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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

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went to SFFT yesterday for an event, that included a special Eclipse Viewing Party - dubbed "Total Eclipse of the Park"

during the Eclipse, we got special glasses, a drone show, and fireworks!   (it never really got dark enough for the drones to be super effective, but damn, the fireworks were insane!).

Not only does the park still have "Octoberfest" going on (spoiler, the food is all pretty amazing), but also "FrightFest" is in full swing (with Boo-Fest, the kid friendly event going on during the daylight hours).

it was a PACKED day, and was in the park from 10am-10:10 pm . . . we actually didn't stay for the evening ERT that was included in the event from 11-Midnight, and we actually left before the Evening "Frightful Finale" fireworks spectacular :( - but it was the right call, as the park was absolutely PACKED (parking lot was completely full. . don't think I've ever seen that) and we were worried about getting stuck in post Fireworks traffic that can sometimes add up to an hour getting back home to Austin.   The park was so crowded, they thankfully had opened up the Employee exit (never seen that before either!) that even with a huge exodus of folks also trying to beat the fireworks crowd, we were on the freeway back to Austin by 10:30.  

overall opinion before the pictures:

Octoberfest - A+ :
- the musical performance in Sangerfest Halle is great.
- the food from the booths is all excellent (everything we tried at least)
- the decor and costumes in that area are top tier, the "Beer Tapping Ceremony was fun"

"Boo Fest" - A :
- the characters were out and about in costumes
- the new location for the corn maze (front left lawn of Rockville High) let them do something more intricate this year, with multiple "chicken" exits if it got too scary for the kiddos due to the animatronics in the maze.
- the Voodoo Haunt during the day is running as "House of Curiousities" - with the lights turned up, and no "scare" actors inside - instead there are "guides" that bring each group thru and point out funny and amusing things.   This is such a great idea, and I wish more parks took this note and did this!    it's so nice to be able to see all the details, and the "guides" are friendly and not scary at all.
- multiple cast members in "non-scary" costumes handing out candy to anyone who says to them "trick or treat" - weather kid or adult
- the ONLY odd thing was the Trick or Treat/Kids town - where the character meet and greet was next to Hustler.  you know what's over there?  yup. . the toilets.   It was a bitt odd that to take pictures with costumed characters in front of the toilets. .LOL.   so . . odd, but not enough to knock this down a grade.

"Fright Fest" - B+ :
- the grade might be a bit too high, if all you care about are the Haunts.  for just the Haunts?   C-
of the 7 Haunts, honestly, only 2 of them are really good (with great effects and scenes, this includes the new "puppet/clown" house) another 2 were not bad, but were seriously lacking scare actors when we when thru (and it's noticeable because there are so many "nooks" where it's clear there was supposed to be a scare actor. . just weren't there).    the remaining 3?  they were just OK. . really nothing special that you wouldn't see in the neighborhood "scare house" that someone set up in their garage with hanging sheets splattered with paint, effects that didn't really work, and lots of jump out "boo" type of scare actors.     but oddly, the 3 so/so houses did seem to have the majority of the scare actors inside. . . so gotta wonder if they got pulled from the heavier "themed" houses to make the "hanging sheet" houses seem a bit more scary.        I dunno, but since Six Flags Charges for their houses, they SHOULD be much better than just 2 really good, two decent, and the rest just ok. (tho were included in our event passes, that's not true for the average guest)
- Scarezones/street actors - the park did a fantastic job here.   many were terrifying, and the way the interacted with the massive crowds moving among them?  bravo.   In particular the absolutely PACKED streets of CrackAxle during the Arrival - so crowded it was a bit frightening - but the scare actors came off the train and streamed thru the crowd to the delight of most.      the Actors on the Boardwalk - which is now a full scarezone were great, the ones in Rockville (in the heavy fog) were truly pretty terrifying the way they materialized behind guests in the fog, and in CrackAxle were all fantastic.
- Shows - this is where SFFT really, truly shines.   The shows are all fantastic (and amazingly - to me) use the same cast for multiple shows.   How they keep track of the songs and the choreography between the shows?  I dunno, but I was impressed.     "Curse of the Zombie Prom" is super dumb - but in a great way.   fun, and great voices.    and do NOT miss "Monster Mash Bash: the Bloodletting" - a real rock concert featuring many songs that are vampire/moon inspired, as well as storyline about 5 teens that are stalked by the vampires thruout the show, and are bitten one by one.    Excellent show, tho you might want to bring earplugs, as the music (and the pyro involved) can be loud.

there's also a band performing in front of Dr. Diabolical twice a day that was very good (I was told).

