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Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

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I was obviously making a joke as that "Boston accent" is one of the most isolated accents I've ever seen. You can be 20 minutes outside of Boston and rarely hear it, but when you're in the city it's all you hear. I have heard it in parts of New Hampshire though.

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Wow, that thing is MASSIVE! While Goliath definitely added to the skyline in that part of the park, I didn't think anything would ever dwarf Cyclone like that. The drive coming up from Connecticut is never going to be the same again; can't wait to ride it this summer!

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I was obviously making a joke as that "Boston accent" is one of the most isolated accents I've ever seen. You can be 20 minutes outside of Boston and rarely hear it, but when you're in the city it's all you hear. I have heard it in parts of New Hampshire though.


Funnily enough, the person with the single thickest Bahstin accent I've ever heard is from the Worcester area and will make sure you know if you ever make the mistake of insinuating he's from Boston. Quoth him: "Bahstin? I'm from fahkin' Woosta, khed! Bahstin's queeah!"


And yes, people from Boston all the way up to Nashua and Manchester really do talk like that, and it's pretty common in all but the most northern portions of Maine as well. Profanity might as well be punctuation around here, and this is probably the only place on earth where you can hear LGBT individuals calling things "gay" or "queer" without a hint of irony. The NH/MA/ME tri-state area is a weird place.

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Sorry if this has been posted before but SFNE Online has posted a construction tour of the New England SkyScreamer and there is also information about changes for the new season. The tour was from the beginning of the month so the ride was just starting vertical construction but there is still a lot of neat facts that everyone has been wondering about on here!



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The new biometric scanning process sounds great. Also, the fact that JB's is going on the dining pass will probably encourage me to buy one as it's by far the best restaurant in the park.


Any word on how the biometric scanning system will work on a membership from another park?

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Considering construction is done and the park has posted pictures of the swings being lifted into the air, I think it will probably be earlier than the "opening this summer" posted on the website but I'm not expecting them to be ready for opening day. I don't know if I've heard of any reports of the ride actually testing yet. To be honest though, I'm not worried about when it opens because I will never get on it (other than I really don't want to be in the park on the ride's opening day).

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That final picture of SkyScreamer over Cyclone seems strange. Is it just me, or is the chassis at an angle? Hope not, because that last picture makes me want to avoid the ride at all costs.

I think that's just distortion from the wide angle lens on the camera.

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Went to opening day today; I couldn't stay long because I had other things to do, but I had just enough time to get my season pass processed, take a few pictures, and even get a ride or two in. The park actually wasn't that crowded, but I've experienced a few opening days for the park, and none of them were particularly busy. But as was expected, there were a few hiccups in operations as both the employees and the rides got comfortable with guest throughput. Anyway, onto some pictures.



The skyline for the park has changed DRAMATICALLY with New England Sky Screamer. It's so tall that you can see it all the way from the bridge crossing the Connecticut river in Enfield, CT. Driving up to the park, it was pretty breath-taking seeing just how big this ride was.


The parking lot wasn't quite empty, but there was still a decent amount of people for opening day. At least it kept the lines down.


NESS was all the park goers could talk about.


I still find it crazy that the red portion of the tower alone is taller than Cyclone.


Hello Bizarro! I've missed you. This is my first to the park since 2012, so you'll forgive me if some of the changes I mention were made for last year rather than this year.


The biometric scanners were in place, and gone were the turnstiles. Because so many people were getting their season pass card at the front gate, the line moved a little slowly; but I have a feeling the pace will pick up the further into the season it gets.


New maps with NESS on the cover.


Season Pass Processing is no longer in its old building, but in the old gift shop of Whistlestop. It was a bit odd seeing the ride operating behind people's pass processing.

So aside from the young employees getting used to the system and the expected queue, the season pass processing system is actually fairly quick. I guess since everything is now automated and you don't have to wait for a picture of yourself on a card it really speeds up the process. Overall, it's an improvement over the old system, unless you're one of those types of people who likes to collect old passes containing your photo



Thunderbolt is boasting a sexy paint job!


The ride looks really good now, very fresh.



Despite not having a lot of time in the park, there's always time for Bizarro!


The mist in the tunnels were not running, even though temperatures were pushing close to 70 degrees all day.


Sorry for the dark picture. I am in need of a new camera soon.


In the queue for Bizarro, I was very surprised to see the monitors play an episode of Merrie Melodies.


I couldn't hear what was going on, but I'd MUCH rather watch some classic cartoons than listen to some of the stuff they usually play.


The lines moved very slowly, but they remained short all day. This is the set of switchbacks right before entering the station. These filled up again a few minutes after I took this picture, but it never got overwhelming for the crew.


The lift hill felt like it's been slowed down, and the ride felt a little sluggish. It was still a very fun ride, and the airtime on this hill was still intense, but I hope the summer brings back those powerful rides I've come to know.


Well this is awkward...


You can pretty much see NESS anywhere in the park. I don't think you could have even seen the skycoaster from this point last year.


