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Photo Trip Report: Wal-Mart!


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I haven’t been a member here long, and I wanted to do a trip report to kind of establish my presence. But I won’t be going to a park until September. Well, yesterday I had to make my weekly Wal-Mart run, and I just so happened to have my camera in my purse, so I thought I would attempt to entertain y’all a little. I tried to resize the pictures on photobucket, but they still ended up being bigger than I wanted. Sorry.


I tried not to be too obvious in taking pictures because I didn’t want to look completely crazy. But I probably ended up making myself look like a shoplifter by covertly snapping pictures and digging around in my purse for my camera. Oh well.


Here we are.


I’ve heard, granted not from a very reliable source, but I’ve heard that there are three different colors of Wal-Mart Supercenters: Green is the smallest, Blue is medium, and Red is the largest. I’ve never seen a red Wal-Mart. Maybe it’s like some mythological creature…the elusive red Wal-Mart. Anyway, the one we’re visiting today is green, and is the smaller of our two area Wal-Marts. We have a blue one too!


Note the time, 6:10. I am very good at going in, getting what I need, and getting out in record time. Unless I have time to spare, in which case I like to browse and end up buying more than I should. But that was not the situation on this visit.


I look awful serious for a trip to Wal-Mart.


I had my babies with me. Me and the girls often make trips to stores by ourselves because my husband works funky shifts. He’s on 2nd shift this week, so we’re on our own. Here’s the obligatory baby shots:


This is Cammy, my youngest.


And this is Ally, the oldest.


They’re actually only 13 months apart. No, we didn’t plan to have them that close. Moving on…


Our first stop was pull-ups because I have a two-year-old who is in the midst of potty training. Fascinating, I know.


Okay, I did something really redneck-y, I took my kids to Wal-Mart barefoot. I didn’t mean to, but being the scatterbrain that I am I forgot to pack shoes for them when I took them to my parents’ house yesterday, so when I went to pick them after work to go straight to Wal-Mart they had no shoes. When something redneck-y happens my husband usually starts humming Turkey in the Straw, so feel free to hum it to yourself.


Funny story, as I was looking down taking the picture of her feet I wasn’t paying attention to where I was pushing and I ran straight into a stack of cases of beer. I quickly looked around to see if anyone saw me. Luckily I didn’t bump it hard enough to knock it over or anything. That would’ve been embarrassing.


We had to get juice because girls drink it like crazy. Aren’t you just enthralled?


I think this picture was an accident.


SPAM! We just happened to walk by so I snapped a picture, although we would not be partaking of any spammy goodness ourselves. Yuck.


Ally is running out of room. The buggy is getting full. And yes, I said “buggy.” I’m from the south, it’s not a “shopping cart” it’s a “buggy.” Deal with it.


I think this one was an accident too.


I KNOW this one was an accident.


The meat section. This was just after I had picked up a package of pork chops and they were juicy and my hand was germy for the rest of the trip. And then my phone proceeded to ring so I had to answer it with juicy hands. Mmmmm, germy, meat juice phone.


This is what happens when you leave your camera on inside your purse.


I had to put the meat down here so the girls didn’t get germy meat juice on their hands.


Heading towards the registers, we’re almost done!


We went to number 5, where the lady working proceeded to tell me all about her grandchildren.


I had a coupon for the pull-ups. And just so you know, it’s pronounced “cue-pahn.” Any other pronunciation is just wrong.


The parking lot. This is such a thrilling experience, I know.


Ally barely had room in the buggy with all the bags.


But she’s smiling anyway!


Note the time again, 6:46. I managed to get in, get everything on my list (enough food to cook for the next four days), and get out in 36 minutes. And with two toddlers no less! I told you I was good.


We’re done…happy me!


Well, there you have it. A fascinating look at my weekly grocery shopping trip. I know you’re just beside yourself with excitement at this point.


I will have an actual park report come September, although it may not be as terribly entertaining as this report was.

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See, I figured there would be people that would be all "boo Wal-Mart, down with corporate America." But I can get better deals at Wal-Mart, and with trying to feed a family of four, not to mention having to buy diapers, pull-ups, etc., I have to look for deals.

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Boo walmart.


But I still shop there but only at odd hours so it will be deserted. I like Saturday Morning myself, the earlier the better. I will not go at other times, it is simply too traumatic. Crowds at Walmart scare me.


Fun trip report.

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Boo Walmart, they are competition to my p/t job. Luckily, it has a great customer base and great meat, so when it opened up a couple years ago, it only affected us a little.


I admit, I shop at Walmart also. I need to get a dvd/video tape recorder since I don't have any dvd player right now.

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Wal-Mart late at night = WAL-MART TAG!


Oh, I've done Wal-Mart late at night with a fart machine. Let me tell you that was an interesting trip!


I like Target too, although they're a little more expensive. But we don't have one locally, so it's a special trip only thing.

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^Good Photos! I didn't know the thing about colors though. The one in my town recently got renovated alot, there was a Sams Club underneath it that closed a few years ago, but they redid that so now all the gorceries and drugstore items are awhere Sams Club used to be, while everything else is still on the top floor, its HUGE. Theres alot of wasted space on the lower part, things are pretty far apart, but filling up a space as big as Sams Club's are with just groceries would be tough i guess.Someone told me its the largest Wal Mart Supercenter in America now, though I don't know if thats true, but it's likely.

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Yeah the color thing is quite interesting, I never heard about that either!


Now here's a question for you...at what age do I have to start putting KidTums in shoes to avoid the "Britney Spears Red Neck White Trash" label. I freaked out yesterday when I realized she didn't have shoes on at the grocery store, but Robb made the comment "She's a Baby!". As long as she's not walking around is it okay until like 18 months!??!


This is the important stuff they don't prepare you for in life!

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My county now has 2 Wal Marts, and the newest one is HUGE and is also green.. the old one, built 10 years ago, was blue but they painted it with the same Green/Tan scheme. Its about half the size. I had always figured that was their way of not sticking out so much, being more blended with the environment and crap. A red Wal Mart would confuse me for a Target

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My County/city has two Supercenters. The old one built about 10 years ago, it is blue. The new one, which is bigger, is also blue. The closest one to where I live is actually in the next city north and is a non supercenter. I been into the old one at 2am once, I prefer not to relive that expierence. It seems all the hunchbacks, so to speak, all work at night.

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That was a Fun trip report!


You must be thrilled that your oldest daughter is using Pull-ups, that means you're almost free of diapers for at least one of your girls. That alone will save you a small fortune!


I have to say that your first photo trip report is off to a great start. You've had some Happy responses, Angry responses, Censorship, and not one but BOTH Alveys have posted in it! Good Job!


Keep posting these Random trip reports, there always enjoyable to read.


By the way, aren't we overdue for a 'Cooking with Park Trips' report???

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