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The layout is very good, the colors are fantastic (in real life, since it'd probably be possible, I'd keep it that deep shade of orange but make sure it wasn't lightly metallic), the station is pretty good, and the coloring of the trains is pretty good. If I had to change one thing, I would make the last section of brakes to be able to hold at least 2 trains. If it were to break down for a long time or if there were to be a hold up at the station, this would keep people from having to sit at mid-course. Though it may seem like a perfect place to hold a train, mid-course brakes are (in most cases) meant to ensure that a train coming up the lift doesn't stop because the train in front of it hasn't crossed the last brakes yet. They are mostly just to keep things running. Though it is possible that trains could be stopped there during e-stops, I think it'd be better if there was an extra brake to allow the train not to be held up at the mid-course.


However, the only real need to add that is if you need to increase capacity. The brake before the lift hill is a good idea because if a train fills up before the train in front of it has finished the lift, you can release it just before it hits the top of the lift.


Overall, now that I've seen the whole coaster, I'm impressed, but a few little changes to the layout to include a 2nd final brake would be good. A job well done!

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I won't change the layout because I've just finished the mammoth job of supporting the damn thing, but agreed that the final brakes could have been longer, and to say about the MCBR, its perfectly placed because it all trains can go from station to station without stopping or being held up, also the pacing is very realistic, Maybe I'll post the stats in the next update

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The layout is just incredible. It looks like a mix with a new and an old B&M hyper. If you added a splash zone, it could be more fun.

The colors are awesome too.


Keep the good work up!


PS: It's a bit late, but I just wanna say I very love your Eurofighter.

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Here's some more,

I knowits not much different from the previous screens but I'll post it anyway,

Also the coaster is currently called SPIRIT because I couldn't think of anything better so feel free to suggest some names,


NOTE: the name for the eurofighter still hasen't been decided so keep posting ideas for names


ADMIN EDIT: Pics removed. Please resize them to 800x600 per the TPR posting rules and Terms of Service.

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For the hyper, I think the name Flaming Fury would suit it well. For the eurofighter, I'd suggest something like The Duke's Haunted Mansion sponsered by Pepsi/Coke (which ever drink you 'use' in your park). Something to do in general with a Haunted Mansion theme would be good, I think.


Also, is the brake right before the lift a block or just regular a regular brake?

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It's soooo good, *drool, drool*


On a more serious not , the park looks GREAT, the theming, custom supporting, and even coaster layouts all look near perfect.


Eurofighter names...

-Disaster Canyon

-Search for the Lost Treasure

-Drilling/Mining Calamity

-Calamity Ridge


NOTE: I will think up some names as soon as I found out which one is the eurofighter, lol. I remembered

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Have some more stuff on the hyper

I've finished the supports(needed real patience since its a very long coaster) and made a first version for the station, here are the screens



Great design on the station....looks like I may have to print the shot so I can copy the basic design.Where can I get the custom supports? I know that there was a support pack included with the catwalks but the ones I have look nothing like those seen in the screens.

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Wow, how tall is that hill? The trees below are so small compared to it, this has to be based off real height, and not by rct perspective?


Did you see the full layout on pg3?


its 200ft+ high in total an i think that turn is about 135ft so yeah the trees are very small, wanted it be a realistic hyper thats very tall


to KDCOASTERFAN, just dl the Geewhzz bench at NE and you schould be fine since this park is made in the same workbench

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Had some fun today, worked a bit on the Hyper but I've been thinking of making an asian or medieval themed Rapids ride themed to maybe a dragons castle and such, had the idea of making a tunnel for the rapids to go inside a landscaped dragon's head and this is the basic idea


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Well, I have to say, you definitely have a knack for this game, some things a bit more than others, such as the architecture and the coaster layouts! The landscaping in some spots isn't really how I would do it, and I don't like certain areas where you put the entrace/exits that RCT2 gives you (I'd cover them up), but overall you're doing great and it's very promising.


As for the rapids? Looks pretty cool, but I'd have to see the entire thing before I could make a decision.

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Well its just that I can't do those very tricky hex edits yet, and I don't intend to because thats just sick hard, Maybe I schould cover them up a bit more or since its a non-peep park I just don't build any exits or entrances anymore, Maybe I'll send you the file and you see what you can do with it LFTL pm me about it


Anyway I have a new concept that I haven't seen very often in RCT2

A ball coaster, I know its a very simplistic one but I just could't make something like insane

but still here goes ULTRABALL


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Very strange concept, but I like this. I also tried to make something like this, but it was always broken down, so I destroyed it.


Over than I really love your whole park. Your hyper and your eurofighter look amazing, these coasters give me some ideas...

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What is a ball coaster? Is it one of those coasters with a single car that rotates freely as the car moves back an forth down the track?


The dragon looks great, will look even better when the ride goes through it.


Thank you for the information about building a hacked dive coaster with block brakes that won't crash my game in your Sea World thread.

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