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Foreign Country

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Realistically with the language thing...I would choose Australia. I just really fell in love with that country in my few visits down there. Everyone was so friendly, it's a beautiful HUGE country with vastly different landscapes, and they have cool animals!


Total dream, if language and cultural barriers didn't exist:




Although Denmark was pretty cool also...I would go work for Farup Sommerland!


Elissa "then I would do the monkey bars of death!" Alvey

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Switzerland, because they are a republic, are not an active member of the UN, and have legalized marijauna. Well, they are only part of one partoition of the UN, which deals with trade. Trade=Good.


"It's not a war on drugs, it's a war on personal freedom."- Bill Hicks.

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Well, the two countries I would definately live in I didn't live in this greedy country would be Canada(Far North) or South Africa. You might be surprised why South Africa. The countryside is very beautiful, South Africa is also a diverse country, I hear great food, plus I get the rarest of credits in Gold Reef City and Ratanga Junction . If I live in Canada(Far North) my closest credit would be Mindbender(Still not a bad deal!).

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