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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

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^ it IS a winner! Everything on the ride work so perfectly and honestly, after riding for the first time, I had to ask my self "what the hell did this thing do to me" but in a good way because this ride does a bunch of things to you all at the same time, it's kinda hard to process.


I think I dated this girl. Was her name Lena?

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^I don't know how you're defining "big", but there are quite a few big coasters in the US opening up this season.. Hades 360, Yolo, Gold Striker, White Lightning, I-Rat, Outlaw Run, Gatekeeper... Plus a lot of "little" projects. I'd say just about every major major market in the US is getting something at least semi-big in their area (within driving distance).

Again, it depends on your definition of "big". I'd say this is a pretty good season for the US!

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Awesome! I can't wait to ride on Saturday! I got the email from Six flags saying they selected me for the Travel channel shoot, but declined because I can no longer make it, but that's ok since I'll get to ride it Saturday.

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