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Announcing CoasterTube! TPR's New Video Section!

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Hello everyone!


As I'm sure many of you have seen through the various posts lately that we've settled on a name for our new video feature and we are almost ready for this to go "live!"


We are in our final testing phase and we could use your help to find those last few problems with the system. Please visit CoasterTube here:



And please try watching videos, making comments, uploading videos, rating videos, logging into your account, etc, etc...


If you find any problems, please post them here!


Thank you for your help!



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This is probably more down my end but I'll let you know anyway.


When I tried to watch a video it lagged until about a quarter a way through and then it just stopped playing. I have waited for a while but nothing happens.


That's about it; everything else works great. Good idea Robb!

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Only one thing I have found.

If you search for a video, for example Disney and then click one of the links under ''TPR TV Categories'' an error message screen comes up.

Otherwise it seems fine.

Ahh! Great find! This is exactly the kind of thing I'm lookin for!



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I was fine with everything, until I posted a comment. There are now three copies of the comments there, lol! Sorry. I didn't see the small type noting the posting had been successful. Um, maybe that should be made in larger type?


Could an ASSistant or you Robb, correct this and remove two of them, posted at the Alton Towers vid. Thankyou, in advance.


And I don't have any personal videos myself, so I wasn't going to do anything about uploading one of those.


So, except "for the above", CoasterTube works great for me, right now.


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I just watched the TExpress vid (mmm, I miss it) and the quality seemed to be spotty on some of the transitions from frame to frame. I am pretty sure the original didn't have that. If this has been repeated, I am sorry as I didn't peruse the other posts.


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Robb, I tried uploading that little .mov file again, but got the same error message as before:


303: Failed to load a resource Unable to load resources: Error #2124


Does it just not like .mov files? I'm not sure how to convert it to another format, because Windows Movie Maker doesn't recognize .mov files, either (it's a Quick Time file).

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So far so good- No real problems save one:


Inconsistancy in download times (I.E. One video download is fast, the next is crawling)- whether or not this is a 'Coastertube problem' or a 'Broadband' problem, I'm not sure- but if it's any clue: My speed is of download is 'max' right now: I.E. optimal- but then again, I've seen this with other sites before.



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I found a slight problem. If your in the area where you edit your profile. If you click on any of the links for the categories on the left, it brings up an error screen. I copied what the screen said cause it told me nicely.

"An Internal Error has Occurred. Please report following error to the webmaster.


select * FROM videos v,forum_users m WHERE v.user_id=m.user_id AND v.approved='yes' AND v.public_private = 'public' and v.cat_id=Roller Coaster Video order by v.title limit 0, 12


1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'Coaster Video order by v.title limit 0, 12' at line 1"

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I'm loving this Robb!

I haven't found any problems. Hopefully there are no more problems to be found.

I just uploaded a .wmv file and besides it taking like 25 minutes to upload, everything worked fine.

I'm guessing it took so long because I am connected through a wireless connection that I have no idea where it's coming from and the signal is pretty weak.

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