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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

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You have to submit a headshot and that's it? Wow. Talk about judging you by your looks...


From my experience, that is how all the Six Flags parks operate. I guess their target demographic is <30 because they want their commercials to portray people in their 20s. I've always been 'too old' for their official commercial shoots.

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I was there for opening. The park felt good for an opening day. Nice to see the yellow shirts gone in favor of the blue ones. Employees seemed well mannered. New entrance is nice looking and move the metal detectors to the Alamo wall. It will be nice for high crowd days. The scanners at the gate seem to have some lag and I am sure that will create hold ups at some point but that technology and people for you. The shows were awesome. Rockville had better flow to it. The cast was very good for it being an opening day. The New Roadhouse Country was an amazing show! The talent was overflowing on the stage and the feel of the show was a god western bar in Texas on a Saturday night with your friends. IR was running well and only time trains were stacked was when a guest was unable to fit. The ops were very good at ensuring that all restraints were proper and getting the train moving out of the station. Pandemonium has a moving station now. Seemed to work well. Boomerang had a breakdown, that is all nothing more or that out of the ordinary for a Boomerang I should say.


Overall it was a great day and a good start; the park is operating quite well these days. Both SA parks have advantage of having a short off season now which helps retain employees and knowledge as well as keeping things fluid and moving.

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Not that I can tell of. They had some updated lighter meal options at several food places, but other than that all food ops looked the same.


As far as the uniform I think it is chain wide as I believe someone mentioned it in the SFoT thread that they saw Blue shirts too.

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Screamscape just posted an update and some pics. Land prep has started and parts are in the parking lot. As far as location, looks like it'll be left of the wave pool and the Tornado water slide.


Pics below are from Screamscape.


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