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Hong Kong Disneyland (HKDL) Discussion Thread

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The added areas seem so minimalistic as well... I mean, one ride each in Grizzly Gulch and Mystic Point respectively with a bunch of just interactive play areas else where? It would have been nice to get at least one or two other smaller attractions in each "kingdom" as well (maybe a Soarin type attraction in Grizzley Gulch?), but because of the placement of the lands, it looks like they really wouldn;t even have room to expand these new lands even if they wanted to. I think they really dropped the ball not adding the previously rumored Pirate's land...

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I think the lands look cool. I'm a little concerned with the placement of the Toy Story land though. It just seems like they are just throwing it where they have room (obviously).


Plus, it means that to get to the "mystic" place, there is no direct route from the existing area of the park. That whole back area should be all "mystic/grizzly" and put the Toy Story somewhere else so it attaches to Fantasyland like Toontown. Maybe behind the train station/small world. From the satellite image it does look like there is room there. I'm not sure how recent that image is, but still.

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^^Toy Story Land connects to Fantasyland and Grizzly Trail connects to Adventureland between the Jungle Cruise river and Lion King theater. I also think from the art work that there will be a third train station added in Mystic Point. You can see a building along the railroad tracks and it would make perfect sense since it is in the middle of the three new lands. (Of course that is just speculation, but the building is there in both the overhead art and the Mystic Point art.)

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^ This blog has higher resolution versions of the preview images:

http://disneyandmore.blogspot.com/2009/06/hong-kong-disneyland-expansion-plan.html (click on the images to get the big ones)


You can see the train tracks in front of the Mystic Point land, so I don't think that's a station. It's probably this.

• Guests can dine at the Adventurer’s Club amid a vast collection of unusual artifacts from around the world or purchase exclusive curiosities and collectibles at the Archive Shop.
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I was talking more about the smaller building that sits along the tracks in the overhead, but looks more like a wooden platform in the art. I think the Adventurer's Club is sitting in the back to the right of the Mystic Manor. In the art it is hard to tell what it is. I would be surprised if they didn't add a train station here because it would be quite a long walk from either of the two they have now.


But you could be right. At this point there aren't enough details to know for sure.


Look at the wooden platform along the train tracks.

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For me, the Toy Story Land isn't really a dissapoinment at all, just something aimed at younger kids that I'm sure will be extremely popular. I'm also willing to bet that a Toy Story Mania attraction shows up here eventually.


Also, my guess for that wooden platform by the train tracks is that it is simply theming, may some kind of interactive display of some kind. You see lots of theming like this on The Disneyland Railroad (cargo loading platforms, cranes, etc.) between New Orleans Square and Toontown stations.

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Y'know.....this is just concept art.....


Oh wow thanks for clearing that up, I thought it was all already open and these were photos from the new lands!



Lol it could go either way. The art has railings up and people on the platform, but it doesn't look very big. It'll be intresting to see what comes out of all of this.

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At the heart of the project is the addition of 30 new attractions over the next five years, the government said earlier


Did I read that right? 30 attractions over the next five years?


My my.


Of course I realize that some of these "attractions" could be, and will probably be, shows etc.


But still. This should be really something to visit in.... 2014?


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The 30 new attractions is ridiculously misleading. There will only be five real new attractions- Big Grizzly Mountain, Mystic Manor, the RC Racer Halfpipe, a Slinky Dog attraction, and the Green Army Men Parachute tower.


I'm guessing the other "attractions" will be photo opportunities/playgrounds. HKDL already counts these photo ops and playgrounds such as the leaky tikis and the UFO playground as attractions. They even count City Hall as an attraction on the park map.

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Mystic Point is starting to look really interesting, and that's now the part I'm looking forward to the most.


As for the Grizzly Mountain Coaster, I sure hope Vekoma can finally figure out how to make a ride that doesn't become rough in 3 years. Expedition Everest is already beginning to shake down the course, and I already see it being really bad in 10 years.

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^^ Yeah sad, obviously thrown together when the Chinese government rejected this incredible version of POTC that was suppose to go in that spot. Was apparently too expensive for them so they settled for the cheaper Toy Story thing.


^ After seeing this updated ride description and stunning artwork for Mystic Point/Manor have to agree, sounds like another kick arse state of the art Disney dark ride adventure.

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LA Times Article


Big Grizzly Mountain coaster coming to Hong Kong Disneyland


The Big Grizzly Mountain roller coaster at Hong Kong Disneyland will take riders through an abandoned gold mine packed with dynamite and overrun by grizzly bears.

Set to open as early as 2012, the runaway mine train ride is part of a nearly $500-million expansion at Hong Kong Disneyland that calls for the addition of three themed lands.

Big Grizzly Mountain will serve as the centerpiece of the Grizzly Trail themed land, the Chinese park’s version of Frontierland. The new ride blends the themeing of Disneyland’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad coaster with the setting of the Grizzly River Run water ride at Disney’s California Adventure.


The new coaster starts with a surprise, careening backward down a hill through twists and turns into an abandoned mine shaft. A dynamite blast launches the train out of the shaft in an explosive cloud of smoke.

