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  1. I spy, myself! Just got the email. Playland opens May 1st.
  2. Tickets are now on sale for Playland. Have a morning or afternoon time slot to choose from. Only the kids rides are opening. “The following 12 kids & family rides will be open in July Bug Whirled Honeybee Express Choppers Kettle Creek Mine Coaster Tea Cups Cap’n KC Merry-Go-Round Balloon Explorers The Flutterbye Cool Cruzers Sea-to-Sky Swinger Pacific Adventure Golf” https://www.pne.ca/playland2020/
  3. It just dawned on me! I am going to Amsterdam March 13-18! I always heard Efteling is amazing.... should I be making this a must do? Can I do a day trip where I come down, and get back to Amsterdam the same day? Is it worth it in March? Help!
  4. I'm glad you got to Electric Fire! Was nice of them to bring back a show like this, they used to do these shows in that exact location back in the day, and then moved them to the amphitheatre when the night concerts happened where Festival Park is... then moved the concerts to amphitheatre and stopped the night show...
  5. ^ Looks like a fun day. We are heading back Saturday to get more time at the fair this year. We we're so rushed last time with rides and such, really want to stare at the glass blowing for a while... and animals! Haha. Unsure if we'll do Reveen this time, may try for Billy Idol. And the night show again maybe.
  6. Yeah that’s what I’m saying... they only have two now... which means if one fails (as it did) down to one? That’s crazy. Also I woke up this morning and thought “I wonder if they’d ever get RMC to redo Coaster?”
  7. So they only have two trains now-a-days? Which means down to one due to purple dying? Who thought that through...
  8. I do worry a bit about the swinger. When we were in line, as it came down to a stop there was a clear and sudden electric smell, like when you leave you e-brake on by accident and drive your car.
  9. Looked like a busy day! Free entry first two hours. I forgot to mention I haven’t been to Playland for rides since we road Coaster for the TPR video. So rode Bug Whirled, which is new for me. Fun little ride for sure. Also got on the new swing ride, wow that goes fast!
  10. Electric Fire sounds great! We will definitely check that out. And how about the other stuff you saw? Anything else you'd recommend, besides EF? We've seen everything before, (including drag and drag shows during Gay Days at Playland) except the glass blowers and Electric Fire. But if it's still a good show(s), we'll easily see it/them again. Superdogs was great this year. The drag show was short but fun, made me so happy to see such a mixed crowd enjoying it. Otherwise, Revel District was a fun area to hangout in. Love me the pianos.
  11. I mean, my partner and I may go again on another weekend in the evening maybe. Take some time to see things we missed. Electric Fire was great! Really glad they brought back a show like that. They haven’t had a night dance/pyro show since they moved the concerts to the amphitheatre. Great soundtrack, dancers worked hard, cool costumes, and fun effects!
  12. Ooh. Just got home from a full day at the PNE. My feet ache. Did the rides today, Log Flume went down so there went another major ride... For shows we caught the Knights of Valour, Superdogs, Love of Drag, end of Duelling Pianos, and Electric Fire. Saw the glass blowers in action. Walked through the exhibits but they are quite lame this year. I tried the Butterbeer soft serve but it’s just butterscotch ice cream. The one photo I took: Superdogs Sorry we missed you Nrthwnd!
  13. Well we have official word on what happened. https://bc.ctvnews.ca/gear-box-failure-means-vancouver-amusement-park-ride-won-t-be-open-in-time-for-start-of-pne-1.4553252
  14. Yeah we’re still going. It’s semi her bday celebration, and can still do other rides that are fun I guess. We’ll make the call once we get here as we will buy the 30% off passes through BCAA on our phone. I figure with the weather possibly being overcast and drizzly that it may be a lower crowd day. Excited to check out the return of the nightly pyro/dance show.
  15. I emailed in, sounds like they don’t know yet if Coaster will be open Saturday. Which comes across to me as a no. It’s also marked on site as closed, as is The Beast... so they just be prepping for it to be down.
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