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The "Preview" Thread

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South Ports Coming Soon!!! Openings just a short while away... heres some screens!


Southport: Where the building styles of CS and NCSO combine!


please note, this is from the atlantica section of the park, so the colors and building styles are designed to meet that theme, but are not park wide.


What you see from the outside.


What lives inside... this is a family spaghetti bowl semi inspired by the mummy. After this there is a dive underground followed by an uoward helix.


Here you can see some architectural details.

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^^You've improved a lot! I'd suggest some different footers on the coaster first of all, maybe the ones in DasMatze's utilities. Simple but useful. Also mcjaco is right, the building could use a bit of work. It looks like you're using the Rock Side Lagoon Set. Maybe add the overhangs and change the color. You could also use the broken roofs if you want every once in a while, to make it a bit more interesting.


Just some suggestions. Great start though!

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Ghost, in the first screen I'd make the tops of the buildings grey and add some vents and other details to make it more realistic. Youre getting good dude.

Thanks, man. I tried the grey and didnt really dig it, but I am going with black wood for Triton(the coasters) showroom roof. Also I will play around with vents and stuff.


Heres a new pic from a different section of the park. Foliage and stuff is about halfway done, and theming will be in the next update.


Cliffside Flyer: A new TGG wooden coaster... similar to wooden warrior in terms of size and stuff.

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^ Use a different roof, or different walls. Too much of the same isn't a good look. Otherwise, I like it.


I have yet to mast the hack of getting transfer tracks. So I always like seeing those.



There is a mod that allows you to intersect stuff in RCT3. Look up something with options.txt edit on atari. I would link it too you, but I'm not on my schools server atm, and my schools server ishas atari blocked

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