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  1. Thanks buddy! I'm very happy that people can enjoy this for what it is.
  2. If you click the link it will give you the download to a full scale image of the park where you can zoom in and see everything, I'm sure you'd love it.
  3. Thanks a lot guys, it means a lot. I hope you all enjoyed it and even more comments would be great.
  4. Thanks a lot for all the comments. A few more months and this park will be released for the world to see!
  5. Yes you do see a coaster! A very nice one at that. thanks for all the support guys.
  6. Yeah lol its part of another area so i didn't wanna confuse people.
  7. New Update 22/11/09 After a dry patch with park making I'm building a lot on this and I have found some cool new ideas to execute. The park is now over 80% with a hopeful release at the beginning of the New Year. Thanks to all for your support so far! This is going to be a park to remember I promise you. The Haunting of Rose Mansion The mansion has been quiet for a while. We once thought no one lived there. It did receive a call for a doctor to visit a lady there. Nothing has been discovered concerning her illness but I'm sure the doctors will get back to us soon. The Haunting of Rose Mansion subjects guests to a mansion dark ride encountering the occupants of the house. Guests have been known to come out in utter silence so feedback is limited for the experience of the ride. In this screen you can see the mansion itself with an ambulance nearby with actors worrying guests around the area. This gets guests on the edge of their seats before they even enter the ride! Also is a photo shop and video stand so guests can see themselves after this experience. There is also a swing in the mansion garden for the more scared guests to play on. The windows look wierd at the moment but thats only because they flash. Its much better in game.
  8. Just Rct2. I don't use wacky worlds or Time twisters as the objects from those sets look too artificial to me.
  9. New Update 21/09/09 Work is progressing just near to the 70% mark. It's going slow for now but I hope to pick it up if I have any spare time at the weekends. As you know I'm aiming for an end of year release so fingers crossed you’ll be seeing this in a few months. And now introducing a new area! Twisted Acres Rumour has it there are monsters around. It's a scary thought but thankfully they only exist in the Twisted Acres section of Dreamport. If guests are brave enough, you can Fight Frankenstein, Whollop the Werewolf and zap some zombies. Thrill seekers can ride the areas B&M flyer; HEX, while also taking on a lot of blood curdling rides. In this screen you can see one of the parks adventure rides. Monster Museum asks guests to escape from the haunted museum by boarding witches brooms to fly away from danger. Guests will battle through the tombs of the mummies, soar through the swamps of the Swamp Thing amongst others, and all while swinging through tight turns and taking on small launched sections. Around the area is a photo opportunity with the Twisted Acres Guillotine. Rumour has it the stand nearby is for the singing heads taken by the guillotine. Also nearby is the Smashing Pumpkins stand, were guests can win prizes by defacing some spooky orange heads. Hope your guys enjoy. I know this park is reaching its full potential now.
  10. Team Thriller - Wow seriously it means a lot. Glad you like the park and I'll be sure to get you all a screen very soon. I'm going to a festival this weekend so work will progress after that. I may post some of my other parks so you guys can take a look. Bravo - Thanks a lot theming and atmosphere are very important to me so I strive for that in my work. Glad you think its good.
  11. Reply time! Coastercow - Thanks a lot. More updates coming you way soon! dmaxsba2408 - Yeah it is a pretty big shoe lol. I think its good that it blended in rather than stick out so much. Stoksy - The coaster is called Griffin and its an Custom Arrow Mutlilooper. Also one of the parks main attractions. Thanks for following this dude. Bob! I will try, filling a 140x140 map is pretty tough for me because my works quite detailed but I did it before so I'll do it again! : D Thanks a lot guys. Cannot beleieve I've only just found this site.
  12. They can be a bunch a stuck-up jerks at times. It'd have to be perfection. But by all means, go for it. Post on their forums a little bit and see what they say about it beforehand. Brace yourself though. They're rough. This isnt really true, I like the screens and the work on this site and I've been around NE for a long time. NE welcomes all talent, sure theres always gonna be people who don't like your work but bad critique is good critique imo. Edit - That last screen has a really nice feel to it. The light path combined with the darker architecture is really nice. it has a nice atmosphere.
  13. That last screen has a very strong overpowering colour scheme. It nearly works but my suggestion is to make the fences a light brown or darker brown. I think it'll work then.
  14. I really can't wait to see the anime/manga area! So dam excited. I've been thinking about how to translate that into rct2 for a while. Anyway enough of the rct2 stuff this is rct3 lol. I like it so far.
  15. Not as impressive as the name Coaster cow hahahah thats awesome.
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