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  1. ^I know where this discussion Thread might stray too with that post. LOL
  2. Frontier City is stepping up on the Ice Bucket Challenge and I plan to participate any body else that lives nearby going to join in the challenge. Here is what FC posted on their website this evening. They are donating $1 dollar for each participant. Frontier City Theme Park 2 hours ago With the ALS #icebucketchallenge at Wild West Water Works tomorrow morning at 11:00am and The All-American Rejects concert tomorrow night at 8:00pm, we've got a full day of fun in store for your Saturday - and all FREE with park admission! See y'all out here! Frontier City has accepted the #icebucketchallenge and has challenged guests that come to the park tomorrow to participate in return! One thousand gallons of icy cool water will pour from the tipping bucket at Wild West Water Works onto willing participants below at 11:00am. Participation is included in park admission. We will be making a per-person donation to the ALS Association based on the number of participants, so we hope to see you out here!
  3. I saw on their latest facFacebook post a comment in the comments section a person commented and said that employee said the coaster was going to be a new Hybrid. Does that mean another RMC Hybrid Woody? Or Could be indeed the Free Spin? Going to be interesting less then a week and the mystery will be over and the excitement will grow.
  4. SFOT posted this picture on Twitter. somebody replied and tweeted asking where the location of this #SFOT2015 banner they replied to the tweet and said " it is located at Shockwave" ....(SFOT...Please do not go messing with a Anton Shwarzkopf Classic.) Did anybody else catch that picture they posted. SIX FLAGS corporation is driving me nuts with their teasing lately. OY! They are doing a good job with the teasing this year.
  5. @ArizonaGuy Thanks for the grammer lesson. They have also misspelled purposely items on their tweets. Going to be interesting. Have to wait 1 week from today. I noticed I did make some other mistakes in that post. I noticed those mistakes later this afternoon when I arrived home. I was trying to text on my phone. I do believe there will be more then one attraction. Oh, forgot to add......TIME MACHINE!! JK
  6. "Thrills". Displayed on the signs throughout Rockville that they have tweeted. Thrills". Which too me in my opinoin more then one attraction. In just saying Hold on to your lap bar the next 3 years are going to get real exciting for All U.S. theme parks.
  7. I read the report too and saw that image and its Top line and my thoughts were exactly the same Fiesta Texas has been using that line in their rockville message so my guess is that area is going to be rethemed into Gotham City. How much of the area is going to be rethemed that is now the question. They did say "Thrills" so they can incorporate and rename existing attractions. Like Scream, Poltergeist, The swings, The shoot to Chutes, etc. and in the meantime add a couple of new attractions like a coaster or a 4D show in the Rockville High. Going to be interesting to find out next week.
  8. ^I just saw that picture too...So we can pretty much confirm the area will be re-themed for Gotham City.
  9. Rockville High just might be a Justice League Dark Ride? The whole area might just be re-themed for DC universe like suggested in a previous post. Where existing attractions are re-themed. That would be cool if they re-theme Scream and Poltergeist. I know they did say "Thrills" so it suggesting the area is going to be a very active part of the park again. It would be nice they can tie the area in with the Superman coaster. Now just wait and wait and wait for Six Flags announcement on the 28th.
  10. What if they are incorporate from the entrance to Superman Krypton coaster to the bridge by Poltergeist re-theme the whole area To Gotham City. Going to be interesting. The company motto is GO BIG!! GO SIX FLAGS!! Going to be a huge project for the park. The only thing is whatever they do they have pretty large shoes to fill with the removal of old favorites and staples of the park. I made a outline of a satellite image I can see Rockville area being the center of the re theme.
  11. I knew it they were going to end this I bet it will be turned into Wayne Manor and they are re-theming the area into Gotham City...Multiple Thrills probably going to be Six Flags Biggest addition to all of their parks.
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