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Playland(PNE) Vancouver Discussion Thread

Opening Day weekend at the park.

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Today was the day that the Vancouver Pride Society holds it's annual Gay Day at our home park, Playland, prior to our Pride Weekend in August (parade on Aug.03).


There's an area for gathering together, with live music and of course, the all-important Beer/Refreshment Garden, lol. And everybody is asked to wear a red shirt, as per the usual request at every Gay Day in every park ever held, around the world, heh heh. A lot do, and a lot.... well, don't LOL. But it's all for having as great time in our park here, today.


Unfortunately, I didn't see any of our great drag performers in this early afternoon, to entertain both us and the unsuspecting other people at the park, lol. They most likely had a big night of entertaining the night before, and would probably show up later. Much - later.



I decided to take my little mini-digital camera over there and try my hand at taking (only) 20 high res photos with it. This camera I bought during the TPR UK Tour two summers ago, off a rack at a rest stop shopping place. Never broke it out of it's clamshell holder until this summer.


And as you'll see, some of the pics need a lot more... um... centering than I ended up with. A terrible little "view finder" (hah) with it, but I did my best. And no backscreen for either previewing or seeing what you took. Had to wait until I got back home and downloaded it all.


So I apologise in advance, for the heads that have been un-ceremoniously chopped off "a bit off the top" as I found out, when I downloaded. And all those front pavement shots! I'll get it, eventually.




Wait! What's that beyond this basketball pavement, the hedge and the big rainbow flag (which always has red in it)? "Crave" huh?Must check that out!


Our drop tower, Hellevator, has some red going right up through it. And the ferris wheel of course, is multi-colored. And more pretty pavement to see.


Now I see some gold, and some silver in back. Still not much "red" to be found. I'll keep looking...


There's a couple of big purple and yellow umbrellas. Not much red, though here. Except on the train.


Wait! Here's the new Honey Bee Express chugging along, which has some nice red trim on it.


I see some red over there. But not much. And more blue in front, here. Hmmm.


A bunch of yellow here. Some red on it, but not a lot to notice. No red shirts to see either, darnit.


Our Vekoma CorkScrew goes a bit red for today. Note the big piece of pavement there in front? This park is not known for it's landscaping, lol.


Our massive expansive entrance to Playland. Doesn't look very 'gay' from here... Not much red I see. And a good "road shot," heh heh.


First of all - this is the camera in question. Ain't it a cutie? Needs work on centering, etc. I'll learn...

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^ Thanks Corkscrew. And yes, it was a tiny little headache to figure out, LOL. But once in a while, I got a fairly good shot. Even Mario who took my pic got me excellently "centered", heh heh...




So I went around the hedge, which took me near our log flume ride, and Voila! There was the entrance to a nice little area set aside for gathering, a few cocktails, some entertainment... and Pride-sharing, lol.


Again, apologies in advance for the couple of head-chopped shots, lol.



And with it running it's Red Train today, our Coaster is 50 years old this year! So a Happy Birthday with many more years of great riding to come! And a Happy Vancouver Pride, everyone!


Glen, his bf Dan, and their friend Richard. Enjoying the afternoon with drinks, music and good friends. Dan's Gay Days shirt says "Anaheim" on it. Possibly from a GayDay at the Disneyland parks? Didn't ask - didn't tell, LOL!


Definitely more red shirts gathering here, as the day goes on.


Here's Alex and Tim who are giving out information about the Pride Society. Hey guys! Thanks for doing this.


And here's me! Wearing my pink TPR Europe 2008 Tour t-shirt. Not exactly red, but hey - pink IS the new black, right? (I read that, somewhere)


Looking 'beyond the hedge' (wasn't that a movie, lately?) to our great, rocking wooden Coaster. And here's a woman in red! (o: Bathroom sign couple "themed", too LOL.


But THIS is really what we're all here for - beer and "refreshments". It's just not Pride without a Beer Garden, hmm?


Looking to the entertainment stage. And some green grass! Sort of. Purple trash container, too. Excellent Pride Themeing, LOL.


Two guys in red (yay!) with Will and Michael who were running the Pride Society Merchandise booth. And our great big Hellevator tower in back.


Here's Mario, Cindy and a friend of theirs, working the entry table.

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And as you'll see, some of the pics need a lot more... um... centering than I ended up with. A terrible little "view finder" (hah) with it, but I did my best.


