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  1. Flute. I'm mondo-good at it too.
  2. I'm not fond of the name one bit. A little too cheesy perhaps? IMO it's rather annoying when a park tries to market to a certain demographic (i.e. "youtube generation"). It just ends up being a little too over-the-top, and it takes off from the entire theme of the park.
  3. My sexy beast of a phone. I think I'm in Love.
  4. www.screamscape.com/html/silverwood.html It appears that Silverwood is the buyer of SFGA's Deja Vu. IMO I'm not excited for this. I've only been on one (MM's) and it was just awful.
  5. This thread is over. They've already told us that its just the beginning work for a "barn" to house the floats in. http://www.cedarpoint.com/public/fun/blog/index.cfm Bottom of the post.
  6. I bought a scarf at GAP for the ridiculous price of $24.50. They're the only place that has scarfs at this time...
  7. But it only worked becuase it made them scared, which is not something that should happen. The children should know not to do something wrong, but they shouldn't be scared about it.
  8. Of course not, I love my mom. The only thing I'm angry at is the archaic form of thinking that hitting children solves anything. I've babysit kids whose parents I know to use corperal punishment and they are scared to death that I'm going to spank them when they have done something bad. All becuase the children are testing their limits. No, they're not. It's not why he's being hit, it's the concept of being hit. Like I said before, he's told not to hit other children at school or daycare, but if he does something bad at home, he's hit by his parents. That completely messes up everything he's ever been told at school. While I understand some of your thinking, it's just not relevant to this time anymore. There are better (and not to mention easier) ways of disciplining children.
  9. One thing I can say is never, EVER spank or hit kids in any way. You're probably thinking right now that I'm just some snobby little kid who didn't like getting spanked, and I didn't like it all. In fact, the long term effects of corporal punishment outway the short term compliance with you, the parent. Spanking your kids will not only make them confused as to why your hitting them (i.e. they're told not to hit at school, but if they get in trouble then they get hit by you), even worse is that they will despise you, no matter how much they say they love you, every hit will make them despise you more. Hitting your kids also makes them more prone to aggression as adults, as well hitting there own kids, which just continues the pattern of aggression.
  10. No. That was horrible. It had an nice layout, but to make it even feasible it would to be at least twice as big.... It needs alot of work, and alot of track smoothing... The turnaround at the end was grossly over banked, no more than 90 degrees would be ok, but 180 degrees? The lifthill was way too fast, 12 mph? Just change it too 6 mph. and be done with it. Out of a 10, I'd give it a 4 just because the layout was interesting.
  11. Ummm.... I had watched Zoolander right before making my account, sooo I decided that "Blue Steel" would be a good name....
  12. Here's a translation of some french news site's report... http://www.france24.com/france24Public/fr/nouvelles/france/20070805-accident-mortel-fete-foraine-loges-manege-forain.html
  13. I think the design of the train was changed at the very last minute.
  14. I'm too lazy to make them, There are some supports though. Until I finish them, Imagine the supports are invisible...
  15. Yeah, this is Nurikabe (originally HellHound). I've spent the longest amount of time on this coaster of all the coasters I've made. I haven't made the supports yet mainly because I'm lazy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nurikabe_%28folklore%29 ^ That's the Wikipedia entry on the Nurikabe Spirit. Update: Ok, I'm almost finished making the supports. So stop whining, they'll be done soon. Update: Yay! I've finished making the supports! Ok, so these are my first real custom supports so be nice. Nurikabe.nltrack
  16. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=247 Thank you, come again.
  17. I went to see Transformers today, and they showed that unnamed science-fiction/ thriller movie trailer. So when I got home, I did some random googling's and found this site that is apparently related to the movie. http://www.parasitemovie.com/ But, if you havn't seen the trailer, please don't go to the site....
  18. Ok, 1. I like the layout alot 2. It does need some fine tuning, some of those transitions were neck-snapping bad. 3. The track needs lots and lots of trims, or something to slow the train down a bit. IMO this track would be much better if it wasn't a spinning coaster, but thats my opinion. Overall, I'd give Hidden Fear a 6/10, good but needs work.
  19. I just saw Evan Almighty and quite frankly, i didn't really like it. IMO it was a little too hardcore religious for me, and it just wasn't as funny as Bruce Almighty.... I want to see License to Wed mainly because it looks hilarious, and I also want to see 1408 because the short story the movie is based on was so good.
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