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Hong Kong Disneyland (HKDL) Discussion Thread

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A few things worth noting,

-the trains are really short (only 4 cars long) so capacity likely won't match that of Big Thunder or even Everest.

-The lift drop is working and looks far more effective than Expedition Everest's random stall.

-The effects for the lift drop are not working, they have been tested but no video of the two in sync.

-At 1:51 mark you can see a catch car going down the lift

-The geysers of the area have now been tested

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^Thanks for the video. It definitely looks they the baby of Big Thunder and Everest, with a gene spliced in from Grizzly River Run. Looking forward to checking this ride out in September.

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^That's pretty much exactly it!


So excited for my TPR China Peeps to get this and the HKDL special Halloween event!!!


I hate you all!


YES, this!



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All these extensively themed new areas being added to Disney parks look almost equally awesome. I had read somewhere that DCA's Grizzly Peak, which of course features Grizzly River Run, was designed with the idea in mind that a train ride around the mountain might be added at some later date. Does anyone remember reading that, or possibly seeing concept art for it? Considering the huge expansion that DCA just received, I'm sure major changes won't be coming soon, but it's fun to compare and contrast what the different parks are doing and how much one concept may have bled over to another.

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^ I recall seeing something about that on Screamscape. It would be pretty cool to see this type of ride in DCA.


I wonder if the trains on Grizzly are shorter due to the launch? There aren't too many launch coasters with more than 24 passengers in one train...


The ride isn't very big in the first place. Saying that it would be epic to have an Expedition Everest sized coaster with a launch. This however will certainly be fantastic none the less and still be rather intimate.

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We're approaching the home stretch, smaller details are coming together



I also think its very interesting that often times enthusiasts say parks don't give a flying rat's a-- about having cloned rides. But HKDL's management is VERY proud to declare that Grizzly Gulch and Mystic Manor are world exclusives. Here's an excerpt from a recent interview with the Creative Director:


MA﹕ How unique is Grizzly Gulch to Hong Kong Disneyland?

Ali: Grizzly Gulch is a completely new and original land to Hong Kong Disneyland, and in fact to Disney itself. Though we have Wild West themed lands in other Castle Parks, this is a completely new and original story, for both Hong Kong and Disney.


Also, whenever HKDL is in negotiations, they frequently declare whether or not it would be unique to HKDL. So apparently it matters to them

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The first POV!


Its very old school Disney and is a great twist on the classic Big Thunder Mountain. The show scenes are much better than the Big Thunder versions and the drop track is great. The backwards portion is fairly gentle but I was impressed with how intense the launch was. Great job to the Imagineers. Original ideas are alive and well in WDI!

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oh - my - gawd


it - looks - amazing!


I cannot wait to ride this

in Sept. with the TPR tour.


And Disney being smart and sneaky,

releasing a vid of the ride - but at night.

(Sorry if it wasn't them, but still...timing.)


The scenes with the bears all look great,

especially that near-last one before the

blast re-launch forward.



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I feel that Vekoma is starting to become better than Intamin.


Woah woah woah, You can't go throwing words out like that now!


But really, Vekoma has only a few cool things. This, Everest, Battlestar in Singapore, and Space Mountain at DLR, and HK. So basically, when Disney works with Vekoma, they can make some cool stuff (except Space Mountain Paris ).


Also, this makes me excited to see what the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will be like, it too looks like this style of Vekoma, but I could be wrong.

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