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TPR PENS! (Yes, pens!)

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^^ I'm sure you got my message on AIM Robb, but I love all those maps you gave me!!


I took the DVD out, and I was like "is there something else in here" and all these maps fall out!! holy cow!!! thank you!!


I got a pen and some chapstick too as well!! The chapstick smells strongly of peppermint

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I love all the extras I've gotten in my orders. I got a pen when I ordered my hoodie over a year ago. It still works to this day, even with it being used daily on school work. Sadly, my last order didn't have any extras in it. I guess that's just because it was the second order I had placed in a month . Before that though, I got a lot of park maps and TPR buttermints! Those were very good, they didn't survive 2 minutes.

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Thanks Robb for the pen! It's everything I ever hoped for, hahahaha. Seriously though, I've been finding excuses to write on things with it all day.


Oh and BTW, I love the zip-up hoodie! Great quality and it's so comfortable! It kept me warm today during the chilly (by SoCal standards) weather.

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They never dry out, they work forever, they're just awesome!

This is true, I have my pen from about two years ago, I randomly placed it on my desk when I got it, and I now use it to do my bank statements each month; good to see they're being used for such valuable work right? And this is a really random topic.



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For the record:


I recently acquired a magical TPR pen, and immediately sent it through the washing machine and dryer. Im happy to announce that not only it did not stain all of my clothing (or any of it!), but it also still works like a charm. Amazing.



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I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who covets the TPR pens!


I go through TONS of pens at work. I've been trying to ration my TPR pen, so I don't burn it out. Seriously. It makes me happy when I'm all stressed out, documenting patient care, 5 minutes before shift change!


Also, I have a TPR snowflake ornament, and I LOVE my TPR hoodie. I'll probably be ordering a new one, this fall!

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