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  1. Last I knew, they actually went over to look at Kanonen. Unfortunately, they didn't purchase it because it wasn't "up to their standards". I have a feeling they'll still add this rapids ride for 2018.
  2. Sadly, no single rider line on Wicked Cyclone. Fireball, Scream and Pandemonium all have single rider lines though. The Pandemonium and Scream ones are the same as the Flash Pass line.
  3. So you're suggesting that people should shoot vertical video on the off-chance there might be an investigation where someone may prefer that format? Which you have zero evidence to back up that claim? Wow, that's dumb. REALLY dumb. Here's an idea: why not just shoot video that doesn't make you look like a fucking moron? As stated up above, most people default to vertical videos as that is how people regularly hold there phones. Plus, I doubt the person shooting this had the intention to upload it, they probably just wanted to show their friends.
  4. Yes, they're the same as The Great Nor'easter. And no, this is the best picture there is at the moment.
  5. Hey everyone! I recently got Planet coaster and I decided to try theming a park to the old west. Hope you like it! It has 3 attractions; an S&S swing named Barnstormer, a balloon race named Desert Storm, and an RMC woddie named Crazy Train. Enjoy! Here's the main entrance, themed to a bank. Here's the duel scene out front. Close up on the right entrance gate. Bank from the back. Entrance of Barnstormer. Next to Desert Storm. Overview of Desert Storm. Crazy Train's entrance plaza. Inside the queue house/station building. Finish of the coaster. It has triggered steam and a water jet, acting like the water tower is over heating and shooting off water. Overview of Crazy Train. Random theming. Crazy Train's first tunnel. Overview of entire park. Hope you guys enjoyed! Any comments are appreciated! Thanks!
  6. I've gotten and witnessed many snaps, mainly done by teens. My brother could snap them a lot more then me. Way better than Canobie's..
  7. When I visited a few weeks ago, I was told that the steel on the triple up starts breaking when they run two trains. Also, they're having companies come in to look into replacing the triple up with a new element.
  8. Not sure if this has been discussed recently, but the Toro crew is absolutely amazing! They're running to check restraints and are usually ready to go before the other train hits the break run. Kudos to them!
  9. My family and I will also be there Tuesday and Wednesday. KK usually gets a long line due to low capacity. If you're interested in doing the safari, its better to do it early. I like to ride KK then go to Toro for some rerides before it gets too crowded.
  10. Wicked Cyclone is open. I believe it was the new cylinders they started using this year.
  11. No, the 2 drop towers have brakes at the top to hold the car, while the launch towers don't. You can see them in the 2 back towers at the top.
  12. I love Skyrush. I did a marathon when the park was dead on it. 23 times without getting up in the back row left wing
  13. When I was there in April, I heard the ops on SR talking about new restraints, I should've said something..
  14. I'll have to come back next year then! Had a great first trip a few weeks ago!
  15. Skyrush Sunday at Hersheypark. I got 23 rides without standing up on the back row, left wing!
  16. You can hold a conversation throughout an entire ride. Like talking on a Boomerang going up, and keep talking without loss of your thoughts during the ride. Maybe it's just me
  17. Last year, my family and I went from NJ to Philly by the train system from Trenton to Camden. The only car we used was to get to the Trenton station. I'm sure you can find a bus of some sort, or a cab, from the Trenton station to the park. Good luck!
  18. They are the single crappiest flying Scooters I've ever ridden. Absolutely, bar none, undisputed worst pieces of crap ever. If you can snap those you're a legend. I don't know I think you'd have better luck with a crappy Larson though by the sounds of it the guy above me is much better than I am. The only ones I'm able to snap are at KD, Carowinds and of course Knoebels. Try the flying scooters at Canobie Those are the worst IMO. I snapped the ones at LC once on my first ride, a huge one, but that was the only time.
  19. What's the weather policy? It looks like it's going to rain little and I want to get in everything.
  20. I'm going to the park for the first time this Sunday. Any way to hit the park? Any flats I can't skip? What are your predictions of the crowds? Will I need a Flash Pass? Thanks!
  21. Glad I looked at their website....because they aren't open this weekend! They were only open for Springtime In The Park the past two weekends. You may want to alter your plans so that you and your family aren't disappointed. Thanks to EastCoastKid for posting the link to the discounts though! I meant the last weekend in April. Whoops.
  22. The family and I will be going to Hershey for 2 hours on Friday, then all day Saturday and Sunday. I have a few questions. Which rides should I go to at opening for the 2 days? How would the crowds be? How long are the lines on average and what's usually the longest line? Is there a specific way to go about riding the rides? I'd like to ride all the coasters, including the kiddie coaster, so any plan would be helpful. Thanks!
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