sent into them a while back. Sorry if you already posted about those, I must have missed it.

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Both failed


Ryu and Hebi missed 2full points

Manta missed 1full point



That's just crazy, I download just about every park/coaster that wins something over there so I can study it and learn and granted I haven't seen any of these 3 parks in person yet I have seen your other work and it is superb. It makes no sense. Your work is on par or better than many that I have downloaded.



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Glad to see you getting bronze on this.

Only problems I had with this park was ...

-A lot of short coasters(4 rides that looked pretty ride)

-A lot of empty space, especially under the hyper coaster.

-Wasn't a lot of family rides. This is what I look for in big parks! If there isn't something thats made for kids & familys. I kinda take off mental points from the park. Even if the point of the park is to show insane thrill rides.

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