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Liseberg Discussion Thread

p. 119 - Oceana water park announced!

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Lalle, The Intamin drop towers are superior to any S&S turbo drops (Höjdskräcken) and they don't come much better than this I really hope that the ring will be spinning on the way up like it does on Scream at Heide Park since then you still have an observation tower, just a much much more thrilling one


If you read the bit you quoted from the Liseberg AtmosFear page again, you will see that it says Attraction not Tower, and I'm pretty sure that it refers to the 53 meter tall observation wheel that have to be moved from the harbour by the end of next summer, I really doubt that we will see another observation tower in the park though...

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Yeah, I think it'll be much better than Höjdskräcken, wouldn't mourn if they took it down as well.

I hope the gondola will produce that massive gust of wind when it lands in the basement. Feels very nice on a hot day.

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^ I don't think that this one will create the great air effect as Scream does, I'm pretty sure that the station needs to be more open for it to work, the station for AtmosFear is a bit to closed up for the air to go anywhere to create any wind, so I think that there will be a more of an air pressure effect instead. Sure there will be some air moving, but nothing on the same scale as Scream does.


Another thing that makes me think that there will be a lesser air effect is that the car will be smaller, 36 riders instead of 40, and the tower diameter on Lisebergtornet is larger than the original observation tower of Scream, so AtmosFear will have a smaller cross section that can move the air.

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Stopped by Liseberg today since it was the last day that Lisebergtornet was operation before it's transformation into AtmosFear.


First up today was the tower, free of charge!!


Next time you have this view you might shit your pants


Park from above!!


There will be a massive changes made to the mountain over the coming seasons


Can't wait for them to transform this slow ride


Gothenburg Wheel



Now for some shots of what is going to be the future station of AtmosFear


When the tower opened, as UFO23, this space were filled with Liseberg Rabbits


It were the location where they came crashing down to Earth, hence the initial name of the tower


In the year 2000 when Liseberg opened Kaninresan (kiddy rabbit boat ride) they were moved from this location, which stopped the tower to first lower down to the Rabbit world before rising to the top


It have since then been an empty hole which soon will be filled again!!


I wrap this all up with a panorama image from the top of the tower.


Click thumbnail for large image.

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I passed Liseberg earlier today and saw that they have begun to rebuild the Liseberg Tower. I think it will be a great ride!


The entrance and the former Liseberg Tower.


The rebuilding has begun at the top of the tower.


The top!

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I have found two old video clips from Liseberg at SVT's website (Swedish television).


This one is from the park's 40th anniversary. (1963) http://svtplay.se/v/1989375/oppet_arkiv/liseberg_1963?sb,k103034,1,f,103036


This video contains a short POV of the Vekoma inverted roller coaster HangOver, and scenes from the inside of the Gasten Ghost Hotel (Spökhotellet Gasten). (1998) http://svtplay.se/v/1987589/oppet_arkiv/spokhotellet_gasten?sb,k103034,3,f,103036



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^^^ I didn't know that Liseberg had a Facebook page, might be a reason to get an FB account then....


^ I really love the old one, just pure bliss to see the history of Liseberg, I really hope that they will put up more in the future.

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Liseberg names Andreas Andersen as the successor for the CEO post in the Liseberg group, when Mats Wedin retires February 1:st next year.

He have great experiences within the business, worked for Tivoli A/S between 2001-2008, have been leading the IAAPA (Europe branch) since 2008 and is also the person in charge of the EAS show.

So I wish him good luck in the future, and let he continue with the Liseberg success story!!


Link to press release: LIseberg [swedish]


ADMIN EDIT: I've gone ahead and added the official press release in English that Liseberg has sent us regarding this announcement.


Liseberg today announced that Andreas Andersen will replace Mats Wedin as CEO and President of the Liseberg Group, when he retires early next year.


Andreas Andersen has worked in a variety of leadership positions at Tivoli Gardens from 2001 and 2008, and has since 2008 lead IAAPA’s* European office in Brussels.


“I am very happy and honoured to be appointed for this position. Liseberg has a special status in the attractions industry and plays an important role in the city of Gothenburg. And most important, Liseberg has a very special place in my heart” said Andreas Andersen.


“My ambition is to maintain the traditions of Liseberg, but at the same time also make sure that the park constantly renews and re-invents itself to serve the guests of the future” Andersen added.


Also Liseberg is pleased with the appointment.


“Andersen has an extensive operational experience from the park business, combined with an international outlook and a passion for the industry. The Liseberg Board of Directors is very pleased with this selection” says the Chair, Göran Johansson.


Andreas Andersen takes over from Mats Wedin 1. February 2011.

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Liseberg has published some new photos of AtmosFear on their Facebook page.



The gondola is gone.



The tower from the basement.



The stairs inside the tower.



Up in the sky.



The catcher!



Test drive of the catcher.


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^^ Next time you post an image you haven't taken yourself post the source of it, which in this case was me


^ Only from 66 meters this time, I would guess that they will increase it for every run until they get to the top. I might stop by our Liseberg observation point when I go to Gothenburg tomorrow...

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