You don't need to apologize Bill. The mere fact that you are trying to embrace digital will soon mean that you'll no longer have to worry about how much film you've got left on future TPR trips.


A great trip report for your first foray into digital.

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Interesting trip report on a park that you don't see posted a lot...great job!


I went to CP gay days this year and was surprised at the large number of gay men and women that were there...I wasn't quite sure if there would be a big crowd representing the gay population at a Midwest theme park. No offense to anybody from the Mid-West, but we all know that folks tend to be a little more conservative than say...Massachusetts, California, or Florida.


Of course, you could expect to see some of the teens cackling and ogling after they walked by a couple of guys holding hands. Same could be said for some of the more conservative older folks, as far as staring. But overall, it was a great day and the park was not that crowded! The following day was even less crowded!


I may do this again next year! Fun times, a nice, safe comfort level...and low crowds/lines for coasters!

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^Oohhh, a weekend trip sounds fab to me! Let's discuss.


^^ Indiana Beach, Mt. Olympus, Valleyfair, and Chessington off the top of my head.

If you are thinking about visiting Playland, I totally recommend it. Playland is a great little park with a nice assortment of flats and a good wooden coaster.

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A most interesting bunch of parks to be a part of I must say, Miles.


And just to let you guys know...


Playland is open daily (1000-7/8pm wkdy/wknd) until August 15th. Then it becomes a part of our annual Pacific National Exhibition (PNE for short, lol) for two weeks until Labor Day weekend. And you'll have to pay fair admission AND a higher daypa$$ price for Playland during that time.


After the fair, Playland goes to a weekend schedule until the end of Sept. Then it gets ready for the 'Fright Nights In OctoBOOr', heh heh.




Hope you can figure something out.


And as additonal info., the park is way less crowded weekdays than on Sat. or Sunday. As a Season Pass holder, it's true! It's true! I can also get your daypasses ahead of your arrival and meet you at the park, etc. PM me and let me know what works out for you if you do plan a visit, okay?

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Once I get the hang of the thing, it'll probably turn out to be a nice little camera, for those quickie-trips or in-town events, LOL. Only 20 hig-res pix can be taken, but that's cool.


I just won't use it for any big touring trips in the near future.

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  • 4 years later...

I thought I would spare posting a new thread for this. It's the same old, same old, in a different year.

But we got sunshine this time 'round, woo hoo! Very nice to have, instead of the rain and drizzle.


So here's my day at Playland when it went PINK of sorts, and the gays and queers to

be found - if you knew where to look for them (ha ha) amongst the "other people" in the park.


There were these great gals to make sure, those taking the bus to the park, didn't miss where they had to get off!


Main Entrance of Playland.


With the unknown (to me) radio station booth setup nearby.


And - we're inside the park!


Our friendly (but closed) Customer Services bldg. - in purple!


Our main eatery - White Spot - home of the Triple O's!


See? Even one of the awnings say so!


And you can frost your tastebuds too, here. Yum.


Main eating area where we can crui-...uh... enjoy the view of the crowds.


Over to our awesome amazing wooden COASTER.


The queue is already pretty long...


...But they only ran one train, until mid-afternoon. They then ran two, which was great for speeding up the line.


Here's the station with some purple trim on it. And they actually added the purple train as the second train for the afternoon. Awesome!


Now that's the way to wear a pink pig.


Now this - this is the total of the Capsule Machines in the park - and practically anywhere in Vancouver! Sad, when you think of the thousands and thousands of them all over Tokyo and Japan.


The Candy Store's definitely got some pink and purple in there. Looks gay to me.


Yay! The ice cream booth has pink in it's main sign!


Doesn't matter if you're gay or not. HELL is....well, hell.


Oh yeah, this was above the entrance to the arcade and the capsule machines. Have no idea what it says. But - pretty colours!


Our Corkscrew. Nothing pink about it.


See? No pink. A lot of white and red there.


In front of it. Revelation. My only "revelation" was that for an up charge, it cost - too - much.


On our way to the SkyWheel, looking across the park.


There's what I am heading to, for relaxation and photos. In all it's rainbow colours, too. Gay!


One more shot of our lovely AtmosFEAR (a Star FLyer, natch), before Part 2 of the day is posted...

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Continuing on, the sun was so hot and nice, I am sure I was getting more tan on top of my Japan Tour Tan - on top of my Mexico Tour Tan.... well, it was nice NOT to lotion myself, heh heh.


And eventually, I found where everybody who's gay (or not but supportive) go to drink, watch drag queen performances, and generally cruise each other... The Celebration Tent!


