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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

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New tweet! Exclusive new image of the ride!



Alright, joking aside -


I guess the swings will become crime wave like at SFNE


I really hope not. That is one of the ugliest rides I've ever seen. Wave swingers are fun but that one is like the Sloth (Goonies) of Wave Swingers.

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There has been no indication of a Gotham/DC retheme but if you look at the color of SFFT2015, Batman colors on top of a black flag now hanging from it that says World First. Also, they have tweeted about a group buying up Rockville property. My guess Wayne Enterprises or LexCorp. 9 Days away!


does it say "World First" or "Worlds Finest"


because "Worlds Finest" is what DC Comics has historically called the Batman/Superman team up comic book.


and we have a Batman/Superman film coming in early 2016. . . so the pieces do kinda fit.




(then again, we could be looking at 1+1 and getting "11" instead of "2")

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The biggest clue to me that this may be a Gotham project is the phrase they keep using, "Urban Renewal Project" I thought that sounded familiar and it turns out I had seen it at six flags parks before, on the walls inside of the gotham city public park queue for B:tR.


TPR member VF15 just took a picture of it in fact:


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I am insanely disappointed they are taking away a classic show like Rockville. A show that has won them so many awards and has brought so many laughs for so many years. Its rather shocking. I hope Fiesta Texas doesn't start throwing away their Award Winning entertainment Department!!!!

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A few things.


I really hope the Gotham City rumors hold true, because that would be awesome to see such a dramatic re-theme at Fiesta.


Still pulling for the flying coaster, but now it's probably more likely that the free-spin will be put in. Seems like Six Flags won't blow tons of money on a brand new B&M flyer, and the free-spin is much more reasonably priced.


And, for all the people who think it's going to be the Time Machine, here are two reasons why it is extremely unlikely.


1) In the past few years, Six Flags hasn't purchased used coasters to put in their parks, so it would be odd if they did that for Fiesta.


2) The Time Machine is much like Superman . . . why put something in if it's going to be similar to something you already have?


It's not going to be Time Machine . . . sorry.

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