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  1. Went to North Van last night, could see that the new coaster has gone vertical. Track is in the air.
  2. Back here today. Coaster running this time. one car again. Looks like something happened. It’s now a mix of the purple and yellow car… Maybe it’s time to consider putting this ride out of its misery? Can RMC come in and save us?
  3. Im a planner, so I had a schedule set for the shows we wanted to see. No tickets. Did Superdogs, Knights of Valour, watched the end of diving show from a distance, enjoyed the live music in the wine happy hour area, and had two glasses of wine there (hah), watched the Love of Drag, exploration, drinking and food breaks with friends. We do spend time just chilling and soaking in the atmosphere, but also looking around at everything. Of course time in the barns. oh and dueling pianos of course!
  4. Hi - yes for some reason the one BBQ team is missing this year, but Prairie BBQ is there again, with Henry’s chicken beside them instead of the other BBQ people. We also got Mac and Cheese, Jalapeño Corn Dogs, Pineapple Whip, Mini Donuts (drizzle in cream cheese icing), Rock Point Ice cream, and lots of beverages! (Yes we went a bit crazy with the food and treats haha). There’s a wine Happy Hour in the Rollerland building from 4:30-6:30 - $8 for select 5oz pours.
  5. Went to the PNE yesterday and has a lovely day. The new night show Remix Inferno is stunning, they did an insane job on it! Loved it. Didn’t do any rides, but did walk through Playland. The Coaster is closed for some reason, again. Every year now it seems the coaster can’t make it for opening weekend? Anyway some photos I took. Beyond Monet. Some Piglets. The main drag. Speaking of drag, caught this adorable moment. Some of the added rides. New this year. A little “Music Express” throwback. Just because. Remix Inferno. Epic. Wonderful. Surprising. Go see it.
  6. Did I just will this into being?? Amazing news! “Over 4,700 hours of hard work later, along with 12,000 lengths of structural grade Douglas Fir installed, Phase 2 of the project has finally been completed at an additional cost of $500,000. “As part of this latest phase of the project, we were able to bring the Coaster back to a two-train operation, which doubles our capacity on our most popular ride,” Spokesperson Laura Ballance told Daily Hive. Right now, staff training on the two-train operation is underway. In the coming weeks, the ride will move to a two-train operation.“ https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/pne-wooden-coaster-double-capacity-summer?fbclid=IwAR2pngi2b5SVEHUGEVpkGKtfTt6SG_KqtjvHDNR5NBe4P12gEQnOzYp9sCU_aem_ARiJhVpd9V4pemEczpm1kLMB9OEQKIRDzocbmk_TdF-LbeQC94y6W0GY98c_e3DNgDY&mibextid=Zxz2cZ
  7. I just wish they could run more than one train again. The one train operation is brutal.
  8. The Wooden Coaster is open! Good news - we are attending Happyland in August!
  9. Goodbye Revelation and Drop Zone, hello new coaster. https://vancouver.citynews.ca/2023/01/19/playland-rides-new-roller-coaster/?fbclid=IwAR0P6d5IiMe61hXQIG2RE5Kp74BrfB38lDceaFRWo89MrpaBg_CLt7ny-0Q&mibextid=Zxz2cZ “Construction of a new roller coaster at Playland in Vancouver means amusement park goers will be saying goodbye to two rides at the park. According to the PNE, the new ride will take the place of both Drop Zone and Revelation. Both of those rides are coming down this week. “Construction of Playland’s next new ride is ON TRACK!” a social media update reads, noting the new attraction will be “Canada’s fastest launch coaster.” “
  10. So I went to the opening day of the PNE on the 20th. Was a fun day and great having the full Fair back in action! Didn’t do rides (passes sold out and no ride coupons available), but did observe some things: The new ride is down, has been down for a couple weeks I think. Still was not up and running by PNE opening day. It looks very spiffy, nice landscaping around it. A proper marquee to enter under, nice looking ride. Coaster running, one car (of course). Can confirm seatbelts are now in use. To my surprise, they got the Log Flume up and running for the PNE - I had thought they said it would not be due to supply chain issues.
  11. Was looking at the Playland ride list online. Hellsgate and Coaster are listed, both still saying “not currently operating”. But I noticed that the launch / drop tower is completely missing on the website. I am curious if they are removing or replacing it?
  12. “VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The PNE Fair will be returning this summer, albeit in a smaller format due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with some of your favourite in-person activities. This comes close to two months after it announced it would be cancelling its annual event due to the health crisis. However, with B.C.’s restart plan calling for fewer restrictions, including around crowd sizes in outdoor spaces, the PNE says it’s now able to make more plans. “We’re calling it the Fair Fundamentals. It’ll run the traditional Fair dates of Aug. 21 to Sept. 6,” explained Laura Ballance, who speaks for the PNE, who added the event will be closed on Mondays, save for Labour Day.” “And it’ll feature all the most beloved elements of the traditional Fair. The Revel District, with the stage and performances there, things like the West Coast Lumberjack Show, we’re going to have a Comedy Corner. We’re going to of course have the President’s Choice SuperDogs, things like ToonCity.” She says the Agricultural area, “one of the most important and beloved elements of the Fair,” will also be back. COVID-19 restrictions being relaxed “We’re very excited,” Ballance added, noting people should expect the Fair to be smaller than it traditionally is. “We developed a plan that was based on the protocols that we believed would be in place. So we’re focusing it as an outdoor-centred Fair, so the only indoor space will be the livestock building.” On Tuesday, the province announced that B.C. would enter the next stage of its four-part restart plan as planned on July 1. The easing of restrictions will see masks in indoor, public spaces go from “mandatory” to “recommended,” and also relaxes rules around gathering sizes, with outdoor, organized events of 5,000 people or up to 50 per cent capacity (whichever is greater) to be permitted. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.citynews1130.com/2021/06/30/pne-fair-2021-covid-19/amp/ ETA: looking at their Facebook post about the return of the PNE, someone asked about The Coaster - they replied saying they hope to have it open sometime in July. @Nrthwnd
  13. Tickets are now on sale for Playland. Have a morning or afternoon time slot to choose from. Only the kids rides are opening. “The following 12 kids & family rides will be open in July Bug Whirled Honeybee Express Choppers Kettle Creek Mine Coaster Tea Cups Cap’n KC Merry-Go-Round Balloon Explorers The Flutterbye Cool Cruzers Sea-to-Sky Swinger Pacific Adventure Golf” https://www.pne.ca/playland2020/
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