By the way, FYI, this amusement park used to be called GAYLAND decades ago, before it was "officially" changed to Playland - At The PNE. Hmmm, wonder why the change....


See all that pink in our Star Flyer? So happy and gay.


There's even some PINK in this thing, if you look hard enough,.


BFF, on the same side of the SkyWheel's gondola. Ahhh...


So I get on it, and here's long shot of our lovely coaster, with the train just going down the first hill.


And for those who enjoy circles and stuff like that - the Scrambler. Behind it, one of the two new family rides in the park - non-Disney Teacups ride. And our merry-go-round is to the right of that.


And a Crazy Beach party we got, too. Also circular!


General overview shot. Not very PINK here.


What's this I see from the SkyWheel?


And then, some more is exposed.


And now, a lot more we can see of The Gay Area. Looks ready for everybody.


I am so excited about finding The Gay Area - I have to show off my new summer shoes!


Another general shot of part of the park.


Here's what I really like about riding the SkyWheel - the view to the north of us!


This is Burnaby Mtn. to the right of the above shot. Not much PINK there, but lots and lots of lush, cool, GREEN forest area.


We call those two mtns. in the distance The Twins. They have Indian legends to them, too. Written by the late Emily Carr, along with other great city stories.


After riding the Wheel, and walking along, I see more flags there beyond the crowd!


But first, a look into the park's only souvenirs shop - The Goodz. And I see a bit of PINK there, too!


Only a little PINK & purple here and there, but it's a nice collection of stuff to buy (there's counter cases with a lot more stuff) for your theme park needz.


Our old Bumper Cars "building" is a sad little place


No PINK or purple to be found > And the attraction's not that great, either. IMhO


And the "log flume" ride. All blues and greens. And a lonely basketball net in front.


I find a (kind of) rainbow of unopened booths, all in a row. These will be used later in late August during our annual fair, The PNE. More rides will be brought in, too. And the day pass for rides will increase during the fair, naturally.

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And now - into the spot know as The Gay Area - mainly the drinking and show area in the park, exclusively for queers and their friends/supporters/curious/undecided, lol.


When you go in, you get wristbands from these lovely people, for better access to the area.


Here's a few friends I just saw, coming into the area. Of course, I took their photo!


This is looking out of the main drinking tent.


And this lovely twosome, gets you your Bar Tent Entry Sticker, for any donation to the Vancouver Price Society, which puts on our annual parade and Pride Week.


And this was the awesome staff there in the Bar Tent, to help you quench your thirst, booze or non-


And this was the tent just an hour after I had been here before - and it was empty, then!


Bar line up. And look! I see a few PINKS in there!


Just showing that I am indeed, in the building. GASP! My - First - Selfie!


Turned around - and OMG, it's Debby Harry and friends! Or when she's incognito....Peach.


I think The Show is starting up. And this just looks wierd to me - all these gay guys looking through a chain link fence.


But before I got outside to see for myself, um... shhhhh nobody knows s/he's a drag queen!


This is Symone, who hosted the show.


And THIS was a guest performer from Las Vegas! Sorry hon, forgot your name. But you were fa-bu, channeling Liza Minnelli. (And I think the one on the left is her handler.)


She was as good as one can be, when one lipsyncs well.


Good performance. And practically the whole Liza Songbook, LOL. (A few numbers only.)


After that performance, I started to get ready to leave the park. But first checked out Playland's second family ride - Balloon Explorers. Nice little up-and=down with a great view of all around. And you could spin the car!


Looking back - people shouldn't be in Glass Houses. Too dangerous, hee hee.


Artsy-fartsy shot of the balloon ride.


One last look before I go out the exit gates....


...To a much cheaper lunch! Franchises are just outside the park, and I do like my Burger King once in a while. And that's it! GayDay at Playland for 2013!

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I also managed to find, a couple of the posters they're now using to advertise the season at Playland.

Not as cute and funny as the Barfing Stuffies' series back a few years, but still - pretty good. And then,

there was the "extra poster" I found....


EDIT to add: And the tv ads are pretty intense on their own, LOL. But fun.


Here's one for the men...


And one for the women.....


And for those who have yet, to make up their mind... :p

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Am bumping this, because besides the Gay Day that happens once every July, some times there is interesting stuff going on at my home park, apart from that. That said, I found some new photos to share from the park - the best one for me, is their new Warning Signs located at Coaster, Hells Gate, and a couple of other thrill rides.


