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Speed: The Ride in Las Vegas .... Closed?

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^ Does the train still have the OTSRs? As I said previously, I hope they did what other Premier coaster operators have done and removed them.


Regardless, this is good news and it's time to visit Las Vegas again!




Yes it still has the OTSRs. I'll be riding it later this week.



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I rode it las night. Like stated above, it still has OTSR and the ride felt just the same if not better than before! Tickets are still $10 for a single ride.


I am a NASCAR fan myself and I wouldn't care less if the ride was themed to anything else. It looks like a fun ride and that's all that counts.


I would like to see the OTSRs gone though like Mr Freeze, Batman and Robin (R.I.P.), Poltergiest, Flight of Fear etc. I've always wondered why Speed: The Ride was never retrofitted.

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Maybe Nevada has the same kind of law that California does regarding OTSRs on coasters with any inversions.




Hmm, I'm not entirely sure about that one. When I was at SFOT I asked the ride attendant about laws on OTSRs for inverting rides. He says that he's never really heard of any such law in any state. Its just the parks' and the ride maker's discression and the insurance companies.


If Nevada does have a law like that, we won't be seeing any Schwartzkopf coasters relocated there without abit of modification anytime soon!

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Thought I'd throw this out there. Has anyone heard about the last promotion they had at the Speed Cafe? THE BOMB?!?! It's a 6 POUND by 2 FOOT burrito!! WTF!?!? Your prize for conquering this monstrosity? UNLIMITED RIDES ON SPEED and a t-shirt. Six pounds of puke......Last time I dropped into the cafe they only have a wall of shame of people who couldn't finish it. (If that's the case you get a shirt that says "Wienie" instead of "I conquered the bomb!")


So look out for a new Man Vs. Food to bump ridership or another challenger could appear. (Robb...looking at you )

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^ That's been brought up every time the Revolution OTSR issue has, and I believe Knott's got a variance of some kind, or it was grandfathered in...I forgot which.




That's because Tim Burkhart (or whatever the hell his last name is) has no problem with lying to us. When you get literally three different answers (all contradictory of each other) for more then one of the same question, yeah take everything the guy says with a grain of salt. But this isn't about liars, this is about Speed lol.


I have to agree with Mr Stratosphere in that the ride doesn't have many places for you to get your head bashed in. It would be awesome if they eventually got the new restraints, but as of my last ride they were not necessary.

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