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Conneaut Lake Park (CLP) Discussion Thread

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Canobie Fan - Soory, Park opens Memorial Day Weekend

Park Trips - They had a car show when I was there also (Labor Day weekend)

Everyone else - I'm glad they are instituting a parking fee, they need more cash and can't rely solely on donations and fundraising. It looks like they will still have free parking for the further spaces from the park entrance.

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So how many Tumble Bugs are left? Kennywood and CLP's? I heard that BPB was taking theirs out. Did that actually happen?


I've read that Blackpool's was removed and put in storage. The terrain was flattened too. It sounded like it may end up at Pleasureland. Aside from that one, the only two other Traver models that may run next season are Kennywood's and Conneaut if they can get it open. I forget what happened the one from Whalom.


The ones in Japan probably have nothing to do with the Traver company. But the one I saw is definitely inspired by the originals although the seating is forward facing instead of a tub configuration.


Back to CLP in general, I like the paid parking concept as it is much like what Kennywood does. If someone really wants free parking they have that option but the average visitor will typically just pay for parking next to the main gate without even thinking about their options. Price is based on the benefit you get and is not forced upon you.


Not having an operational train ride and seeing the tumble bug in pieces simply was not appealing and I'm glad the park is aiming to get those two rides open for next season. The Tempest probably isn't as crucial but it is the last old ride they have a chance to get open this year. The Yo-Yo is being sold off and the Scrambler apparently isn't an easy fix (parts) so the park is at least addressing every existing ride that can be made operational at this point. They have a long way to go but they've made some progress in the last year.

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I'll give a few links and then give an overview from another forum about the public meeting held at Conneaut Lake Park last evening.


News Article : "Park not as debt-filled as officials previously estimated"




CLP fourm topic




On to the summary, the park is $848,000 less in debt than first estimated ($2.1 million instead of $2.9 million). If you park inside the park you get a $5 coupon for the Beach Club or Elizabeth's Dining Room (otherwise the existing business would have been hurt). $100 engraved bricks to line the walkway of the train ride will be sold. There will be a new ticketing system where all wristbands expire at 7 PM and then tickets will be required the rest of the night for everyone.


Consider that the waterpark closes at 7 PM so the wristband cutoff time is probably related to that timing. It may be an effort to get a family who leaves at 7 PM due to not buying the ride option for the wristband to maybe at least buy some tickets to ride a couple rides before they leave. I guess this is actually a bit like Knoebels in that on some days the handstamps expire before the park closes and then tickets are required. I just hope CLP has more than one booth selling tickets in the evening.

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Will this "Classic" coaster be running this season or will it be SBNO..?


Does this coaster really produce "Sparks" at the bottom of certain hills/drops.


Is there any pic's of this.


It would be a real shame to see the park close and another ACE coaster being sent to it's death. If this happens I hope another park can save the classic ride.

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I heard Conneaut Lake is opening several of their long closed rides, but nothing about the Blue Streak. I rode the Blue Streak in 2004. I didn't see any sparks. The coaster itself was decent, but I didn't get any airtime.

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Huh? The Flyers were operating last season, the Tilt-a-whirl was down at the beginning but eventually reopened... the rides listed in the other article are indeed the Tumble bug and the Tempest and Train... (T x3 LOL!)


I actually had no luck in the back seat - no air for me, but I still liked the ride

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I was those Labor Day weekend of 2005. The back seat of Blue Streak was crazy for the first half of the ride. Not extreme air like Shivering Timbers or Phoenix but I was lifted out of my seat. And with those minimal restraints it become the first coaster I had to ride with my hands down holding on. As Park Trips said Flyers and Tilt-a-Whirl were running at least late in the season.

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I was there in mid-July and the Tilt-a-Whirl wasn't operating, but it was swarming with maintenance men working on it. I must have just missed it's opening. They Flyers were operating then though. And I liked the Blue Streak...wasn't nearly as rough as I thought it might be for a park so finanically strapped. It must be one of the few things they consistantly spend money on to maintain (too bad it's not the bathrooms!).



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The BlueStreaks old NAD's gave tons of airtime. I miss those, but understand why they changed them.

I'll believe the Bug will be rinning when i see it. I've heard for the last 3 yrs that it will be fixed 'next season'.

Hopefully, the Yo-Yo, scrambler and other rides will be up again.


I have seen sparks at night when the NADs nailed the bottom on dry/hot nights. The track isn't oiled that often.

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Following in the tradition of the Holiblog, I noticed that Conneaut Lake Park now has Connie's Weekly Chronicles on its website.




The initial announcement about a buy-a-brick campaign to get the railroad up and running is the first blog entry. More details will be coming but I'd ask that everyone consider this campaign. I'm seeing a great effort being put forth at the park to make progress and I'm doing my small part to spread some optimism among all of the pessimism and rumors of the past.

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  • 1 month later...

I spotted a photo in the Meadville Tribune the other day showing a new boat named the Kaylee Belle that will cruise Conneaut Lake. Here are some details from the CLP Junction website.


"A century long Conneaut Lake tradition will be given new life this summer. Conneaut Lake Park has negotiated a contract that allows the 43 foot paddlewheel boat to dock at the Hotel Conneaut and the park will recieve a percentage of the ticket sales. The most recent sightseeing boat to cruise the lake was the Barbara J which was retired in 2001. The new boat was purchased from the Ottawa Riverboat Co. in Ottawa, IL by Fisher 1 L.L.C. and will arrive at Conneaut Lake by the end of next week. The boat will be available for daytime tour cruises and private parties, and it can hold 49 passengers."

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Despite a favorable ruling on Friday allowing the park to sell land which would easily cover the amount of the bank loan, a loan was not approved. I must say I was not expecting this and now the situation has suddenly become very serious. Here are the news articles.


Conneaut Lake Park might not open


CONNEAUT LAKE PARK — Conneaut Lake Park will not open this year unless somebody comes forward by Friday with $250,000 to loan to the park.


An expected bank loan fell through and the park has no money.


“The park is closed right now,” court-appointed overseer LeRoy Stearns said Monday afternoon..


All 30 employees were laid off Monday except for general manager George Deshner, according to court-appointed overseer LeRoy Stearns. “We are waiting until Friday to see if anything breaks on the loan or somebody comes forward to make a loan,” Stearns said.


If that doesn’t happen, the park doesn’t have the money to open for the 2006 season.





Conneaut Lake Park lays off employess, future in doubt

By John Bartlett @ timesnews.com


CONNEAUT LAKE -- Conneaut Lake Park today laid off all of its employess and all work on preparing the park for the 2006 season ceased.


Court appointed custodian LeRoy Stearns said a hoped-for $250,000 loan was not approved and the park does not have the money to open this year.


He said a final decision on the park's opening would be made by May 12.


It could come sooner. The park must have more than $10,000 by Friday to pay its Workers Compensation premium. "If we don't have the money by Friday, our workmen's compensation is canceled and that will (mean) the shutting down of the park," Stearns said.


The park will operate Hotel Conneaut for scheduled high school proms and the Conneaut Lake Cuisine event today, but otherwise it will be closed until further notice.


The park has stopped selling season passes and it will no longer take reservations for picnics or schedule other events.


Friday, Stearns received approval from Crawford County Judge Anthony Vardaro to market a 3.3-acre parcel, to obtain money to pay down the park's $1.9 million debt and secure a loan to open.


The judge would have to give formal approval to any deal.


However, the lending institution decided today it could not risk lending the money until a sale was guaranteed, Stearns said.


As a result, Stearns said he is unsure of the park's future.


"I'm very concerned the park is not going to open," he said



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