I can confirm that Twister is gone...... It was a very sucky ride, but now it means that Six Flags New England is completely without an inverting flat ride. I love SFNE, and I'll be the first to come to the park's defense, but I'll also be the first to put in some criticism where criticism is due. SFNE desperately needs flats; but NESS is a good step in the right direction.


I didn't ride Mind Eraser, but they seem to have a good, quick crew this year. Then again, for the past few years I've seen some of the best crews at Mind Eraser.


Also didn't ride Batman: The Dark Knight, but it's always good to see it running.


It looked to be running a little slower than normal, but again, it might just be because it's opening day and only just returning to action.



Sorry Scream! You're no longer the high and mighty towers you once were.


Goliath was not running, but there was a reason why.....


.....Premier train on the tracks.


Especially after last year, I'm not holding my breath for the new train taking over, but there were plenty of maintenance workers all over the ride and up the first tower.


These fellas sure aren't afraid of heights.


Another look at Thunderbolt's paint and a train full of happy riders.


They had water dummies in the trains.


It didn't look like they were ready to test the ride, at least in the time while I was there, but there is definitely work being done on the train; so hopefully that work is finishing touches.



It looks out of place, but I'm really glad Goliath could join Six Flags New England's family.



Flashback was up and running.


The line was a one-train wait, but I've kind of given up on this Boomerang.


I really wouldn't be that upset if Flashback were to go away in the near future, just so long as it actually gets replaced with something worthwhile.


Employees can also be seen at NESS.


This ride is just massive. Given the years of height restrictions imposed on SFNE in the past, I still can't believe it finally got something like this.


The water feature was an extra nice touch.



I've been on both Windseekers and Star Flyers, and I prefer Star Flyers. I can't wait to experience New England Sky Screamer later this year.


Poor Catapult. It wasn't the most comfortable rides, but it was unique and I always enjoyed it.


This archway of sorts was placed above the stairs leading to the north-most end of the park.


Didn't ride Pandemonium, but it's still a hit with families. The operator working the ride also sounded very enthusiastic.


Goliath may be down, but it is not lacking in attention.


It doesn't appear that they've changed the air gates. It's a little hard to tell if those dummies look comfortable in those seats or not.


I wish Goliath's crew the best of luck. Whether they succeed or not, I hope to be able to ride Goliath again soon.


Very disappointed to see that the shortcut from Crackaxle Canyon to the front of the park has been closed off :(


A lot of the shops on Main Street have undergone name changes. Only a few seemed to cater to a brand name, so I'm not so sure why they felt the changes necessary. Oh well.


And a look at their map with the addition of New England Sky Screamer.


So that was opening day at Six Flags New England, and it was pretty much everything I expected: New employees learning, frequent ride breakdowns, the "new for 2014" ride not running yet, etc. I certainly had a good day, but there is a lot of room for improvement, particularly in the current flat ride lineup. I really hate to complain, but I seriously hope that SFNE can make a comeback in this department, even if it means putting a major coaster planned on hold. That was really my only big problem, I'm hoping that the smaller problems I had like ride and employee performance (I would say food prices, but I almost never buy food in the park) will improve over the course of the season. The employees were nice, the park was clean, I can still see this being a good year.

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That Sky Screamer is just nothing but jaw-droppingness the whole way through, or rather, up. I'll probably never ride it anyway, as I don't go along well with Chairswing rides anyway, but I'm certain the view from the top will be unmatched.

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^ I think it was closed most if not all of the season. I was there opening day last year when they had first moved the Season Pass processing to its current location in Whistlestop Park and First Aid to the location near Hurricane Harbor. I seem to remember the shortcut being closed at that time since there wasn't a need to provide easy access to First Aid.


As for Goliath, I don't think it will be open this weekend. The station platform looked like it was full of water dummies and other stuff and while I was at the park, there were people working on it in the station, and at various points in the day, up in different sections of the two towers.


NESS looks like most of the actual ride and ride platform are ready but the queue is still under construction in the former Catapult area.


Some thoughts I had regarding the rest of the park. First, Bizarro, Mind Eraser and Batman were all running 2 trains the entire time I was there.


Cyclone really needs the topper track from the top of the lift through the first drop. It was pretty rough in the back seat today. I know I was probably asking for it by riding in that seat, but the topper track sections were noticeably smoother.


Bizarro was running well but they seemed to be having trouble getting the train dispatched due lap bars not being down far enough. It appeared that the only person who was able to tell if they were in the correct position was the operator in the booth and she kept having to lean down a squint to see if the display said it was OK. I'm not sure if it was just glare on the monitor or what, but it definitely slowed the process down a lot.

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As an operator said at the park, NESS will most likely open in May. I had a problem getting in too. I used my "10 dollar tickets for a friend" with my season pass. We got to the gate, and were told to go to the ticket booth to purchase the ticket. Then they told us to get the ticket at the entry way first. I finally got a park manager, and I had to get in with my season pass, the lady gave my friend a ticket, and he had to go buy it then enter. The park was awesome though, and it looks like they have something good where twister was..

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