Along the way, riders encounter a back-scratching bear who accidentally switches the train onto a side track leading into a collapsing mine shaft. Further down the line, a bear reaching for a fish inadvertently sets off a dynamite blast. The finale features a splashdown complete with spouting geysers.

Throughout the ride, the coaster weaves through Grizzly Gulch, a dilapidated mining town turned water-play area with a jail, saloon and stagecoach.



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LA Times Aticle


Sneak peek: A scene-by-scene look at Hong Kong Disneyland’s Mystic Manor


Mystic Manor takes visitors on a circa-1908 tour of an ancient artifact collection belonging to a world-renowned adventurer and explorer. Inside the Victorian home on a remote jungle hilltop, Lord Henry Mystic’s museum comes alive when his mischievous monkey opens an enchanted music box.

Set to open as early as 2013, Mystic Manor is part of a nearly $500-million expansion at Hong Kong Disneyland that calls for the addition of three themed lands.

Mystic Manor will serve as the Chinese theme park’s ghost-less Haunted Mansion, with tributes to the classic Disney attractions Indiana Jones Adventure and Enchanted Tiki Room included throughout the ride.


Spoiler Alert: Join us as Disney Imagineer Dustin Schofield, who worked on Mystic Manor, takes us on a scene-by-scene tour of the new attraction:



Photos of Lord Mystic, posing with his ever-present pet monkey, Albert, line the waiting area.


A slide show narrated by Lord Mystic previews the rooms on the tour and highlights the latest addition to the collection — an enchanted music box with magical powers that must be opened very carefully.

Loading area

Visitors board turn-of-the-century horseless carriages in the artifact loading dock.

The catalog room

Albert the monkey opens the uncrated music box. The escaping magic dust enchants the artifacts in the room, bringing them to life.

The music room

The magic dust animates the musical instruments, which add to the overall score of the ride. Albert, who will pop up in every scene, watches with wonder and amazement.

The Greco Roman room

The paintings and audio-animatronic statues come to life. An amphora with Hercules battling a lion rocks and spins as the riders pass.

The conservatory

In a transition room, Albert tries to reach a bunch of bananas as a giant Venus flytrap nips at his tail.

The Nordic room

A Nordic god in a painting on the wall blows at the riders, filling the freezing cold room with special-effects smoke.

The armory

A cannon blast knocks the ride vehicle backward. Albert ducks to avoid decapitation by a sword-wielding samurai warrior.

The Egyptian room

A mummy and scarab beetles come to life. Suddenly, the lights go out and the bugs fly at the riders through the darkness.

The tribal room

A two-story-tall tiki statue spews lava from its mouth as flames warm the room. Tribal gods blow darts at the riders, nailing Albert to the wall.

The Chinese room

A golden statue of a monkey king twirls a staff to create a turbulent vortex, causing the ride vehicles to spin around the room.

Return to the catalog room

As chaos threatens to destroy the collection, Albert slams shut the enchanted music box and life returns to normal inside the manor.

Unloading area

Lord Mystic welcomes his visitors back, unaware of the bedlam that has just unfolded




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Are the mystic manor cars the smae or similar to Men in Black at USO? The spinning sounds similar, and the cars kind of remind me of MIB. I really think he grizzly idea is awesome as well. GRR is probably the most beautiful(not as good as popeye, but prettier) raft ride I have ever seen, so the setting sounds cool. Also, I absolutely loved Everest when I rode for the first time last summer, and this sounds a little like everest mixed with the launch or rockin roller coaster. What a cool, unique concept.

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Wow. The plans for Mystic Manor seem quite ambitious, and quite extensive!!


That could be quite an awesome attraction, if not THE signature attraction, of the park. The "trackless" ride system, all of the special effects... (vortex room sounds great!)


I hope they pull it off. If they do, (and I'm kind of assuming they will), who knows?? Maybe we can see something like this (a trackless ride that immerses you in a cool story line) in the states.



It's a beautiful park, with some of the friendliest Disney employees I've ever encountered. I still hope it succeeds. These additions certainly can't hurt!




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LA Times Article


Hong Kong Disneyland to add ‘Toy Story’ themed land


Visitors stepping into Toy Story Land at Hong Kong Disneyland will feel like “Star Wars” action figures in a land of Barbie dolls — smaller-than-life interlopers in a land of larger-than-life toys.

Super-sized Tinker toys, Lincoln logs and dominoes line the walkways as towering “Toy Story” characters Rex the dinosaur and Woody the cowboy welcome visitors at the twin entrances to the lushly landscaped land.

Set to open as early as 2011, Toy Story Land is part of a nearly $500-million expansion at Hong Kong Disneyland that calls for the addition of three themed lands.

The three new rides include:


* An 80-foot-tall Green Army Men-themed parachute jump drop ride similar to Jumpin’ Jellyfish at Disney’s California Adventure.

* A 115-foot-tall RC Racer-themed U-shaped shuttle coaster with a magnetic launch system similar to the half-pipe ride at Denver’s Elitch Garden theme park.

* A spinning Slinky Dog-themed caterpillar ride with a circular, undulating track similar to the classic Music Express or Himalaya carnival rides.

An identical Toy Story Playland opens at Walt Disney Studios Paris in June 2010 to coincide with the theatrical release of “Toy Story 3.”



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