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Favourite Vekoma!

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There are a number of Vekomas I've enjoyed riding:


Thunder Coaster (Tusenfryd)

Kumali (Flamingoland--the only SLC that's worth a damn, I think)

Expedition: Everest (Disney's Animal Kingdom)

Any of their versions of Big Thunder Mountain

Colorado Adventure (Phantasialand--Vekoma makes good mine trains, if you theme them up a bit)


I enjoyed Rock'n'Roller Coaster in Florida when it first opened--not so much anymore.

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I love Deja Vu! When I went to SFMM, the operators there were actually some of the most enthusiastic in the entire park. Couple that with a very fun ride and call it my favorite.


Expedition Everest is really enjoyable, though it's nowhere near my top favorite rides ever.


The SLCs are actually pretty fun if you know how to ride them.

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1. Déjà Vu (SFOG)

2. Firehawk (KI)

3. Thunderhawk (MA)

4. Invertigo (KI)

5. Ninja (SFSTL)

6. Carolina Cobra (Carowinds)

7. Nighthawk (Carowinds)

8. Boomerang (WOF)

9. Roller skaters (IoA, SFGAM, SFKK, CP)

10. Reptards (KI & Carowinds)

11. Ninja (SFOG)


I wish I could include Battlestar Galatica, it looks awesome!

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The GIB's I've been on are both great (Deja Vu, SFMM and Aftershock, Silverwood), and the Disney Vekomas are also very fun: BTMR in Paris, both Rock N' Roller Coasters, and Expedition Everest.


As far as worsts go, Boomerang (Knott's) is the only one I hate, so yeah...

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Both Rock 'n' Roller Coasters, GIB's, Vekoma Minetrains, MK-900's(Vogel Rok and the terrain coaster at Tibidabo), Revolution at Bobbejaanland, Speed of Sound at Walibi World, I enjoyed all of these coasters a lot. And I guess Vekoma woodies are also just ''ok''.

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I'm still confused on whether or not Space Mountain at Disneyland is actually a Vekoma. According to RCDB, it is, but I've heard otherwise before. If that counts, it is my favorite Vekoma. If not, I'd say Deja Vu at Six Flags Magic Mountain (it likely would be Stealth/Nighthawk, but I can't remember my one ride on that from 2003 very well).

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