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JimmyBo and Family Cruise Over New Years


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This past December was my parents 30th anniversary so they decided to take all their "kids" on a Mexican Riviera Cruise. The stops were in Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta with 3 freakin days at sea. I am not a fan with days at sea since this cruise ship wasn't really that big and there wasn't much to do after the first day at sea. I got a new camera for Christmas since my other one decided to crap out on me at Cedar Point earlier this year. Most of these pictures are me getting use to the new settings on my camera. Enjoy


Boarding the Ship and Day 1

After finding out from Cassie's parents that it snowed earlier in Tucson we headed to the ship to head to paradise. My mom always likes to get to the ship earlier so we can check it out before all the huge crowds of old people show up and slow everything down.


On to the pictures for more of the story...


The sun sets over the ocean, the green flash appears (if you don't know what the green flash is than wikipedia it) and next stop Cabo San Lucas


That was our Day at Sea #1. Very exciting. Here's dad looking for whales (which we saw quite a few)


Checking on the rest of the group...yep, still wine tasting


While Cassie and I walk around the ship. Wine is not our cup of tea...actually I wouldn't like tea either. Give me a beer any time


Meg watching to make sure she gets enough wine


Day at Sea #1 starts with wine tasting!


That's the end that night...Next up, a day at sea


Jeff's having a good time with his very very dirty Martini


Like Father like Daughter. Scary!


It was disco rama Night that night too. Dancing Queen! Yes, I just quoted ABBA and no, I have not seen Mama Mia even though it played 3 times a day every day on the cruise.


No one can tell us to behave at dinner!


The real family picture


The first night was Formal Night. Why? I don't know but they made us dress up


The sunset to darkness...eerie


...two people have already dranken to much champagne


As the sun slowly sets in the West and a light house can be seen in the near distance...


Good bye port of LA, you suck


Cassie's first cruise ever...let's hope this goes well. And me, when I'm just glad there are drinks to be had




I'm looking for the real drinks behind our very own wet bar.


Bon Voyage! Let's get the hell out of LA before we get shot


Our room was so cool, we could talk to the captain since the bridge was right next to our balcony. The captain was from Hungary


Walking back to the room Jeff had to use a tissue from this very large tissue box


Meg very unpleased that her brother doesn't have a life jacket.


At the drill. Yeah, I didn't have a life jacket in my room so if the boat were to sink now I would have to pull a Jack from Titanic and tough it out. Titanic, another great film to watch before a cruise!


The proper way to wear a life jacket


Cassie getting ready to the stupid "Here's your lifeboat and we are taking roll-call" Drill


View from our table. The ceiling reminds me of Posieden Adventure when the ship flips over and one guy falls of a table and into lights on the ceiling that look like that. Great flick to watch before youtake a cruise...along with Speed 2:Cruise Control


Here's our dining room. Take note people: Second seating is usually better because the waiters don't feel as rushed and if there are extras of anything they usually bring them out to you. I got 5 servings of escargot one night and three servings of some fancy desert. Second seating is the way to go!


Meg chillin in the Theater waiting for Dark Knight to start playing in about 8 hours


Here's the Theater where the best thing in here is that they played Dark Knight at 12am everynight. Other than that, the shows usually really suck hardcore


Checking out another lounge and dance floor in the back of the boat


Take a note: You tend to lose your mind when visiting the Casion on Cruise Ships


These slots are about to get a workout. People pulling on their shafts and slapping the sides of their faces and screaming profanaites at them. It's an all out orgy once these slots open up


Time to check out the Casino when it's not filled with smoke or people losing money


Jeff posing with a very happy looking jester


Pretty amazing piece of artwork if you believe in Santa Claus


Cassie checks out the gingerbread houses


Looking down in the centrium. They still had Christmas displays out for those that celebrate Christmas and are not Jewish


Looking up in the centrium


Smoke Stack for all those smoke stack enthusiasts


The Viking Crown lounge where the was much dancing and booze to be had later


Shuffle Bored...yes, spelled that way for a reason


Alright, enough of our awesome room, time to check out the "little guy" ship


View from our balcony


Cassie testing out the piano. It works! You could even set it to play music for you and it moved the keys just like in the Haunted Mansion


BTW, there was a working grand piano in our room complete with a mirror on the ceiling for when youa re playing some awesome solo's


Balcony with a beautiful view of Los Angeles harbor and the smell of fart


Jacuzzi Bathtub and shower with 3 shower heads. which you can turn on all at once (which is how everyone should take a shower in the morning)


This is half of the bathroom. The other half had another sink and the crapper. This portion had two sinks, 3 cabinets for towels, jacuzzi bathtub and shower with three shower heads


Another view from the master bedroom looking out to the balcony and main room


The Master bedroom compete with mirror on the ceiling just like those "fancy" rooms in Las Vegas


More of the suite and Cassie running away to check out more of this huge room


Here's our room. We styaed in the Royal Suite because we have connections unlike Big Mike says he does.


