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Musical Instruments


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Piano (professionally)

Guitar (sloppily)

Xylophone (for a TV commercial for Water Country USA)

Organ (in a pinch for weddings)

Drums (very badly in the 8th grade for a talent show. The song was STYX's "Come Sail Away." It was pretty bad)

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Hey Guys,

I was just wandering, What instruments do you play/own, if you do own an instrument tell us what make it is.


I currently play guitar, i'm prettey good but the stuff I can play is fairly basic, as I have only been playing for about 6 months, I own a Fender Stratacaster, that ones my electric, and a Tanglewood, which is my acoustic. I use the acoustic more than my electic because I can carry it around and I don't have to bring my amp downstairs to the study if I want to learn a tab, if I find a tab I want to learn I usually print it off or just do it on my acoustic. I'm also fairly good at keyboard and I am saving up for one.


So what instruments do you own/play?

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I'm not in a band, but I'm starting to compose music. My first piece I composed (so far, only, but I have ideas for several more) is a 4.5 minute Tuba solo named Ardency. It was created to show that the Tuba can play nice stuff, and it was conveyed VERY well. Every single person who heard it (my band teacher asked me to preform it in a multi-school plus some adult groups brass ensemble concert) said it was very good, and this was all made by a 14 year old. (I know I'm 15, but I was still 14 when I finished it.) Several full concert pieces are in mind, and will take time, but they will be made. They have names like:




The Dark Waltz


By You I Stand


Fafnir the Dragon God


Left Side, Right Side

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I'm currently doing a solo project with me, my guitar, a small keyboard, a bointempi organ and some laptop processed beats.


I havn't written anything yet, but when I do I will post on here and show you.


Plus I've made a load of dance tunes on fruity loops and recorded them, FL is so fun.

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