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  1. I rode it las night. Like stated above, it still has OTSR and the ride felt just the same if not better than before! Tickets are still $10 for a single ride.
  2. That picture is one of Scream's trains. That picture has been on the site for about a year a two.
  3. I just sent one out from Las Vegas, be on the lookout!
  4. Circus Circus was supposed to get a full re-model in 2009, but I don't know if that's still the plan. I doubt it was going to be anything spectacular though. Oh well, time will tell.
  5. I'm not working in a park, but it's still a coaster. I work at the all mighty Togo Death Machine known as the Manhattan Express A.K.A The Roller Coaster at New York New York! I know, very exciting, it's get old after 2 years, lol.
  6. Happy Birthday Kidtums! I've never been to Legoland, seems like a cool place! Although, I am somewhat disappointed that they didn't include the Manhattan Express with the NYNY model. It would have looked awesome if they did! Oh well, that won't stop me from making a trip there in the future.
  7. I found an awesome website with brochures from the mountain while looking for pictures of Gold Rushers' original paint scheme. The Mountain looked way different then, here are the links: vintagedisneylandtickets.blogspot.com/2007/12/magic-mountain-inaugural-guest-preview.html vintagedisneylandtickets.blogspot.com/2008/01/magic-mountain-1975.html vintagedisneylandtickets.blogspot.com/2008/02/one-price-buys-mountain-early-1970s.html
  8. I was wondering if the park started given out the season pass coupon book yet? I was there a couple of weeks and they told me to come back in January. I'm in town for the weekend and I'm hoping I can get it now instead of April...
  9. To be honest, I don't really like the look of the "shell" that the seats are attached to, but hey, if it makes the ride better why not? It'll have to grow on me.
  10. ^Wasn't running? We were open all night, unless you came after closing. The premier trains provided a really smooth ride when we first got them, before the public was allowed to ride. After that short lived couple of days, it's still the same old rough ride. The ride was clsoed all week due to repairs and I rode it again tonight. Unfortunately, I feel the ride is as rough as it's ever been. It just seems to be getting worse...
  11. Six Flags put a diclaimer up on the site right under the X disclaimer: "The Flashback and Psyclone roller coasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain will not be operational in 2007. The Park is in the process of long-term planning and these two sites have been designated as a starting point for planning purposes. Six Flags Magic Mountain is exploring opportunities for these two areas of the Park for future Park expansion." Seems like they won't be removed anytime soon....sigh....
  12. I had something very similar to that happen to me when I working there as well. I worked as a merchandise host and this back when Tatsu was still under construction. I was working at Superstore and this girl with asthma just finished climbing the hill. She then went to Superman and came back dehydrated and just collapsed. Her family helped her up and asked me if I can get a some help for them and possibly get a wheel chair. I called guest relations and told them the situation. They told me the exact same thing, "tell her where guest relatons is and we'll give her cold water and a wheel chair." I responded by saying she can't even walk, she's sitting on the floor in front of me with her family. The guy then told me "tell her family to carry her down here." I hung up on him and called human resources. They told me that what he did was unnaceptable and they told him to come up and help the girl. He came up, but had attitude because he had to walk all the way around the park and up the hill. Another case of bad service was also at superstore. There was somene in a wheel chair who was all excited to go on superman for the first time. I was chatting with them for a while and then they went to wait in the queue. They came back to me about five minutes later and said the employees wouldn't let them on because the ride wasn't wheel chair accessible. I told them that wasn't true and I called guest relations. I told them the situation and they said "that's not our job, call ride operations, they'll deal with it." So I called ride operations and they were mad at me because they said I'm not a ride operator and that it's not my business. But soemone did come to help, but once again they were mad because they had to climb up the hill. Magic Mountain really needs to do something about their general manager and their employees as well. Like Allen said, most of them are too lazy to do things and always say "That's not my job."
  13. Um.....I happen to operate Manhattan Express and I haven't heard of any name change from anyone. The only thing that says the roller coaster at NY NY are the banners on the arcade floor leading to the ride. Everything else says Manhattan Express. We still call it by its original name. The roller coaster at NY NY was added so people can identify what casino the ride is at. If by any chance we do change the signs, I'll let you guys know.
  14. really? It must be a new thing Six Flags is doing because Deja Vu here at SFMM is the same way, every restraint is black and I also remember one or two seats on X a while back that had all black restraints
  15. Me on Tatsu today, I'm in the red shirt, my friend Renee is to left of me... I got to ride it nine times today!
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