Here's our ship, it's a midget compared to the one Robb and Elissa were on. Or to be PC, it's a little guy


Here we are getting on the ship. Dad, Cassie, Me, Mom, Meg and Jeff

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Cabo San Lucas


I've been to this place before and I must say that the snorkeling here was probably the best that I have seen. But since I already did the snorkeling thing Cassie and I decided to ride horses along the beach. The rest of the family went off-roading in Jeep. The only bad about Cabo is that it looks a lot like Arizona but with a beach and ocean.


On to the pictures for more of the story...


Sun sets and next up is Mazatlan


I guess the other guys need some cake too!


Time for cake! Hell yes!


Our waiter, Michael, was awesome and taught us how to fold napkins every night


Even the entire waiting staff of the dining room sings to my parents. We have the connections unlike Big Mike! Top that Big Mike! (And being on Jay Leno doesn't count)


Jeff's waiving his napkin flag for the party!


I might as well join in on the fun too


Even my dad's getting into it


Time to get crazy!


...it's time to celebrate Mom and Dad's 30th wedding anniversary


As the sun sets down in Cabo...


Los Arcos at sunset. Postcard picture I am selling to Cabo for 50 pesos (A cheaper version of 50 cent)


Here's my future yacht, complete with helicopter and helipad on the back.


Beautiful sunset that evening


The captain's ready to leave, the sun is setting...let's get the hell outta here


This is the famous "Lover's Beach" and "Los Arcos" of Cabo San Lucas. It's basically why people come to Cabo except for Cabo Wabo


Cassie and I going back to the ship


Time to take the tender back to the ship. If you don't know what a tender is, Wikipedia it.


Here's a Mexican Cowboy, more authentic than an American Cowboy


Making our way back to the stable


Just down the beach, the family was taking a picture. Their tour stopped on the same beach. Crazy!


Cassie and I on the beach riding horses.


Horse and a dog, they make a cute couple


Cassie riding along the beach and her horse is doing ok so far


We finally get to the beach...very pretty beach but not good for swimming because there was a massive current


My horse, he was the sh*t


I added this picture in because at this moment the lady in the red lost her hat, it fell to the ground and then all the horses walked over it. She left it there


Hey look, Cactus. Just like in Arizona. BORING!


Sure looks like Arizona minus the Manchester, UK tourist in front of me. Maybe she's a friend of Lou


Me riding a horse in Mexico...with my new 5 dollar sunglasses on


Cassie and her horse. The story behind her horse is that when the horse behind her would get close her horse would buck back and kick the horse in the face. Amusement to me but not to Cassie because her horse was PMSing and had boundary issues


We are here to ride horses. Cassie had the smallest horse but the most pissed off one as well


Cassie and I took an hour long bus ride to this ranch out in the middle of BFE


That was the end of off-roading...Time to check out what Jim and Cassie are doing


"You're doing it wrong!"


The kids had a Christmas Tree because they aren't Jewish


They stop at a school where Meg, a teacher, checks out the differences between American Teaching and Mexican Teaching


Meg and Jeff are having a blast going over jumps and fishtailing all over the place.


Alright, time to open up this puppy and really haul ass


Then they drove by a Starbucks. Oh how Cabo is so Americanized


They stopped at a church to pay respects to Jesus because the Jews killed him.


See the little white sheep on the cliff. He was stuck there and the rest of the group just kept walking


Dad is a little excited about getting some airtime in a Jeep


"Time to burn some dust. Eat my rubber!" Quote the movie.


Mom, Da, Meg and Jeff take off to fo off roading in the desert. I said I could do that at home so why do it in Cabo?


Hard Rock Cafe, Burger King and around the corner was Johnny Rocket's. Ok this isn't like Arizona because we aren't cool enough to have a Hard Rock Cafe


More of the port at Cabo...here's a lighthouse for housing light


It's the Fiesta Ship. Party on this thing and you have experienced Cabo in it's true fashion


This store is in Tucson. It's true! Cabo is like Arizona but with a beach and less Mexicans walking the streets


Getting off the ship they usually take your pictures with some stupid mascot. Here it was with a dolphin. But the picture guy was so amazed at Jeff's height he wanted a picture with him. Funny little asians


It was the day of my parents anniversery so they open our gift to them...a family portrait


Here's the view from our balcony of Cabo

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Home of Pacifico Brewery. This place really didn't much to offer, Cassie and I went kayaking around an island, Mom and Dad drove ATV's on the beach, and Meg and Jeff went on a Tequila Factory Tour. Again, this place had nothing. It was all about later that night because it was New Years.