Very effective visually, I thought. See for yourself...


Artsy shot of the shadow of the SkyWheel I ride, every visit...


For a shot like this, just across our inlet/harbour.


And another shot the other way, overlooking Playland, itself.


And - a very Awesome WARNING Sign!

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  • 3 months later...

Well, now that Halloween has passed....


Truth. I have never been at any Haunt anywhere, in my entire life! Until Oct.24th. I got a "Scream Pass"

to one of Playland's annual (now) Fright Nights at the park. Several rides of course, are open, including our

beloved Coaster - but in the dark. Or lit up, like most of the flats, with a LOT of "fog" snaking through

the walkways of Playland.


It also had 6 (?) Haunt Houses. I forget their names. But - each house or walk-through had a minimum

of 1-1/2 hours' wait! And their newly inducted Fastpass system? (It cost $30 above the gen.entrance fee)

Well, either nobody wanted to pay that much, hadn't heard about it, or... but there was no one in any of the

Haunt Houses FastPass lines!


And stupidly, and from all that touring with TPR (duh), I would have thought that paying the upcharge would

easily decrease my wait times to these things. And - it would have, I found out! But I didn't get it, boo hoo.

So I didn't wait for any of the Haunts. And the Coaster? Didn't ride it as there were Really Scary HUGE

mobs in line for it.


And honestly, i was so jealous of all the big parks in the US who have SPACE to move people around, etc.

Our space was so tight and 'rectangular' it was really a mob scene to me, one of the better nights at

Playland during the PNE, I felt. And I didn't like that. Walking around, was like walking with a herd.


So instead, I just took pix of what I wanted to take pix of, lol! I will (maybe) do it again next year, but

with the Fast Pass, if they do it again. Unfortunately, now that a lot of the GP has seen the pro of

doing the Pass... but then who knows? People will still be cheap if they want to be.


Here's what I took. Enjoy.


Hey Larry - the Coaster sign at night! So rare a shot, other than seeing it at the PNE, at night. And I don't, then.


The load station - in a load of red light, LOL! And there's this HUGE figure juuuust to the right of the station, that rises (its crouched now) and does...stuff. But I have never seen it run, after waiting a good half-hour for it to do...something, anything.


So looking the other way - LIGHTSsss! Crazy Beach party is behind the Waveswinger, but it was barely lit up for the evening. I mean, couldn't you guys change a lightbulb for this event, please?


One of the more "interesting" entrance queues of the Haunt walk-throughs. And that's all I took of them.


Another view, down a walkway. There's a Haunt there somewhere, down there. I think.


Artsy Fartsy view of our Skywheel. one of the two rides I got on. The other was Gladiator.


Across from our Skywheel - our Pirate ride! Arrrr.... And the Way-More-Elaborately-Lit MUSIC EXPRESS behind it. (my eyes my eyesss!)


Our Revolution in full tilt boogie that night. And it was still an upcharge. And a few dollars more, even. (yay) And note our 'famous' corkscrew, behind Rev? Missed lighting op there. I guess they thought "the experience" would be just as "cool" as Coaster would be. In the dark. They were wrong IMhO. Could have used more lighting and effects. But they didn't.


Another A-F shot, while still in Skywheel queue. And just getting on this, took as long as it usually does off-season for Coaster! What a world, what a world...


No mountains to see, and the "overhead shots" of Playland, didn't impress me. But I liked this shot.

Happy November Everybody! (o:

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^ Thanks. I just wish it wasn't so mobbed in such a small space.

But now that I've finally done it once...


Three things I learned (a/k/a TPR's Typical Essentials to Parks):


1- Arrive early - arrive early - Arrive Early!


2- Buy the the pass online and if available, Get The FASTPASS.


3 - Eat something disgustingly sweet. Use the Sugar Rush!

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I went to Fright Nights a few years ago and it was terrible. Horribly long lines and very disorganized. This was before they even started selling tickets assigned to specific nights.


Hearing that they have introduced a front of the line pass might make going again worthwhile.


Having used front of the line passes at USH and Knott's Halloween events, there is no way I'd do such an event without them.

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^I bought an Unlimited Quick Queue during the last night of Howl-o-Scream at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and was glad I did. It was nice not having to worry abouit lines for mazes while grabbing night rides on all the coasters with very little wait.


Sounds like it's the only way to go at Playland (assuming their Halloween stuff is any good).

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