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West Coast Bash 2009 - Six Flags Magic Mountain

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Here are my pics from WCB! I had such a great time. Thanks to everyone who put this together, it really was a great event.


Bye bye magic mountain... be back soon to ride Terminator :-) (and for next year's WCB, of course).






We rode Thomas! I wish this was here when I was a kid.


We rode Thomas! I wish this was here when I was a kid.


Artsy parking lot shot.


Scream! One of my favorite magic mountain coasters (it could do without the parking lot theming though).


X2 looking good, but unfortunately not running. Glad I got on it once in the morning.


My gf eating the super yummy vegan pizza. Seriously... so amazing. Ok.. back to coaster pics...


and all I can say is... BEST VEGAN PIZZA EVER. This looked and tasted just like normal pizza. So yummy. I wish we had gotten some to go.


My girlfriend and I are vegan, so we left the park to get lunch since there isn't much other than french fries that we can eat there. We tried this pizza place called Tomato Joe's...


What the hail? I am sooooo happy I wasn't on a coaster when this started.




More Ninja.


Ninja flying through the trees.


Soon this fence will be gone and we'll be riding it!


Most wood gets made into houses or paper... these beams are the lucky few who get made into a coaster and become the envy of all other wood.


Wouldn't want to ride that quite yet...


More backstage Terminator photos.


More backstage Terminator photos.


Tim Burkhart talking about the new ride. Apparently the theming will be some of their most extensive yet, something I'm pretty excited about.


Terminator with Deja Vu behind.


Taken from behind Terminator.


We didn't obey the signs.


Walking out behind Terminator Salvation on the construction tour


A close up of the mini Goliath sign.

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WCB was a great time. I was at the event last year, and this was as equally a good time. The Q & A I think was better this year. I was the nerd who asked the question about the Six Flags debt problem.

Jay, Neal, and Tim. You guys are great. You continually pull out all the stops, and just provide a good time for everyone. Even your jokes were funny.




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WCB was great this year and many thanks to all involved for making it happen. One thing I noticed this year was that the gift shop at the front of the park was open during night ERT. I don't remember it being open last year.

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Flags has to stay open until sweep is done & there are no more guests left in the area. It's part of making the day at the park complete. It wouldn't be so great if your last experience of the night was that you couldn't get your last minute souvenir as you walked out because the store closed...

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One of the craziest things happened to my group yesterday. We were riding Gold Rusher because is it's a pretty nice ride as always. Right before the train entered it's double helix, the laptop bar popped up and stayed up. Back in the station, we informed the crew of what happened. I guess they didn't care because some kids got on right after us and they sent the train off.

That actually happens a lot on Gold Rusher. When I worked at the park from 2001-2003, supervisors would have leads send the operators they didn't like to Rusher because if a lapbar comes back to the station popped open, the lapbar attendants would be fired because management would automatically assume it was dispatched that way. I'm not joking.


Wow that's terrible. I don't know what to say about that.

I know... good thing that management is GONE.

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West coast bash was AWESOME!! I rode Tatsu 8 times in a row during night ERT. It sucks X2 was not open for night ERT. But at least i was able to ride it once during Morning ERT. I will definitely go to the WCB next year!


Ride Count:

X2 (Once)

Viper (12x) (Viper was a walk on all day)

Revolution (3x)

Tatsu (10x)

Ninja (Once)

Superman (0x)

Deja vu (Once)

Gold Rusher (0x)

Riddlers Revenge (3x)

Batman: The Ride (2x)

Scream (2x)

Colossus (3x)

Goliath (3x)

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Wow an event to remember! First event ive gone too and will not be the last!!! Morning ERT was the shiznit got on X2 once since it was closed at night ERT. And I also rode Goliath 7 times in a row in the back with the lights off it was great!! Finally got to ride Deja Vu took 8 years to ride it but it was worth it. Good ride! Robb Thanks so much for an awesome event! Loved the videos after the park management presentation! Me and the wifey will return next year!!!! Again Thank You!!!!

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We were able to ride X2 only one time that day during morning ERT. It sucked that it wasn't open during the night but that did not stop us from enjoying our day. We were on all the following coasters;


X2 (Once)

Viper (5x in a row)

Tatsu (3x in a row)

Riddlers (1x)

Batman (2x)

Goliath (4x in a row)

Scream! (6x in a row)

Gold Rusher (1x)

Ninja (1x)

Revolution (2x in a row)

Deja Vu (Unfortunately my brother and I are too tall)


Superman (1x). There were maybe 12 people in front of us and it took about 45 minutes to get on. The wait was ridiculous. Once we got on the ride in the 3 seat, our row was asked to get up and move to the second row with my brother and I being on the edge. Then I was asked to extend my right leg and my brother to extend his left leg down the side of the ride so the lapbar could close properly. The employees were pushing down so hard on the lapbar my brother said out loud (You're about to nooder me man). He got mad, walked away and sent us on our way without warning.


