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Photo TR: Divv goes to M&Ds


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When I was up visiting friends and family in my native Glasgow last weekend I took some time out to catch up with some of my fellow Glascownian TPR friends and walk around looking at the rides in M&Ds.


No, I didn't ride anything, but Scott and Steve did. They rode one thing. You see M&Ds isn't really the kind of place you want to be riding things that you don't have to. What did need to be done was some documentation of rides and signs for TPR's Park Index which I tried my best to accomplish.


On this visit to M&Ds we discovered that the best way to have a good day here is to NOT ride things! LOL!


Here's some photos...


I better get out of here before the Crazy Hot Dog Dude mauls me!


Thanks for reading!


This has got to be the scariest thing any of us had ever seen!


As is often the case Scott suddenly feels the urge to dance!


Scott and Steve give the "we survived a ride at M&Ds! Thank Jeebus!" thumbs up.


Though that isn't saying much given that there are only twelve in the country!


It's probably the second best coaster in Scotland.


To be honest though, this one isn't too bad.


Sign of quality.


I on the other hand was much smarter!


These are the stupid people who chose to actually ride something!


Tsunami is where they be headed! Complete with creepy giant kid!


Time for some of us to actually ride something! Tokens are in hand!


Don't know where that feeling came from though.


Though I kept getting the impression they were trying to sell me something.


The indoor eating area is surprisingly somewhat themed.


And prizes that Mike Fudge would just love!!!


They've got a ride that Dave Fudge would appreciate very much.


This one is for Larry.


Thankfully the little dude gets a bit more normal sized at the Big Apple.


Here's another. This one actually looks semi-permanent. A rarity for M&Ds!


I guess I should actually post a picture of the ride that brought all that theming to Scotland.


"AHHH! I'm stuck in M&Ds!!! Get me out!"


Beware Cap'n Jock Sparra presiding over the swinging ship!


Good to see that whilst planning this area things like spelling were taken into serious consideration!


Good to see that Southern Steve was able to join us.


Poor Steve couldn't ride due to perennially firing his cannon in vain.


Reports of Bob Marley working as a ride op in Scotland may well have been true.


M&Ds surprised us all recently by actually adding some THEMING into the park!


This may be coaster porn but its that really rough, seedy kind!


Poor, poor unfortunate people.


I'm kind of sad this didn't finish last on the coaster poll in 2008. There really isn't anything worse I've rode!


Today's single rider line was quite lively.


The best thing about Tornado is this very sign. Heed these warnings people!!!


Yes, the kid is almost as big as Scottish Steve!


This is the closest there is to a ride sign for Tornado. That's one monster sized kid!!!


Speaking of cheap and nasty...

It doesn't get nastier than this!


These have always looked a bit cheap and nasty to me. The perfect fit for M&Ds really.


It looks like fun. By M&Ds standards at least!


Sadly Jeff Johnson won't be able to partake of this one.


Bomber Mark 2. The last time there was a ride like this in the park it was taken away within weeks. Hopefully this one lasts a little longer.


Next to the Wave Swinger is M&Ds new for 2009 ride...


Here's one for the closet chair swing fan boys. You know who you are!


Express is actually one of the better rides in the park. That's not saying much.


For a change this only has one name.


The Giant Wheel was wearing it's "girly pink" outfit today.


That's a lot of info for a ride sign!


Good to see that the rules of punctuation are adhered to!


It's an old spinning coaster that was refurbed without the spinningness. More parks should take this approach with such rides.


This is one of those "dual identity" coasters that we have in the UK. Mine Train/Runaway Mine Train. Take your pick!


It's a sunny Sunday afternoon in Glasgow. Rare occasions like this don't come along often. You'd think that M&Ds would be the LAST place I'd want to visit right? Well Larry needs ride signs and I said I get 'em!

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Fab pics Divv. I was in Falkirk at the weekend, had I been up for longer I'd have tagged along!


I went on my first ever rollercoaster at M&Ds (I think it was still just Strathclyde Country Park back then) about 20 years ago and Piers and I used to go every time we were up as our grandparents lived in EK!

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I have only been to M&D's once, it was a few years back now, but when I got there the damn place was closed, I don't make a habbit of doing this, I was up in Glasgow for a week for work and had a spare few hours whilst there so thought I would grab some credits......haven't been back since, but from what I have heard, you need a back brace and a neck brace to ride Tornado!



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I was there last year.

The indoors is quite well themed, do they still have the random carrousel?

I don't know why Express has OTSR's it would be slightly bearable with lap bars.

I ended up riding it in the rain, like storm rain. Well it turned to hail at one point.

It was hell.

As was Tornado. Just horrible. I have nightmares about it.

Tsunami was alright but really short, surprisingly smooth. It was my first invert.

The Runaway Mine Train or whatever it is called was fun.


When we were on the chairswing a guy was getting taught how to use it, we were physically on the ride!

Also one of the ground lights exploded under me. It was funny to see everyone grab the chain when they heard the bang.


They had a bomber there aswell but it was down past Tornado.


Have you been in Amazonia?

It was pretty cool. Nicely done.


I also tried out skeeball and me and my freind won ''Snow putty'' which was just goo with polystyrene balls in it.

It was made by a company called "PMS".


The best thing abot the park was the fudge in the gift shop though!


Thanks for the pics!

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Did Scottish Steve not get the memo that this was stubble day?! Divv and Scott were both working the slightly-grown look!


I'm trying to be a good person by posting that this was a great report, despite me being bitter about having to stay down here on my own and work while you went up and had fun without me. *sigh* Great report. Love the pic of you and Marley.


The spelling and grammar on those signs made a small part of my soul crawl into a corner and die.

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The invert is the second best coaster, Chuck. There's a clone of BGT's Scorpion at Loudoun Castle which is far and away the best in the country!


We actually went around the sideshows looking for one that gave away Snow Putty but alas we couldn't find any.


Thanks for the comments people!

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Did Scottish Steve not get the memo that this was stubble day?!


Scottish Steve is not old enough to have stubble yet.


Scarey hot-dog monster is invading my dreams. Make it stop.






That looks like a fun park. It has a lot of cool roller coasters.



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Great photos Divv!


I love the way they still brand it as Scotland's theme park. No wonder Ewan MacGregor had that rant in Trainspotting - he must have bene to M&Ds an hour before they got off that train!


Chrissie, I think M&D stands for Matt and Douglas, the two Taylor brothers who own the park.


I honestly think that if they had kept the corkscrew in Tornado it would be bottom of Mitch's poll. It's still pretty terrible without it that said. And they've reduced the height limit to 1.5 from 1.6 so now even more people can get the crap beaten out of them! I actually hope this ends up on a TPR tour one day so we can show it up for the god-awful ride it is!

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Great photos Divv!


Chrissie, I think M&D stands for Matt and Douglas, the two Taylor brothers who own the park.


I actually hope this ends up on a TPR tour one day so we can show it up for the god-awful ride it is!


Thanks for clearing that up! And Really? Do we really want to inflict that sort of pain on people?? lol!!

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