- decor. . . wowza  wowza wowza. . the park looks absolutely fantastic.  Entry area is Dia De Los Muertos, Soul Harvest scarezone at the end of the plaza.   The boardwalk is all clowns.  CrackAxle is "Steam  Pumpkins". . and the arch between DC Universe and Crackaxle is filled with glowing Jack O lanterns. . and honestly?   is absolutely gorgeous.

- be ready for the Crowds. . it was manageable during the day, but by ~4pm, the lines for any ride were crazy (and pretty much everything was operating). . and by 6pm (when the houses open. . tho the scarezones don't open till 7, as the creatures from the Arrival are who staff the scarezones). . it was difficult to navigate the park with the very crowded pathways.

the Eclipse Party gets an A+ just for how fun it wal - and the park has no control over the Sun, so not their fault it didn't get darker during the full eclipse  (the + is for the brilliance of blasting Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" right at the moment of full eclipse to start the drone show).    and a perfectly timed small cloud allowed for some amazing pics of the eclipse as well.

and the whole day/night?  the park had the lights on Kid Flash going.     it looks incredible.  it really does.    Jeffrey told us inspection is next week, so the ride should be open very soon.

ok. how about some pics!


arriving at the park. . one perk of attending an event, is you arrive a few hours before park opens, so able to park way up front in the lot!


while waiting to check in, bumped into SFFT Jorge Alvares - the park's Marketing Supervisor (and also the voice of the San Antonio Spurs - he does the announcing at the home games)






Lone Star Lil's opened up for the Eclipse Party, and most folks in the park has purchased this option. . so we all headed there, and I saw my friends Kelly and Nick (aka: the Quirky Coaster Couple). .they were in outfits for Octoberfest (and later that evening would change into Victorian Garb for Frightfest :) ).. they're oddballs, I love em!


also met many other friends at the event, include Erika, Andrea (who gitterized us), & Belinda



and look who I bumped into wandering around Lone Star Lil's making sure everyone was having a good time: Park President Mr. Jeffrey Siebert


Jeffrey and I are ready for the Eclipse!




a pic taken of the gang of folks I was hanging with. . taken by Park Marketing Manager Jeff Filicko (and I appreciate him airdropping me this pic, even tho the snaps on my shirt were losing a battle with my belly when I sat down. . LOL )


the Sun is starting to be eclipsed!


see?  (via my phone with the eclipse glasses over the lens)


Ring of Fire started playing, and the drones take off!



still a bit too bright, but they made a carousel horse, a few other things, and spelled out Six Flags


and a pretty spectacular fireworks show began


and suddenly a very well placed cloud passed by, and was able to get a couple of lovely pics of the eclipse without the needed glasses lens:





the finale of the Eclipse fireworks was impressive as hell. . . this pic does NOT do it justice. .it went on like this for at least 2 minutes.



grabbed a pic with the aforementioned Jeff Filicko before we headed out into the park, after congratulating him on such a fun Eclipse event.


let's take a peek at Kid Flash!

the station is almost done, and the LED Light package is amazing. . it doesn't really show up in my pic, but even in the daylight was impressive.



dinner wasn't for a good 5 hours yet, so the group I was hanging with headed to Sangerfest Halle to grab some Octoberfest food.

passing some Frightfest decorations on the way


but there is this giant Octoberfest Animatronic out over here too


for my $$?  the best food stand.   all three Proteins offered here are fantastic.

and the German Chocolate Cake got a great review too.


the meatballs - smothered in sauce, with a side of the potato wedges (I shared with someone, and dipping them in the meatball sauce made them so much better).  that's the cake in the background there


