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The "Preview" Thread

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What can I do to make this look less... crappy? That is the eighth building on that little plot and I hated all of them... I suck at this game but I really want to finish this.

Personally I would put in some more foliage around the area, trees mainly, since the area looks like it may look good with a more forest-y feel to it. Also maybe change the roofing to something less, shiny? Or something less plain looking maybe. Love the little rapids by the Top Spin by the way!

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Everyone like the layout? It's another "manufacturer provides track and trains, A.J. designs layout" coaster. This time, it's the Gravity Group.


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The first spiral after the lift goes from 3.0 -> 2.2, and the second spiral after the airtime hills goes from 3.3 -> 2.6 -> 2.2.

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Wow - it has been quite some time since I last posted here...


Well, I've been away from RCT3 in almost 2 years now - my inspiration was lost. But now with all those new this happening, it has slowly returned


Some new I'm working on

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^ Someone know's how to use The Main Street Sets! I can't wait to see what happens..


A few years back I tried downloading and installing that set into my RCT3 folder on my old desktop & it didn't install properly nor could be removed so it led to the game crashing & thanks to the faulty registry keys in soaked & wild I couldn't properly uninstall the game so now I'm not gonna install 3rd party scenery packs again.


Anyone know if you can build a 4-D coaster in RCT2 with the seats facing forward wingrider style? My guess is you'd have to use reverse incline mode to dispatch the trains "backwards" since the trains can't be reversed in the station but has anyone tried it yet?

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Here's something. I've been trying to improve my foliage and stuff but I dont know...


Very much a WIP but I need to know.

I just don't know. I'm out of ideas and I don't seem to be getting any new ones. So, as of right now I think that Im going to finish this design and then I am out of RCT2 for awhile. I just don't get the same accomplished feeling that I used to get out of it.


Anyway, please let me know if you like the foliage or not. I need to improve in that area to have any hope of making it through this coaster and surroundings.


Thanks, Joel.

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Everything is just so brown. The world is full of color, so it's okay to show it.


The trunks of those trees could be different, they're dark and look a bit off compared to the traditional, default trees (which sport a light brown or gray trunk).

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