On to the pictures for more of the story...


Next up, New Years. And yes, all that champagne had to be dranken and I was one to drink quite a few


A little celebration before dinner and craziness was about to happen


Hot damn, we are extremely good looking


Since we were in the Royal Suite we had a photographer come to our room to take pictures for us. We are one sexy family


Sun sets, and it's New Years Eve night and another formal night


After the fireball came the real sunset


Instead of a sunset, there was a huge fireball off in the distance. Did Fugi-Q finally get the atomic bomb? Did Pacifico finally realize their beer tasted like urine and blow up the factory? Did all the deers on Deer Island spontaneously combust at the same time?


Setting up for the perfect picture of the last sunset of 2008


Leaving port and I'm pretty tired from rowing all day


The sun is setting on the last day of 2008


The tour guide said they would get snacks. If this is a snack then what the hell is a meal? ACEers would love this place


Meg on the beach in Mexico


Jeff on the beach with Deer Island in the background.


It's totally want I pictured a Mexican Nike to look like. Michael Jordan would kill to have some of these


On the way back they visit a local shoe maker. He makes the Nike's of Mexico


Meg sipping her tequila


Tequila tasting. How many do you think Jeff has had already?


TEQUILA! This is a drum on tequila. It is so tall that Meg had Jeff take a picture from the top because it was taller than Meg.


Hey look, Blue Agave. Still don't know what comes from Blue Agave?


Inside the factory where they have you sit and you drink tequila and dance to the song Tequila just like in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure


They arrive at the tequila factory ready for some tequila


They drive by some Blue Agave. Do you know what comes from Blue Agave? If not then Wikipedia it


Is it just me, or does Jeff look like a cardboard cutout in this picture


First they visited a local church on a hill


Jeff got the normal goodies everyone should have before tasting tequila


Meg and Jeff started their day at the Mexican 7-11. It's OXXO


On the way back we saw someone's catch. Poor Florida Marlins, they will never be as good as when they had Josh Beckett and Dontrelle Willis


Take a note: This was the first time 4 cruise ships were in port at the same time in Mazatlan and they are building another docking pier so one day they could have a total of 6 cruise ships in port. Funny thing, it didn't seem that crowded that day.


Time to take a party tender back to the cruise ship


Sure enough it was my parents driving along the beach. I think my mom was a little excited to drive an ATV...the other 5 people she hit while driving, not so much excited


Cassie and I are awokened from some loud sound coming off in the distance


Don't come across the bandita on an ATV or she will run into. She'll run into you because she's a female driver on an ATV...god help us all!


"Ok, beach. Who cares? We have this at home. Can I please drive this ATV along the beach now?"


My dad saying, "When are we going to drive on the beach?"


On the other side of the island my parents got on some ATV's to drive on the beach


Totally relaxed and almost ate a palm bush


We got a couple hours to kill, time to relax


Aww, how sweet. We made our mark in the sand


Cassie on the beach in Mexico


That island out there...that's what we kayaked to and around and back again


Again, we got the hookups and VIP treatment. Big Mike is a fake


After the kayaking we got to chill is this exclusive hut


I look happy but I definitely got my workout in for the day since I don't have my Wii Fit with me


Behind Cassie is where we kayaked from...only about 30 minutes away


Cassie and I kayaking around an island. Or should I say, I'm kayaking around an island...Cassie just went along for the ride.


Scratch that, it's famous for Pacifico, the best mexican beer since piss.


Mazatlan is famous for really large statues of mariachi players


Mazatlan sells cars. I really really cheap cars too. If you get hit by a bike in these thing they blow up.

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Oh man .. fantastic pictures, and it looks like you guys were having an amazing time. I think I will be in line behind you to purchase that yacht with the heli-pad!




PS: Did anyone else get a little excited at the site of a giant barrel of Tequila??

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Oh Lover's Beach in Cabo. Jasmine and I once got stranded out there when our water taxi driver decided not to come back and pick us up. We were stranded with three drunk Mexican men from Tijuana and ended up sharing a taxi with a Mexican family of 15 other people. I was the only white one on the boat. What an experience!


Thanks for the great pictures!

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Jimbo Dude laying down the challenge to Big Mike about whos VIP status is higher!!! LOL



It's on Buddy!