SOOO good


and can't go to SFFT without a visit with Sweet Connie!

clockwise from me:  Bryce, Connie, Steve, Russell, Erika, and Nellie


the newest figure on the Carousel. . finally able to get a pic without someone on it.




going to the Trick or Treat Trail from Boofest (as noted, by the toilets. . LOL) . . but I mean, I HAD to get a pic with "Wizard" Wil E. Coyote


and Haaaay Gurrrrrrrl!


the new house this year is over in the old "Joker's Funhouse Coaster" unused queueline.


the cornmaze for Boofest, has some slightly scary animatronics in the center of it this year. . . .I think that might be why there are multiple "chicken exits" from the maze this year.



we headed over to watch "Curse of the Zombie Prom" show. . . it's silly, but fun.

and one of the zombies comes out early to mess with the audience (pretty full show too)



she's doing her "Shamu" impression to poke at SWSA up the road.







since the Zombie Prom show is in the big Zaragoza theater near the front of the park, we popped into the VIP lounge for colas and cookies/snacks.

this lady had an adorable rhinestone Cat in the Hat outfit on, and let me take a pic.

yes, Adults *can* dress up for Frightfest, but the only rule is face cannot be covered!  if you want to do makeup?  you can only cover 1/2 of your face with it.


we spent some time in Thirsty Buffalo enjoying drinks, and then headed over to the picnic grove for our dinner (that was included with the event ticket I had purchased). . on the way by Dr. Diabolical's Elixir cart .  I noticed that they have JUST put a permanent cover over it.

thank goodness for Shade.   (I complimented Jeffrey about it later when I bumped into him again, and he said this is only step one. .there will be more improvements to this stand - hopefully a 2nd tap so they can double staff it)


after dinner we fought our way back into CrackAxle - tho stood pretty far back (near the Buried Alive house) because it was just too crowded to try to get any closer for the Arrival.

it worked in our favor, as we happened to be standing right where the Stilt Ghouls come out from (since they don't arrive by train).





the ghouls that stream off the train, disperse into the (packed) crowd and mess with folks. . .








after we did several houses, we took a break to go look at KID Flash light package in the evening. .



how about a video of the light package in action?








a look at Kid Flash from the other side. .


and another short video of the light package in action:





we made our way over to Lone Star Lil's for the "Monster Mash Bash: the Bloodletting" another great show - that happens to star many of the cast from Zombie Prom











My friend Nellie - who was in the earlier pic with Sweet Connie.  She won the Monster Makover the park drew for, and they made her over into a monster and let her terrorize folks in a Scare Zone for a while (what a fun contest they do every nite!).

but once she was "released" back into the park, they had to clean off 1/2 her face, because Adults may not have full face paint in the park.


and I bumped into the Quirkies again before we headed out. . .so I got to see the Victorian garb they had changed into.


all in all, a great time was had yesterday.

I'd recommend hitting SFFT soon. . while Octoberfest is still going on (to enjoy the food) and the Frightfest atmosphere.

personally?  I would not pay for the fear pass, and just stick to the two free houses, and ignore the other 5. . but hey, if you love jumpscares?  it might be a good deal for you!

regardless, recommended, as this park is always wonderful!


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On 10/15/2023 at 2:37 PM, bert425 said:

personally?  I would not pay for the fear pass, and just stick to the two free houses, and ignore the other 5. . but hey, if you love jumpscares?  it might be a good deal for you!

I went tonight and the maze pass was only $20, so I figured it was worth it. It's the same old stuff as the last few years (the clown one has changed a bit), but I think they do what they do fairly well with what they've got. That said, I really only do the mazes and skip all the other stuff (I'm allergic to musical theatre). I've always felt that the pigs and strobes one is pretty effective, and the poop hospital one is the worst. The two outdoor mazes are pretty fun. 

The park was DEAD (ha!), so I got a bunch of rides and re-rides in. Superman was running with its hexagonal wheels — the roughest rattle I've experienced on that ride yet. Golden Woman's Lassoo was open and running (thought it was down for rehab), but an op told me they've just updated the tech stuff so far and added a catwalk. The pothole by the camera is still there. I also rode the scrambler for the first time, and that thing hauls ass. The new kiddie coaster was running, too, albeit without kiddies.


