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Eating and coasters

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When I first started getting hot n heavy riding coasters. I used to would not eat anything for the fear of getting sick. But I have learned that is actually better to eat while riding.

So yeah eating does not bother me at all while riding. I just dont eat anything too greasy. And dont overeat.

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I have a very strong stomach. I've been able to drink spoiled milk and didn't even notice it was bad. I have never gotten sick on any ride before. even when I am sick to my stomach, I occasionally have acid reflux problems, I can still ride anything without any problems. In fact, a lot of times when I'm feeling sick, some strong gs help me feel better.

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I can pretty much dish out any ride after eating, with the exception of Zippers and Enterprises. However, I feel much more sick if I ride on an empty stomach. I've ridden Invertigo at CGA on a full stomach and it didn't affect me in the least. I guess I'm just a lucky one.

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Only once I remember that riding coasters after eating has affected me. It was on an ERT on Half Pipe (Särkänniemi) when on the 8th 'lap' or so, it started to spin a bit in my stomach (I had a quite big breakfast about 20 mins before), luckily the slight problems disappeared quite quickly.

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Eating before going on coasters doesn't bother me either. As a matter of fact, I feel sick if I don't eat in the morning or throughout the day. I also need lots of fluids on those hot days.


I'm with you! I need some food and fluids to feel 100%. In fact at county fairs I eat a huge meal and go straight to the gravitron and I'm fine

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