I will officially admit defeat in the girlfriend catagory as you really lucked out and Cassie is getting cuter every time I see her!



Thanks for the 3 shout outs



Glad you had a great time pal, but who are we kidding here, you would rather be hanging with me because you KNOW Big Mike is the ultra VIP!



Peace, Big Mike

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Not much to be said so I will let the pictures do the talking. Basically it was an all out awesome night full of drinking, dancing, drinking, partying, and drinking...did I mention drinking?


On to the pictures for more of the story...


Yeah, it's 2009. I think we are a little excited


The annual "Wild Turkey 101" shot for the entire family


2009. Bring in the New Year


As do these drunk fools


Holy crap, we looked tanked


One more blow of the sound maker and it's almost time. (Geez, be 2009 already!)


We decide to dance to waste time until it's actually 2009


Meg and Jeff are getting ready for the countdown


Dad's excited, It's almost time!


Going up to the pool deck was where the party was. I'm ready to dance and Cassie is ready to punch me for some odd reason


Start with the common "JimmyBo drunk face" picture


Alright, it's New Year's...time to freakin get out drink on and party like there's no more days of 2008


Then there's the Sydney Opera for all our down under TPR folk


He taught us how to make a dead chicken...Freakin AWESOME!


Michael teaching us another napkin fold (seriously, Michael was amazing. I have never had a waiter on a cruise that paid so much attention to us and really hung out with us a lot)


Close up of a candle napkin


We started waiving our candle napkins to the music.


Our waiter Michael was still the best. Mainly because he has the same name as Big Mike and we all now how awesome Big Mike is


To shut everyone up in the dining hall, the wait staff decided so sing something. And they all said Happy New Year in their own native language which was cool


My sister found a new pich of sound in the noise maker. You you scream in it, it makes an even more EXTREME LOUD SOUND!


My dad is making so much noise the camera couldn't take it and it was shaking in fear


They even gave us noise makers which was a mistake in the dining hall because once one person started, the whole room started blowing in the noise makers. I think even a deaf person could hear how loud we were


Cassie and I sporting our new attire. I was the New Years Leprocan


Wine, party hats, free champagne...what more can you ask for?


This was waiting for us at the dinner table


The decorated Centrium for New Years. And I guess the Jews got mad about the Christmas stuff so they put up a Hanakaka flag

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Puerto Vallarta and Last 2 Days at Sea


Puerto Vallarta was the best port on the trip. Sadly, not a lot of pictures were taken here. Dad, Cassie and I decided to go on a Zip-Line Canopy Tour through the jungle. Unfortunately they wouldn't let us take our cameras through the tour but only at the main hut. Kind of sucked but oh well.


Mom, Meg and Jeff went swimming with Flipper and then got to go to a local water park and try out the water slides there.


The last 2 days at sea were boring and it rained one day.


This is the last of the updates and there will be a little game a couple hours after this update so stay tuned


I will end the update with this.


And that was the family on a News Years Cruise. Thanks for reading


Celebrate the last night. Everyone waive your napkins in the air!


Last night of the cruise and we finally meet the guy who made us all 10 pounds heavier. The head Chef. He seriously looked like Mario, but where's his brother Luigi?


They even provided us with updated newspapers so we could get the scores of games and NEWS from around the world.


Next it was time to play Phase 10 and I won because I cheated


Well, within 5 minutes Cassie won 250 credits. Score! I guess it is beginners luck


It started to rain so Cassie and I headed to the Casino. She'd never gambled at a Casino and Cruise Ship Casnio's are usually pretty loose


In the end, the fatty lost to a skinny guy. But it was basically a popularity contest and of course the skinny, tan, young teenager is going to beat a fat, white, old teenager any day


I don't mean to brag, but my skinny ass can make a bigger splash than that fatty McFatfat


They had an ACEer Joe belly flop competition


In the end it was suppose to be a hummingbird...I don't see it


Either the ice sucked or the carver sucked but huge chunks were flying everywhere


The ice was not being a happy camper


On the pool deck there was an ice carving demonstration


Meg and Jeff joined us


The last two days at sea were boring but we had room service for breakfast


At the end of the day, we leave Puerto Vallarta and a Pirate ship is off the steal an oil tanker ship or maybe to go and film Pirates 4


Jeff is excited about what's for dinner!