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20 minutes ago, Arthur_Seaton said:

 Golden Woman's Lassoo was open and running (thought it was down for rehab), but an op told me they've just updated the tech stuff so far and added a catwalk. The pothole by the camera is still there. I also rode the scrambler for the first time, and that thing hauls ass.

Wondy did the 1st part of refurb and reopened for FrightFest & Holiday in the park.     yes, they did mechanical upgrades and the added catwalk at the drop.  In early 2024 is the remainder of the refurb - which will be the new trains.

and yes, the scrambler ALWAYS runs that insane of a program - which is why it goes down every year or so for motor replacement :)     It's always worth a ride.


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I'm jealous enough of SFFT versus our home park of SFSTL, I mean 7 haunts......we only got 4 😒  Really looking forward to coming down for the Christmas event in Dec.................y'all better not have a cold snap the one day we're there!!

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went up to SFFT Saturday for the annual "Feliz Fiesta" event, and had a wonderful time.

unfortunately, Kid Flash *is* down, but we got first rides of the day on Superman, a really great Holiday Meal, and night time ERT after park close on Roadrunner, Dr. Diabolical's Cliffhanger, and Iron Rattler - and the ERT started with a "twice around the park to enjoy the lights" train ride!

we also got sneak peeks at the logos for the new rides in DCUniverse, and special seating for the new (and EXCELLENT) show "Charles Dikens' Christmas Carol"

the surprise hot chocolate and cookies after the train were an added bonus . . a highly recommended event, if you're in the area.

(I had friends come down from St. Louis, and Atlanta areas just for this event).

some pics:


meeting up at front gate, and grabbing a pic with Jason Knutson (regional rep for ACE south central region) and Jeff Filicko (Marketing Mgr for SFFT)


Park President Jeffrey Siebert, shouting out "BERT" and giving me a big bear hug, as we entered the park
(with a wonderful photo bomb from Kim (TeacherKim here on TPR) and her son Joel - who flew from St Louis for the event).


LOVED this photo op. .and didn't have much of a line!


as opposed to Bugs, Sylvester, and Tax in PJs - that had too long of a line to wait in, so I just snapped pic as walked by.


can't go to SFFT without a stop in to see Sweet Connie in Sangerfest Halle - and we all used our dining passes to have Chicken Schnitzel (for my $$ the BEST food option in the park).


our badges for the event work as Flash Passes today, so we rode a bunch of things too. . but on the way to Wonder Woman coaster, we passed a show going on in front of the big tree in Rockville.

I believe the ladies used to be known as the "Jingle Belles". . but they've changed it slightly, so they're now known as the "Tinker Belles"  

the show ends with a Rocketts-like kickline that includes Bugs & Babs :)




walking back to the front to visit the VIP lounge, we came across another photo op. . this one had shorter line, so hopped in it.

SO nice to see Pepe has been let out of the "me too" doghouse. . . and Marvin was out too!


a peek at the menu in the VIP lounge.

i had the Merry Christmas Morning. .


which was VERY good. . tho I think it might have been served in the wrong cup size.   it was mostly Baileys, but a bit costly for the amount.


Jeffrey greeted us it he Picnic grove for dinner, all dapper in his festive Feliz Fiesta suit.


and they unveiled ride signs for the re-vamped DC Universe (and new) rides!


the updated fountain with new sign, and the 3 new rides^


the Monorail layout, and the new Supergirl (rethemed Skyscreamer) sign ^


the rethemed Poison Ivy (Up Up and Away) and Penguin (Convoy) ride signs ^


the rethemed Green Lantern (Zoom Jets) & Batgirl (Starliner coaster) ride signs ^



the design of the station for the new monorail revealed! ^


and the layout of the area now!


after a great meal.. we were led backstage over to the Rockville High theater and brought into a side door for special seating of the new show.

even if you've seen "A Christmas Carol" a million times?  do NOT miss this show.

newly songs, all written in house, and with some really impressive performers.    *this* is why the Park is known as a show park.   

