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Photos from behind the scenes!

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A bit of caution: Please restrict all photo postings to pictures that have been taken "legally" (that is, that do not violate park rules). We've had some problems in the past with members sneaking into cast-member areas and taking pictures.


Remember that breaking park rules and posting pictures about it will get you some quality time with Bantron.


Thank you,



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I have so many from SFNE it's ridiculous. It's probably not wise to post many of them, but I have two from Superman's first tunnel because it is no secret that I was required to clean in there hundreds of times.


And the photos of Pandemonium under construction from Flashback's second lift were taken while being escorted up the lift for that specific purpose.


I will however include the following warning: These photos were taken with permission during non park operating hours. The applicable rides were all shut down and locked out, and I had been trained properly to be in those specific restricted areas. Please do not try to reproduce them (especially Pandemonium under construction).


Looking up Superman's first drop from the first tunnel


Superman's first tunnel


Pandemonium under construction


Pandemonium under construction

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Here are a few of mine from Conneaut Lake Park. These are very exclusive I am the only one to get some of these angles. Please note if you visit CLP some areas are restricted. Signs are posted and some restricted areas include the Train Areas, The Bluestreak, The Zoo, Inside Ride Fences, Inside Buildings, Camperland, and other park properties.


Inside the Devil's Den




Taken from Jungle Island


Former Park ZOO


One more advantage of Working for CLP is taking the very last picture from inside the Dreamland Ballroom on May 23 2007


This is what happens when ACE takes over a closed roller coaster in the middle of April



Lift Shot


Under The Bluestreak station


Under the Bluestreak Station






Fright Zone Construction at CLP


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I have a bunch from Cedar Point - mostly of Magnum since I have worked there for the past two summers. Yes, all of these were taken "legally" - I didn't break any rules to get any of these.


And my last one - a kinda creepy one of Wicked Twister. The train was out on the brake run when we got there in the morning. The power to the ride was shut off, so it was safe to cross the platform to get to our lockers, but it was still very nerve racking being on the load platform with the train out there like that, so I had to get a pic!


Iron Dragon from a break area.


And one last behind-the-scenes picture of Magnum - my tunnel walking buddy inside the first tunnel. We hardly ever go in the first two tunnels, so when we do, we find a LOT! I swear some of the hats look like they have been in there since 1989!


One of my favorites - from inside the first tunnel - rail view of the second drop.


Simple yet cool shot from a lift walk early in the morning.


And one more from inside the second tunnel looking out onto the layout.


Another from inside the second tunnel looking at the pretzel.


One taken on a tunnel walk from inside the second tunnel.


Taken on a lift walk looking at the super-cool 1980s scifi movie themed station.


Another from inside Magnum's pretzel low zone. It takes about 45 minutes to do a track walk in the middle of the day. We're allowed in all of the low zones except one while the ride is in operation. The most common lost article? Cell phones. About 20 a day!


Inside Magnum's pretzel low zone looking up.

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Great CP pics thanks. Do you find as many cell phones at the base of TTD?
Honestly we find a few cell phones but most of everything we find is so distorted from falling so high, or from hitting supports at 120+mph we cant even tell it is. Some of the most intresting things I have find have been quarters that have fallen out of pockets hit supports and bent into "U" shapes!


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I have a bunch more for you... this is really one of my favorite parts of working at parks - snapping pics that most people can't get!


And one last one... again not really a behind the scenes pic, but you'd find it very hard to get a picture like this of you if you weren't an employee! Yep that's me :)


Not a park behind-the-scenes pic, but definitely an employee area - this was my room at Commons dorms employee housing at CP. Not so bad if you keep it tidy :)


This sign is posted inside Magnum's electrical room.


Dragster from inside the infield.


Probably the cutest screensaver of any ride control panel - maXair!


The hideous Disaster Transport is even uglier from the employees only areas.


From inside the first tunnel looking up at the third hill - sweet sweet floajector airtime!


GEEK SHOT!!! Magnum's lift motor assembly.


One more of the third tunnel.


Another tunnel pic - third tunnel and the "star-field" effect that the holes in the tunnel give when the fog is working.


A pretty sweet one of the train zooming at 72 amazing miles per hour right overhead!


I'll start off with more Magnum - this is under the station.

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Here are some of mine from the east coast trip earlier this year!



DarKastle tour at BGE!








Walkback tour at Dorney!


Provided some new angles for shots of the park!



New angle of Steel Force!






Best of all - Knoebel's Flying Turns tour!





Hanging out at the top of the lift!


New view of Phoenix!

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I knew I had some SheiKra photos running around some where... and I know I have more on my iPhone because I'm sitting here looking at them! Augh... I will try to remember to put them on my computer when I get home so I can post them here... Anyways... here are a few SheiKra photos!





The underside of the train!!


As seen when leaving the break room...

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