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Erik & Misty's Smoky Mountain Adventures

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Unless you have reservations against it, the perfect final January update has got to be Ober Gatlinburg skiing. And if you aren't skiers, you can always do some tubing.


You could also do some side trips, like Asheville or Cherokee, NC



I love this thread, hope you guys make another for Orlando.

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Aw, you guys are sweet!


The thought of doing a similar thread for Orlando has occurred to me. There are quite a lot of folks already covering that beat, though.


If I can come up with an interesting enough spin on it, I might. But, either way, this thread is about this area, and it just doesn't make sense to me to try to make it something else.

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A question to Electerik and mcjaco from two pages back= how did you know that your turtles were male?


I read some stuff on ways to distinguish them, but I don't remember what they were, now. Length of tail, or something. In any case, I was never really sure, so I named it Terry.


Also what was the Earthquake attraction from next door to the indoor golf place?


Earthquake The Ride, aka Tennessee Earthquake. It's covered way back on page 1 of this thread, and it's awesome.


As for the big finish, there are still a couple of updates I want to do, but a bout of food poisoning has set me back a bit. So I might actually end up wrapping things up from Florida. (Not that you'd really be able to tell.)

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Located near at traffic light #3 in Pigeon Forge, The Track consists of two 18-hole mini golf courses, some kiddy rides, and a big honkin’ go cart track.


The kiddy ride section also has a small go cart track. Disappointingly, this is not called “The Small Woody.”


The Big Woody, decorated for fall.


On this side of THE TRACK is the entrance to THE BIG WOODY and some other stuff kids like to ride.


I’m still not sure how this thing works.


Is your park poorly laid out and/or badly planned? If so, a really long bridge might be right for you!


Can you feel the spookiness?


Around back are some bumper cars. Which, in October, are transformed--via the magic of black trash bags--into “Spooky Bumper Cars.”


That’s right, bitches, 7. Beat that.


...and an arcade. And we like arcades.


The Track also has bumper boats...


Smisty, apparently tiring of my shenanigans, give the gorilla a try.


Here in the jungles of deepest Tennessee, we spy a giant pelican and a tiny elephant.


The holes are kind of dull. Which is why my captions are so dull. It’s kind of a Kubrick-2001-space-travel thing.


There’s just something about sitting on a crocodile that makes one think.


Gazebo golf.


This obstacle is push-powered.


Golf in the foreground, MagiQuest in the background.


How’s about some mini golf?


A map of "Pigeon Forget Rack."


It's a fairly large piece of property.


Misty shows off the snake I won for her at the arcade. And thus we end tonight’s update. I am not proud of it.


Just a few spiny kids rides and a small train.

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Such a bummer that this thread will be coming to a close. This has been one of my favorite threads to follow.


You should definitely continue this thread, or start a new one when you make it to Orlando. I saw so many random things in Orlando that I wanted to check out but just didn't have the time or money to do so.


Hope you have a safe and easy move!




P.S. Are you two moving there for a job opportunity, or just because it's awesome? Or both?

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I call shenanigans. Either Misty is like Cher and does numerous outfit changes, or this update has pictures from several different outings. The trees make me think it the latter, but I'm not convinced.


Well I do carry a backpack with me every where I go....

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Are you two moving there for a job opportunity, or just because it's awesome? Or both?


Awesomeness, mostly. But also for Misty's nearly-completed advanced education.


No jobs waiting. But that's all part of the excitement!


/It's not fun if it isn't a little scary.

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Off the beaten path, adjacent to the public-but-non-commercial Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge Airport in Sevierville, sits the non-profit Tennessee Museum of Aviation.


Sounds exciting, doesn't it?


Hooray for airplanes!


There will be a magic show at zero-nine-thirty!


The gift shop, where you can learn to dress like a real pilot.


That one’s wings are broken.


Why must you turn this museum into a den of lies?


The “Wicked Wabbit,” leaking oil.


This was the largest plane on display, and seemed to be getting some work done on it.


A giant propeller which was also not used in the film "Terminator 3."


This plane should be called a “whale shark.”


The wolf has come down from the north, and your fat little town is safe no longer.


Many of these planes still work, and do fly. It’s okay to sit in them, right?


I am speaking, of course, of the “crane chase,” which features a giant crane, a fire engine, an ambulance, several police cars, a pick-up truck, and a motorcycle.


This is a halftrack. And while it is very cool, it did not appear in Terminator 3. Which does have the best car chase of all time in it, incidentally.


This helicopter was used in Terminator 3. Which, by the way, is the best of the Terminator movies, and one of my favorite movies of all time.


And no, I’m not kidding. And I can’t figure out for the life of me why no one else seems to agree.


Replace all the boring talky stuff from the first two with car chases.

Make the killer robot from the future a hot lesbian chick.

Nuke the entire fudging world at the end.



Which is cooler: the actual biplane, or the little tricycle biplane?


Oh, how cute! A diorama!


An old-timey movie camera, and a cutaway airplane section to show how they used to film such things.


A big hanger full of airplanes and stuff!!!


Here, we enter the main exhibit area.


As you can see from this display, the engine usually accounts for over 1000% of an airplane’s total size.


This is a display of how war actually is on the ground.


This is...sort of a decal on the wall, with a window into the second exhibit area (where the planes are).


Smisty wanted her picture taken with this female mannequin, because she is a woman.


The first exhibit area has stuff like this in it.


I wore an airplane attraction-appropriate shirt. (Nerd alert.)


This hallway leads to the first exhibit area.


The lady that runs the place, and her little dog, too.


The addition of the word “flying” crushes my dreams of seeing warrior-penguins right from the start.

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In all honesty this was not one of my favorite mini golf places but it was alright. It just seemed weird and the theme was lacking. The course was okay but not very challenging. I think the last photo looks more like Paul Hogan than John Wayne but that's just my opinion.



I think it looks like William Shatner as Crocodile Dundee.

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One of our favorite restaurants in the area, and the best pure steakhouse, is The Alamo. They’re slightly on the expensive side--but, on the weekdays during the off-season, they do buy-one-get-one lunch entrees to bring in the locals.


The Alamo. Man up. Be a cowboy. Eat steak.


Chicken with mushrooms and cheese, chocolate cake and ice cream, and key lime pie. What else could you need?


What a $30 steak might look like.


Let’s start with a nice prime rib salad.


I call this my “Wile E. Coyote” look.


Misty feels right at home here, as she is originally from Texas.


Alamo is actually located on part of the old Magic World attraction site.

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