Absolutely, highly recommended. . I'd put this way up there with the level of the Dollywood Christmas Show.

pics from the show (it's about 45 minutes, and as it's in the smaller theater - the bigger one, Zaragoza, is used for the big Majesty of Christmas show - the performances of this DO fill up. . so get there early).





















the show ends with the cast asking the audience to Sing along to "We wish you a Merry Christmas" . . .



and once the show cleared, the people attending Feliz Fiesta were invited up on stage for a group picture:


taking advantage of being on the stage to snap a few selfies :)



exiting the show to the gorgeous Rockville Christmas tree. .


and bumped into Bugs


and Babs


Kim and I also caught a performance of "the Singing Saps"


and also saw (clockwise from my right): Renee, Katie, Belinda, Amanda, and Erika passing by. . so grabbed a pic with them too!


the park really does look amazing.

I think SeaWorld has more lights. . .but SFFT certainly wins out for entertainment for me.



back up to the VIP lounge to grab a drink (SFFT has the biggest and nicest VIP lounge in the chain from what I've heard.   I have a Diamond pass, so have access, but on Sat, everyone with an event lanyard had access).

GREAT views of the plaza and the lights from up here.  

not very crowded, as most were in Zaragoza theater for the big Christmas show at the moment.




more pics from the lounge ^


it was quieting down, so we decided to walk the park and look at lights.   and we finally got a mostly "bacground people" free pic in front of the main photo op.


oh. . but I had forgotten. . Santa is over  here on Candy Cane lane. . .


his elves were out front (handing out candy.. which I asked if was leftover from Halloween, and was told it was. . LOL. . but it had been in a freezer, so was cold.

Loved it tho.


and Santa didn't have much of a line at the moment (remember, everyone was in the big show). . so I got a pic with him :)


here comes Miss Kitty, all decked out for the holidays!


blurry, but pretty crowded. .



the luminarias over in CrackAxle really do make the area look fantastic





another of the Holiday "shows". . this one is every 5 minutes or so:

H2Ho Ho Ho. . . funny.



beautiful. . . leading into DC Universe


and I LOVE the lights they put on Rattler. . hope those stay up year round.


sadly, not even the Lights on Kid Flash were operating :(

but I really do love the theming they've put up on it.. .the "Flash" symbols on the fence look great.

hopefully can get this fixed - was told the company is working on it, and they hope to have it back up operating by end of year . .. . fingers crossed.





Um. . . I don't think this looks like, what they THINK it looks like 😛





another friend who came from out of town, this is Jennifer


and some of the group I was hanging with on the train with me (two cycles around the park) to kick off ERT as the park was shutting down.

clockwise from left:   John Chen, Russell, Kim, Joel, and Jennifer.


very full train of happy Event attendees, and Jeffrey joined us on the back car, to play carols, and talk during the ride.









and that's a wrap.

a really good event, and absolutely worth going to the new show (and the classic Christmas show is good too)


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Awesome TR of the visit, Bert! And I 'think' I found you in that group Onstage Photo, after the show. Back Row. To the right of that center building/house(?). I can just see the cap on your head, heh. And the moustache, darker than the beard.

How long was this version of A Christmas Carol? (EDIT: I re-read your posting. 45+ min. huh?) It looked like they packed as much of the original story as they could into this one. Looked great, btw.


Merry Mary to you for the Holly-Daze, Bert.  Best wishes to you, your family and close friends. 🌲

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We had so much fun! On Fri night when our 9:45 pm flight got delayed and we ended up not landing in San Antonio until about 12:45 am, meaning we had 40 hours until we had to turn around and fly home again I was re-thinking the worth and wisdom of this trip; but it turned out to totally be worth it. I am not a huge seeker of character meet and greets but was excited to get Marvin the Martian, don't see him out and about very much. Of course the nice 75 degree, blue sky, and sunshine day helped a lot too! Besides we once flew to Dallas and back in one day just to go to the park there so........🤷‍♀️

And the schnitzel was legit very good, not just theme park good.