The whole event is full of great memories. Good job Robb, Elissa, Ride World, and Six Flags Management for making this possible!

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Great event! I had an overall great time.


Night ERT was the best with Robb, Big Mike, Ryan, Wes, and many others! X2 and Canyon Blaster closed for nite ERT


Robb was on his iPhone for about half of the time

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Missed the Canyon Blaster by that much.

The evening ERT was a good end to a great day.

Thanks to Josh, Shawn, Jasmine for hanging out with me during the day.

Sean for the ride down and the umbrella too.

Great meeting Big Mike finally. Hope your having fun in vegas.

A big thank you to Neal, Jay and Tim.

Also Robb and Chris for organizing this day



aka John.

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I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself, but yes, I was one of Big Mike's little friends. I was the kid in the black and white striped sweater, and the other kid is my friend. I was meaning to talk to everyone, but I kinda felt left out compared to everyone


Anyways, maybe next year I'll try to get more noticed. BTW, my name is Chris

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To all of my new friends that I meet on WCB... THANK YOU ALL!!! It was an absolutely awesome experience. I meet so many people that I can't named them all but I will try (Big Mike, John, The family that came with John from San Fransico, Shawn, Jasmine, Antonio, Antonio's mom, SoCalman123, James from NY, the guys that I meet talking about snow skiing and snowboarding*they know who they are*, Wes, Ryan, Elissa, Elissa's mom, and Kristen) If I forgot your name please forgive me but give me a shout out if you reconized me.


Being it my first WCB it totally blew me away out of the water. The weather cleared up just in time for the fun and boy did we ever. If anyone out there is undecided to ever go to a TPR event please do yourself a favor... DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO GO!!! I can't express the gratitude I have for TPR, Rideworld and Six Flags Magic Mountain for all the countless hours of work they put into this unforgettable event.


Special thanks to Tim, Neal, and Jay for taking the time to make this event a personal experience that many of us enjoyed. Well am out of breathe already writing this post but I had to tell everyone how sweet the event was. Thanks again to everyone and hopefully we'll see each other again next year or hopefully sooner!



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Anyone know what the guy's name in the middle of the 'team 15' picture is? He looks like a guy I went to high school with.


That is my friend Justin Morgan, he grew up in Ventura, but now lives in San Jose. I'm to the left of him, my names Josh.


On that subject, if anyone else from team 15 reads this, lemme know, it would be cool to get your screen names.


Yay for 3rd place! I haven't figured out what to do with my peice of sierra sidewinder but its certainly a treasure.



once again, a million and one thanks to robb, the SFMM management trio, and everyone involved making this an AWESOME first coaster event, and I will be sure to come again next year [even if my body is STILL sore as hell from all the riding/walking.... I NEVER thought I could get coaster-ed out, but I did by the end of night time ERT]

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Now that the meet is over, which team put the trash can over the plaque?


I must say that it was my group. I asked a few pages back if someone would be able to post the scores. 1st place=Team 30. Hey we shouldn't have been disqualified. I read through the whole rule book, it was totally legit. But it's ok, we stopped taking it personal after we found out that the prize was just a guide wheel from Sierra Twist. Regardless of what the prize was, my group had a blast. Hey and we met a few new people as well.


Whoever put the trash can over the plaque should've stayed and watched. There were a couple of teams looking around the building for about an hour looking for it. It was kind of funny.


Yea, we stuck around for a few minutes peaking out from inside the windows at Flags. We saw one group just walk right on by. But apparently, there was more than just one group. Lol. Tim Burkhart seemed to get a laugh out of that on stage at the Q&A. Maybe they'll have the Scav-A-Ganza again next year, but with one addition to the rule book.


Oh and BTW guys, it was a Recycling Bin not a Trash Can.




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So who owns the DeLorean that was parked at the beginning of the third row? Me and my friends took some pictures posing next to it (don't worry, we didn't touch it). That was the first one I've seen in person (that wasn't moving at 50+ mph). Just wanted to say hi and ask about the car, like is it an original or new, and does it have any upgrades?

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