Cassie loves her mouse napkin too


Meg petting her mouse napkin


Michael showed us some Elissa friendly napkin folds. He should us how to fold a mouse napkin


At dinner, Cassie was sniffing to see if she would like wine. Smart girl, she didn't try it and stuck with other drinks


Back on the ship we went to the Magic Show. It sucked so we needed some drinks to make it funnier. It still sucked


The guides waiting for more turistas. Our guides were awesome. There were 6 guides to our 15 person group. They all were very helpful and spoke decent English


Tiny platform in the distance about 75 feet up. The highest platform on this course was 110 feet up. Pretty neat knowing that we were higher than some Batman The Ride Clones


See those people up there? See them? NO? Then get your eyes fixed buddy


We had to walk across this fallen tree bridge to the first platform


The hut where we left our belongings and our soul


Cassie swinging through the trees! (Note: This picture cost us $20 and they gave it to us on a CD! RAPE!)


Meg chillin on the Lazy River because she's lazy


One of the racing slides where fat people always finish first


A couple of the slides at the park


After a tasty dolphin lunch it was time for the water park


Flipper kisses Meg. At this point Jeff was pissed off at Flipper and he killed him and then ate him for lunch. End of Flipper


Flipper dances with Meg (Jeff is getting jealous)


Jeff and Flipper share a laugh together


Time to swim with Flipper and his friends


View of the port

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JimmyBo and Family Cruise Game!


Rules are simple! There are 3 rounds. The first 10 people to PM the correct answer after the first round move on. The first 5 people to PM the correct answer after the second round move to the final round. The first person to PM me the correct answer after the final round is the winner.


Only one PM per person unless everyone guesses wrong and then I will say you can guess again.


The game will begin Sunday at 2pm Western Time Zone.


Be ready and come prepared!


The prize is a secret but it's definitely something everyone will need and enjoy!



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On our cruise, Jeff have several people come up to him and said that he was very tall and asked his height. Jeff started to get a little annoyed by this so by the 3rd day of the cruise he started to keep a tally of how many people asked him his height. Let's just say by the 5th day he already lost count.


ROUND 1 Question...

What is Jeff's height?


The first 10 people to PM me the correct answer move on to the next round. Only one guess per screen name.


I've added a picture below to help you guys out.


The prize at the end of this little game is cold-hard cash. How much? You will find out when the game is over.


Good Luck!


Jeff is tall but people have no respect for the giants of this world

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Yeah, that's nice and all, but was there any DRINKING?


Seriously, all the sights and adventures really make me want to cruise. Terrific TR!


Our waiter Michael was still the best. Mainly because he has the same name as Big Mike and we all now how awesome Big Mike is


Indeed. That is a great name.


Michael - TheRapidsNerd

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Wow, between this update and R&E's, I am feeling the need to go on another cruise.


We had 2nd seating at dinner on the last cruise, and it came in very handy on formal night. I had 4 or 5 lobster tails.


Oh, and when did the HRC in Phoenix close. I went to the grand opening of that one when I was at ASU to see Sugar Ray perform live (wasn't very good either). Sad that it failed so quickly.......

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Jimmy, is there any chance you got a closer pic of this yacht, or noticed the name of it? There was a time when I worked on these and could match 'em to their owners.


And like everyone has stated, awesome report! Looks like a ton of fun was had by all.


This one looks to be about 200-230ft. And yeah, the chopper is straight pimpin'. Definitely the ultimate billionaire's toy.

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Oh, and when did the HRC in Phoenix close.

It's still open. I think he was talking about one in Tucson.


(Please Note: I have never been inside the Hard Rock Cafe in Phoenix; I merely observed it from a Metro train a couple weeks ago.)

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BeemerBoy, Sorry but I do not have a closer picture of that yacht. All I have to say is that is was amazing and our tender went right by it but all I could do was watch it an amazement rather than take a picture.


Here's some guesses so far and everyone is completely off of Jeff height by at least 2 inches.


BeemerBoy 6' 8 1/3"

OldJJman 6' 7"

Guy T. Koepp 6' 6"

Big Mike 6' 6"

the ghost 6' 4"


Since only 5 people have guessed (and even though they are all wrong) that means that they all move onto the next round of questions. If someone PM's me Jeff's correct height then they get a special something from JimmyBo and Friends! This will be the final and last round but there are 2 questions!


Final Round of the game.

Question #1

In the Cabo San Lucas update, I have placed a quote from a movie starring Chevy Chase. State the quote and name the movie it is in. (Hint: It's a Holiday movie)


Question #2

There is one picture in this update where a whale is breaching in the ocean. Locate the picture. (example of answer: Mazatlan update, 20th picture down)


Who ever gets these two questions right is the winner of a load of cash. How much? When we have a winner between these 5 guys you will see how much they win and all those people who didn't play wish that they did.


PM me your answers as soon as you know them!


Good Luck you guys!



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