And as far as why was Santa pooping. Everybody poops. I'm more curious why he was fishing while pooping. That does not seem sanitary.🤨

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2 hours ago, teacherkim said:

And as far as why was Santa pooping. Everybody poops. I'm more curious why he was fishing while pooping. That does not seem sanitary.🤨

Fish rarely bite when it's most convenient. You'll lose a lot of fish if you wait until you finish shitting out all those milk and cookies.

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Hi Everyone!

My new years resolution is to be more timely when posting trip reports...🤣 So before the holidays get away from me I figured I better get them done.

After SeaWorld I wrapped up my Texas trip with a stop at what many argue as one of the better (pre-merger) Six Flags, Fiesta Texas. An I have to say that of the 3 Six Flags I went to last year (OT, FT, and DK) this one definitely felt like the nicest. For one thing it is the newest, opening in 1992, but also when Gaylord designed it your can for sure tell that they cared about the theming and were willing to spend the money to build a nice park. (Definitely makes me wish Opryland was still around). The overarching themed areas (or at least the ones Six Flags hasn't monkeyed too much with) are well done, and details are plentiful. There is still a lot of "Six Flags stuff" which is a shame because I think the park would be even better without the ads, upcharge go-karts, poorly implemented DC themes, oh and the boomerang... But even with this "stuff" it's a very nice park, so let's see what I thought of it's lineup!


Iron Rattler is of course the star of the show. The photogenic-ness alone of this ride is enough to impress. And how smooth! For being 10 years old now, it feels like it opened for the first time yesterday. No other RMC that I have ridden is that smooth. My only real complaint with IR is that it felt a little short. 3200 feet is respectable, especially when compared to RMC's built at that time, but it just felt like it was meant to have another 500 feet but the Six Flags budget was like nah... Maybe that's just me though.


The surprise of the whole trip for me was Dr. Diabolical's Themed to a Strange Degree Not on the Wall Skydiving Machine (I mean Cliffhanger...sorry got a little carried away with the name). When this was first announced I thought "Cool! Dive coaster on the quarry wall", and then I found out that it wasn't gonna be on the wall and I was like "Ok whatever, next coaster" I knew about the theming going in which I was very impressed with, though I thought it weird that you go outside and bam there's the coaster and the theming ends instantly. I feel like they could have put SOMETHING in the outside portion, literally ANYTHING but no it's just some grass. Theming aside though I really enjoyed this coaster. Granted it was my first B&M dive, but it really surprised me. I'm in the camp that I want a lot of the smaller regional parks to get these small dive coasters. The drop was one, the inversions were pretty intense for B&M, and it was just fun to ride. That to me is a big win for any attraction at any park, is just being fun to ride. Big thumbs up from me, and I'm kinda excited for Iron Menace now too.



The next headliner here that everyone talks about is of course Superman. To me this ride was like two-face, first half fun and solid B&M floorless. Second half? POS. It just meandered around some inversions while trying to rattle your brain out of the skull. Not my pick for best floorless (yay, Medusa!). Walked away kinda disappointed as I had heard good things about this ride.


Next up was Wonder Woman, and I know this was the prototype raptor but this thing was in rough shape. I think it's pretty evident why this ride is undergoing the refurbishment it is. The drive tires were worn down, the magnetic breaks were all banged up, and the train tracked horribly. Fun layout, which I really enjoy, but man was it rattly. I hope this is not the inevitable future of these rides since that would be an awful shame. I have had the privilege of riding all three prototype raptors and this was easily the worst.

Poltergeist and Batman: The Ride Great White Goliath were both fine supporting coasters. The theming in the station for Poltergeist was cool, though the rest of the ride I thought was just ok. Goliath was just a rough Batman clone. Oh, and I rode their Boomerang, no comment needed.



Roadrunner was a slightly below average mine train, if it still had the Wylie Coyote statue at the top of the lift I think I would have liked it a bit more. It only beats Pandemonium for me cause it was the last Arrow mine train, and at it has a custom layout.


