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Photo TR: Six Flags St. Louis, City Museum and More!

dj snow

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Last week I made an intense two-day trip to St. Louis. I flew out there after work (and after a two-hour monsoon storm delay), met up with a friend, and then we hit Six Flags, the City Musem, the St. Louis Zoo, the Science Center, and Ted Drewes.


Believe me when I say that good times were had. I even have photographic proof:


And finally, what trip to St. Louis would be complete without a stop at Ted Drewes? Not this one, I tell ya! And thus concluded my trip to St. Louis. Thanks for reading!


We saw a car with its front bumper slightly askew.


A man on a motorized scooter picked up some food from the White Castle drive-thru.


And I found some stuff for my DVD collection.


Later on, back in town, this happened.


The grounds were beautiful.


Shield your eyes, children!


A beautiful butterfly.


This penguin was keeping watch.


Their carousel includes a caterpillar!


Shield your eyes, children!


There were frogs.


The next day we went to the excellent St. Louis Zoo.


And if you need to take a break, please enjoy these parking lot tram cars.


How many people can you count in the ball pit?


This slinky is suspended from cables and reaches about five stories into the air. Yes, it moves as you climb it.


Outside is MonstroCity, which includes two airplanes, plenty of things to climb, a giant ball pit, lots of slides, and more.


And of course, you can indeed slide down the Shoe Shafts to the basement, where you'll find some caves to explore.


These are the Shoe Shafts. They are roof-to-basement spiral slides that were original to the building (originally a shoe factory), used to transport shoes. And that's a pipe organ in the background (not original to the building).


Throughout the building you'll find various passages. Some take you to other rooms, levels or caves. This one led to areas beneath the skate ramps.


There's also a skateless skate park. Slide down, run up, and swing across all the ramps!


And how could we forget the Midwest Spatula Museum?


There are also beautiful displays such as these.


At the City Museum you may also enjoy the glory of the World's Largest Underpants.


Circus acts daily at the City Museum!


Throughout the City Museum are slides to take you from one level to another. This one is made from rollers. Whee!


Or, if you insist, you may climb in from the other end.


In the lobby is this big whale. You can climb in its mouth...


Farewell, floor-friend.


We looked down, and there's somebody scooting along beneath the floor! Hi, floor-friend!


The City Museum is open til 1 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays, and there are two bars inside. Everywhere you look there's stuff to climb on. This means fun.


Later, we went to the City Museum. This is what you see as you enter. Note the people climbing the spiral slinky.


Evel Knievel was a great ride. It efficiently ran two trains throughout our visit (even in the pouring rain).


Bugs, where are you?




Big Spin reopened and it was fun.


I was getting thirsty. Luckily, I found the chilled water.


Crabs = comedy gold!


There was a man in the waterpark wearing a kilt. We did not investigate any further.


The pathway was very nicely landscaped.


So we took a little detour through Hurricane Harbor.


It started to rain, which meant that Tony Hawk's Big Spin shut down for a bit. (Nice poncho, lady.)


If you choose the back row of Batman The Ride, you could stop the ride. (Note: I did NOT say "you should stop the ride.")


The Boss is hard to get a photo of, so I hope you at least appreciate this effort.


Mr. Freeze, meet Colossus.


Who is this supposed to be? Anyone?


They have this newfangled wooden contraption.


The first stop was to Six Flags (West of) St. Louis.

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Ok, that was the most random awesome trip report ever!


Yeah, yeah, yeah...thanks for the Six Flags photos, sure...but OMG....


- Spatula Museum

- Entering the whales butt

- Giant Panties

- Roller Slides

- Human Slinky

- Caterpillar Carousel

- And creepy people in masks!


Seriously this TR will haunt me for years!!!



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"So we went to the AWESOME museum and I think there was some cute little park called six flags, but anyway, the museum was just AWESOME!"


Museum = Epic Win.


The Boss is hard to get a photo of, so I hope you at least appreciate this effort.


Oh I do sir. I really do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Oh... did you get a picture of the bus that hangs off the top of the city museum?

Sorry, I did not get a picture of that, but the school bus is safe and sound, still teetering off the edge of the roof.


Speaking of the roof, any day now they should be opening up a new assortment of stuff on the roof. Originally they were going to put some sort of waterpark up there, but I think now it's going to be dry sculptures/attractions. Here's a picture from their website. (Yes, that's a giant praying mantis on top of the white dome.)

What was with the Guy Fox masks?

As steel indicated above, they were handing anti-Scientology flyers out.


Keep the comments coming...

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I can't believe nobody mentioned the zoo and I believe the musuem are free. That's right people in St. Louis you can do a ton of stuff free. I think the only things that cost are the Arch and Six flags. The zoo is truley an awesome place. Make sure you fit some time in to do the landing and the Bush stadium tour. They also have/had the World bowling musuem but I think their losing it to Indy this year. Oh yea eat some good eggplant on the hill gumba! Great town!

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I feel sick just looking at the pictures of the slinky tubes. I cannot climb through the tunnels that move at McDonalds let alone do anything like that. And I am NOT afraid of heights


Question: Do you have to go through the Slinky to get to the other areas of the museum?


I would however LOVE the slides down to the basement!

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Nice pics.

The City Museum is easily the BEST non amusement park attraction I've been to. I went a few years ago when some places were still under construction, but the place still rocked. Here's a cool fact about the place. Almost all of the parts they used to build the giant playground were recycled industrial parts that are normally found in factories. Probably the best part of the place is how high the outside section goes.

I miss that place.

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I can't believe nobody mentioned the zoo and I believe the musuem are free.

That's right, the Zoo is free, as is the Science Center and I'm sure a lot of other attractions. Lots of great, free attractions in St. Louis.


The City Museum, however, is not free. It's not operated by the city or any municipality, so it must fund itself. So please go!

Question: Do you have to go through the Slinky to get to the other areas of the museum?

No, you do not. The slinkies are just another option to get from one place to another. There may be certain individual elements that require slinky travel, but it's not as if you must use a slinky to get to entire floors or exhibits.

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Great random trip report! I'm going here next weekend so I'll try to out-random yours but I don't think it's possible!



I have a segestion... since you'll be coming up from Memphis you'll have to pass through my town, which has the country's smallest city park (to see what I'm talking about go to this link ) You could take some pics of that. Oh... we also have a street called Shapiro Drive.


TC Ridesalot wrote:

I can't believe nobody mentioned the zoo and I believe the musuem are free.


That's right, the Zoo is free, as is the Science Center and I'm sure a lot of other attractions. Lots of great, free attractions in St. Louis.



Ya the zoo is amazing. It is the best one I've ever been to (and I think it was voted #1 or #2 in the country).


If you go to this link #5 on the list has the (good) free attrations listed.


Now that I've looked at the photos you took again, I really want to get out to the City Museum... and get some Ted Drews!

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