A ride I did not like was Batman, there S&S Free Spin. I missed the one at OT cause of the weather, and I'm actually kinda glad I did. I strongly dislike these rides, there just stupid, uncomfortable, pain machines. I tried the one at SFDK as well and I hope that's the last one I have to ride, at least for a couple years.


I also road the train, which was great, and the Bugs Bunny Log Flume. I loved the execution of the Looney Tunes theme on the flume! Imagine if that's how Six Flags did all their LT/DC Comics theming? I think that be pretty cool.


And that wraps up my Texas trip. Both San Antonio parks were great, though I think I slightly prefer SeaWorld. I thought their ride lineup was a little stronger, plus the balance with the animals made it more interesting to me. I hope I can find a good excuse to get down to SA again soon! I got three more TR's to do all from NoCal, so we will see you all then!


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4 hours ago, TheRattler_87 said:

Is anyone at the ACE Winterfest right now?  What information did they say about Fiesta?


mainly recaps of what's coming in the new DCU - with some animations of the new Cyborg Nebulaz, Shazam spinning drop tower, and the Metropolis Monorail.

and also the new slides for the kiddos in Whitewater Bay (or whatever they are calling the Waterpark section now)

he also confirmed that the retheme of Supergirl started today with the park working to strip the ride bare, and therefore Skyscreamer is down while it becomes Supergirl.

one major thing he revealed is that the kiddie truck ride, that is being rethemed to Penguin, will become basically an outdoors dark ride - with lots of sets and scenes of Penguin vs Batgirl (makes total sense, since the Batgirl coaster will be right next door to it).   it sounds amazing, and I fully trust this park.

Kid Flash is back up and running, and interestingly, the light package is set to only 30% brightness. . .so it COULD be run much brighter, but they don't want to cause discomfort. . LOL

Wonder Woman's 3 new trains are being built now, and they expect them to arrive and go on the tracks some time in April.

what else. . hmmm. . new Menu options in the VIP Lounge (they all looked good).   all festivals/events they ran in 2023 are coming back in 2024, including the new Food Festival they introduced last year.

they are opening up for an Eclipse Party on April 8th (I think that's the day of the Eclipse. . . SWSA is opening up that day too). . . and SFFT will have a 180 degree Fireworks display during the actual Ec;ipse.


that's what I recall off the top of my head. . .it was a very long day, and just got home :)

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oh, forgot to post this. . new walk around character meet and greets coming to the park.

(and Jeffrey specifically mentioned this is Harley's "Winter" outfit, and she has a version with shorts).



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Been a while, so I found out that Fiesta Texas has filed two projects to the TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations)

Filing 1: DC Universe Project with a completion date by October 2024 https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/TABS/Search/Project/TABS2024012187
I find it interesting with the Daily Planet upgrade because Supergirl exit is supposed to go to the Daily Planet, but Superman entrance & queue are blocked it. Could we get a new Superman entrance and can we get a Superman theming upgrade alongside with it?

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^ 100% the changes to Superman queue is because they are routing the Supergirl exit thru the giftshop.

I suspect that the Superman line entrance will be in the gift shop on the far right, and they will deepen the store - getting rid of the lockers in back, and a few rows of queue - which Supes RARELY fills, as that ride is a people eater.    What is currently the Superman Entrance will become the Supergirl Exit.

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so. . I just got an alert thru the Six Flags app. . the Speedy Parking is now FREE for my level pass (Diamond).

all I had to do was sign up for it, and I have it for free for the rest of the year (thru Jan 1st 2025).


I have to assume that the upcharge pricing for it was a big flop. . . but hey, I'll take it!  was super easy to sign up, just need to give them your license plate, and good to go.

tho it means less folks at the booths when coming in. . .

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I saw the same thing on the app and good for our membership too. Is it already being used at SFFT? Interested to see how it works at SFSTL because last fall before they closed for the season the signage was going up but it hadn't been implemented yet. We get free preferred parking, which I only mention because I noticed on the visit last October that they were routing all the pp people to the left lane and I think/hope that means they are making that a direct lane to pp instead of having everyone drive all the way around and through the whole lot. It just would make traffic flow a lot better.

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